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Book Shelf: Nowhere but Here by Renee Carlino

A Chicago reporter in her mid-twenties unexpectedly finds love in Napa Valley when she’s assigned to spend a week with a famously reclusive genius.

Kate Corbin has lost her spark. From the outside, her life seems charmed. She has a handsome, long-term boyfriend and a budding journalism career at a popular Chicago newspaper. But in reality, her relationship is going nowhere, and she’s quickly losing motivation for what she once believed was her dream job. When her boyfriend dumps her unceremoniously, Kate loses all hope of finding love.

With no living family and few friends, Kate confides in her boss. Trusting that the hungry, ace reporter is buried somewhere deep inside, he gives Kate the opportunity to jumpstart her career. The assignment: to interview the famously reclusive R.J. Lawson, a wealthy tech genius who disappeared years ago but recently reemerged as a Napa Valley vintner. The week takes an unexpected turn, however, when Lawson refuses to divulge any information. Desperate for a lead, Kate turns to Jamie, a vineyard hand who shows her the romance of wine country—and stirs her aching heart. But his connection to Lawson is ambiguous, and when Jamie disappears before the end of the week, Kate is left to investigate another story: the truth behind the man who stole her heart.

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Nowhere but Here by Renee Carlino is a well written and beautiful love story set amongst a Napa Valley backdrop that is brimming with charm, romance and wonderfully deep writing.

I have to start off by saying I was very impressed with this novel. As my first Renee Carlino novel, her lyrical writing and ability to write something beautiful, moving and deep in the midst of this romance story was wonderful. Her characters are beguiling, but Carlino manages to give them great depth that translates to a moving story about the power of love and taking a chance that really resonated with me.

Nowhere but Here follows Kate Corbin, a sweet, talented but some what jaded twenty six year old reported who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she is chosen my her boss to interview R.J. Lawson a reclusive tech genius who sold his multi billion dollar company years before and retired to a winery in Napa Valley. Setting out to uncover Lawson's secrets, things don't go as planned as the man she interviews proves to be a colossal disappointment with attitude, and Kate's past won't let her live in her present.

The shining star of Kate's trip is Jamie, a charismatic and charming vineyard hand and jack-of-all-trades who makes Kate's heart race like never before. Beginning a whirlwind romance with Jamie, Kate slowly finds herself waking up again and falling into the deep, meaningful love she'd always hoped for, but when tragedy strikes and changes everything, Kate and Jamie must fight for their relationship as Kate questions everything she wants from life and love.

Main character Kate is an independent, intelligent and strong woman. She's had her fair share of pain and is still moving on from her most recent loss. In a dead end relationship with a man who doesn't appreciate her, Kate's whole world changes with one trip to Napa Valley. I thought Kate's progression was wonderful to watch. Kate goes from being jaded and saddened to finding hope and love again as she gets to know Jamie, and ultimately herself.

Leaving one relationship and then getting straight into another would seem fast, especially considering Kate falls so hard for Jamie over a matter of a few days, but there's something about Nowhere but Here that doesn't make this seem rushed or forced. Kate and Jamie are on a whirlwind romance, but it's real. It's not a fling; it's two people finding their soul mate and knowing it when circumstances bring them together.

As the leading man and Kate's love interest, Jamie is the whole package. He's smart, cheeky and endlessly charming. He can be wicked; taking risks and chances, but he's also very down to earth and someone who genuinely cares about other people, showcased thoroughly in Nowhere but Here. He and Kate just connect so well, and Carlino does a great job with their chemistry. Their relationship develops well past the initial attraction, into a mutually understanding and love for one another.

Kate and Jamie face their fair share of hurdles, something author Renee Carlino touch's well on within the story. There's a twist some readers like myself will see coming and the loss of a loved one that changes their relationship. Seeing them fight for what they have is beautiful and Carlino manages to litter their lives with wonderful friends and family who color the pages and add depth to the story.

Deep and meaningful, Nowhere but Here is an unconventional love story and a beautiful romance that will make you feel giddy, excited and endlessly satisfied by Kate and Jamie's well deserved happily ever after......

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Publisher: Atria Books      
Format: Paperback

Release Date: May 5th 2014
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Final Thoughts:
Beautifully written, I highly recommend this novel and look forward to reading more by Renee Carlino in the future!

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