Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #164

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on.....
House of Furies by Madeleine Roux
Releases on: May 30th 2017
An all-new gothic horror series from the New York Times bestselling author of Asylum.

After escaping a harsh school where punishment was the lesson of the day, seventeen-year-old Louisa Ditton is thrilled to find employment as a maid at a boarding house. But soon after her arrival at Coldthistle House, Louisa begins to realize that the house’s mysterious owner, Mr. Morningside, is providing much more than lodging for his guests. Far from a place of rest, the house is a place of judgment, and Mr. Morningside and his unusual staff are meant to execute their own justice on those who are past being saved.

Louisa begins to fear for a young man named Lee who is not like the other guests. He is charismatic and kind, and Louisa knows that it may be up to her to save him from an untimely judgment. But in this house of distortions and lies, how can Louisa be sure whom to trust?

Featuring stunning interior illustrations from artist Iris Compiet, plus photo-collages that bring Coldthistle House to chilling life, House of Furies invites readers to a world where the line between monsters and men is ghostly thin.
Sometimes you just need a good spooky, ghostly tale and I'm very impressed by the sound of House of Furies. It sounds like something right up my alley and I'm really hoping this book lives up to it's premise.
What do you think of House of Furies? Is it something YOU'D like to read?
And what are YOU waiting on this week?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Shelf: The Trouble with Falling (The Trouble Series #4) by Rochelle Morgan

After the heart-shattering ending of her first serious relationship, eighteen-year-old Sophie has sworn off love. Now that school is behind her, she plans to travel the world and form as few attachments as possible. The only exception: Lex, the artist on the other end of the Internet who chats to her almost every day. A guy she can never lose--since she doesn't actually have him to begin with.

Sophie's plan can start as soon as she's faked her way through her sister's wedding. Pretending to be happy and excited for the next week or two should be easy, right? But that was before Caleb walked onto the scene ... Best man to Sophie's almost-brother-in-law, Caleb is infuriatingly friendly and determined to get a real smile out of Sophie. Forced together through dance classes and wedding-related disasters, Sophie is determined not to like him. And terrified when she ends up failing.

Then Lex suggests he and Sophie should meet, and all Sophie's careful plans for the future begin to unravel. Now the girl who was never meant to fall for anyone must figure out what to do with the two guys tugging at her heart.

More info on Goodreads.....


The Trouble with Falling is the fourth book in Rachel Morgan’s Trouble series, written under the pen name Rochelle Morgan, and is another delightful clean YA romance sure to please readers with its endearing romance and adorable plotline.

Eighteen year old Sophie has sworn of love after her first serious relationship ended in tragedy. Planning on travelling now that school is finished, Sophie has only a few things that make her smile in life including Lex, the artist on the other side of the internet she’s been communicating with for two years and the only person who seems to get Sophie. Planting a smile on her face and pretending to be happy for her sister’s wedding should be easy, right? Wrong! Enter Caleb, the best man and someone who is way too happy for Sophie’s liking….too bad he seems determined to make her smile. Falling for Caleb would be a terrible idea, especially when Sophie thinks she’s reluctantly in love with Lex. Determined to keep Caleb at a distance, will Sophie find herself falling in love a second time? Or will her fears see her lose her chance at happiness?

I have to say, I really have enjoyed reading this series. Rochelle Morgan has never failed to entertain me with each story and The Trouble with Falling is no exception. Easy to read, The Trouble with Falling, is fun, light-hearted and wonderfully romantic. The chemistry between Sophie and her love interest is sweet and endearing and manages to have you eagerly reading. It’s easy to get swept up into this quick romance and lost in the characters.

Sophie was a strong personality who had a lot of issues. Her painful history had left a scar on her, but it was lovely seeing Rochelle Morgan develop her and allow her to grow and change. Sophie comes to some strong realizations in this novel that allow her to finally begin to heal and find happiness. There’s a lot of authenticity to Sophiehow many teenagers are sullen and withdrawn due to heartbreak and loss? Too many to count. And through Sophie, Morgan highlights how important it is to let go of guilt and move on.

And don’t even get me started on Caleb….he was just too cute for words and such a breath of fresh air with his kind, friendly nature that really complimented Sophie and helped bring her back to life. Rochelle Morgan knows how to write delectable love interests and incredibly sweet, but electric romances.

Highly enjoyable, The Trouble with Falling, and the whole Trouble series in general, is something I highly recommend and have no doubt you’ll fall for also!

