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Book Shelf: Turned at Dark (Shadow Falls 0.5) by C.C. Hunter

Independent and strong-willed Della Tsang hadn’t believed in ghosts until she saw her dead cousin darting into the shadows of an alley. She hadn’t believed in vampires until in the dark of that same night she is turned into one. Introduced to a strange world of supernaturals, she struggles to accept this new reality. Unfortunately, the boy she loves senses something different about her and can’t accept her. Should she follow her vampire cousin’s lead–walk away from everything she’s knows and loves—and fake her own death? Or should she set her pride aside and ask for help from the camp leader of Shadow Falls—a camp where supernaturals go to learn how to cope with their powers. Either way, her life as she knows it, will never be the same.

Blurb from Goodreads.....


This was a quick easy novella. It gives us a glimpse into the Shadow Falls world and Della before we have the events in Born at Midnight. I must say, I think my thoughts and ideas on Della are a bit different after reading this. While she’s still the girl I thought of in Born at Midnight, I think I see her as a bit more normal, more vulnerable. She’s not as tough as she appears and vampire or not, that makes her more human.
This was a fun, slightly sad tale that has me eager for more Shadow Falls more. I’m raring for the 2nd book and I can’t want to see more of Della, Kylie and all the other fabulous characters in this series.

Rating: *** stars
Recommend: If you're reading the series, then yes.
Did I Buy, Borrow or is it an ARC: Downloaded free from Macmillian
Recommend Buy or Borrow: Buy
Ebook or Actual Book: Ebook
Cover: It fits with the look of this series.
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes

Download it