Sent for review by author (Thank you Rachel!)
Kindle ebook
Release Date: October 18th 2016
The Book Depository | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Final Thoughts: A fun and entertaining read, The Trouble with Falling can definitely be read as a standalone or alongside the rest of this delectable contemporary series.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Owl Post #109

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows us bloggers to showcase the books we've bought, won or received throughout the week and is hosted by Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries. We all know that the Owl Post is the fastest way to send and receive mail and they certainly make me happy every time they drop a book off.
For Review:
From Pan Macmillan Australia:
- Freeks by Amanda Hocking
I'm a real lover of Amazon Hockings books and I'm super excited to have received a copy of Freeks. I read it over the weekend and can't say it disappointed. Review to come.
- Windwitch by Susan Dennard
Now I have both books in this series, the plan in the next few weeks is to read one after the other. I know lots of people seem to enjoy this series, so I look forward to discovering it for myself!
- A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson
I hadn't even heard of this book before this ARC arrived on my doorstep, but having read the description, I think it sounds like it could be a really interesting read. Looking forward to giving it a go!
- Gilded Cage by Vic James
Gilded Cage is one of those books that I heard so much about at the end of 2016--it's been very anticipated and I'm thrilled to have an ARC to dive into. Hope to read this soon.
.....Thank you so much Pan Macmillan for these awesome books!
I Bought:
- All That Glitters by Holly Smale
I've got the first book in this series and couldn't pass up this 4th instalment when I saw it for only $3
- The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
I LOVED Kelley Armstrong's The Summoning trilogy and have read the first book in this spin off series. I haven't gotten around to this sequel yet but bought it because it was on sale.
- Dark Symphony by Christine Feehan
- Dark Peril by Christine Feehan
- Dark Secret by Christine Feehan
- Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan
- Dark Melody by Christine Feehan
- Dark Magic by Christine Feehan
I have had the Dark Carpathians series on my TBR list for a while and having read a lot of different PNR series, I'm ready to read this....after I collect the whole series. Couldn't pass these copies up when they were so cheap.
- The Beast by J.R. Ward
I'm a couple of books behind in this series, but as someone who adored the ones she read, I COULD NOT pass up this copy of The Beast for $2 second hand in great condition. Love me some Warden.
And that's me this week!
What did the owls bring you?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Book Shelf: The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner

The Trials are over. WICKED is planning to restore the survivors' memories and complete the final cure for the Flare.

But Thomas has already remembered more than they think. And he knows WICKED can't be trusted...

The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine. Will anyone survive the Death Cure?

More info on Goodreads......


The Death Cure is the third book in James Dashner’s exhilarating Maze Runner series and though not the final novel written by Dashner in this series, concludes Thomas and the Gladers experience in the Trials in fast paced and riveting fashion.

After everything they’ve been through in the Maze and the Scorch, Thomas and his friends have successful completed the trials and Wicked are ready finally to restore their memories. But after coming to see things in a new light, does Thomas really want his memories back? From what he remembers so far, Thomas knows Wicked are not to be trusted, but as those closest to him struggle with decisions and shocking revelations, will Thomas and his friends find a way to escape Wicked? Or will they find themselves paying the ultimate price in Wicked’s relentless search for a cure?

Though I’m aware a lot of readers were unsatisfied with the conclusion The Death Cure brought to the series, I personally felt James Dashner ended the trilogy well. Featuring all the action, danger and mystery I’ve come to anticipate with this series, The Death Cure was emotional, absorbing reading with none of the characters safe in this final instalment and Dashner pretty much guaranteeing not everyone will make it out alive.

Fast paced and action packed, The Death Cure sees Thomas make great sacrifices and experience great loss, highlighting once more what a wonderful protagonist he has been. Thomas has always been a strong voice to follow and I’ve loved his way of thinking, calculating and planning as James Dashner has told his tale. As someone who predominantly enjoys following female characters, Thomas has never been anything but wonderful to read about and I commend Dashner for writing a male lead a female reader genuinely enjoys reading about.

After all the developments with Theresa throughout the series, I was initially perplexed when it seemed Dashner planned to give Brenda a bigger role within the storyline as he slowly lessened Theresa involvement. However over time I really came to love Brenda and her personality within the series. She was sharp and I know Thomas seemed to really care for, possibly even love, Theresa but I really liked his relationship with Brenda and thought it was sweet how his subconscious automatically thought of her in times of peril.

I won’t touch too much around the losses experienced in The Death Cure to avoid spoilers, but will say James Dashner takes the life of two fairly focal characters. These deaths saddened me, especially as one kind of came really unexpectedly, but I’m going to put it down to Dashner wanting to highlight how dangerous everything Thomas, the Gladers and their other friends went through. With so much violence and brutality within Dashner’s world, loss of life almost seems inevitable at times…..

Exciting and daring, The Death Cure concludes the first three books in the Maze Runner series focusing on Thomas and the Gladers. I know James Dashner has released a couple of others since The Death Cure’s initial release and I love forward to reading those and discovering more of this dangerous Flare infected world.

Sent for review by publisher (Thank you guys!)
Publisher: Chicken House (via Scholastic Australia)
Format: Paperback
Australian RRP:
Release Date: October 11th 2011
Bookworld | Booktopia | The Book Depository | Amazon
Final Thoughts: An interesting, and often unexpected, ending to Thomas's trilogy--I'm looking forward to reading more of Dashner's Flare infected world.

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Hello lovelies and happy Sunday everyone! I've got some great new freebies I found to share with you today. Enjoy!

Hope you managed to snag something new!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Book Shelf: Reckless Weekend (Reckless Beat #2.5) by Eden Summers

In Vegas, a lot can happen in twenty-four hours.

What do you get when you mix a rock band as hot as Reckless Beat, women strong enough to capture several of the bad boys’ hearts, and a bet that sparks a competitive streak?

Boundaries will be pushed, alcohol will be abused, and loads of sarcasm will be shared.

Once the games are over, it’s time to make a commitment. But love in the limelight is never easy. The past is trying to catch up with the present, and the pressure may be too hard to handle.

Seduction, torment, laughter, and heartbreak—one reckless weekend will test each member of the band and the women who’ve claimed their love.

More info on Goodreads......


Eden Summers takes the Reckless Beat gang on the road in Reckless Weekend, with all our favourite characters joining Alana and Mitchell on bachelor and bachelorette nights out in Vegas for a night full of fun, laughs and shenanigans.

With Alana and Mitchell’s wedding just around the corner, all our beloved Reckless Beat characters join the happy, if not somewhat stressed, couple as they head to Las Vegas for a weekend of challenges, excitement and alcohol infused dares in the lead up to their big day. What can go wrong as our beloved characters celebrate the upcoming nuptials with all the sex, sarcasm and tantalizing chemistry we’ve come to expect from this series?

I have to say I really loved the blend of fun and seriousness Eden Summers weaves into this novella. Reckless Weekend is a seriously fun tale to read. The challenge between the guys versus girls was laugh out loud funny at times and the cheeky dares came undone in spectacular fashion. However, Summers also mixes a lot of deep emotion and even loss into this tale as two of our beloved characters have a painful situation to deal with.

Told through the varying POV’s of multiple characters, there’s plenty of laughs amongst the tears in Reckless Weekend as we get to know some of the other characters in the series we haven’t previously followed. Leah’s, Sean’s and Ryan’s were three voices I enjoyed following and whose stories I’m very excited about reading in the future.

Coming into the series late means I have an idea of where certain plot arcs are going and who’s going to be paired with who, so I’m enjoying seeing Eden Summers set little things in motion. I love being able to jump from one book straight into the next and loved seeing our two past couples, Alana and Mitchell and Blake and Gabi feature in this story alongside all their friends.

Reckless Weekend also sets the stage for the next full length novel, Undesired Lust with our first glimpse into the mind of Mason and a cliff-hanger ending that will leave you wondering what the fate of Reckless Beat will be.

A great novella and addition to the series you won’t want to miss, Reckless Weekend doesn’t disappoint and leaves me raring for more!

Sent for review by author (Thank you Eden!)
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Kindle ebook

Release Date: March 7th 2014
The Book Depository | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Final Thoughts:
Loved it! Bring on the next book!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #163

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on.....
Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott
Releases on: May 2nd 2017
DOMINO: A runaway with blood on her hands.

CAIN: A silent boy about to explode.

MADAM KARINA: A woman who demands obedience.

WILSON: The one who will destroy them all.

When Madam Karina discovers Domino in an alleyway, she offers her a position inside her home for entertainers in secluded West Texas. Left with few alternatives and an agenda of her own, Domino accepts. It isn’t long before she is fighting her way up the ranks to gain the madam’s approval. But after suffering weeks of bullying and unearthing the madam’s secrets, Domino decides to leave. It’ll be harder than she thinks, though, because the madam doesn’t like to lose inventory. But then, Madam Karina doesn’t know about the person living inside Domino’s mind.

Madam Karina doesn’t know about Wilson.
Having previously loved Scott's Salt and Stone, I'm very keen to give another book of hers a go and Violet Grenade sounds like to could be a really interesting read. Looking forward to reading it.
What are YOU waiting on this week?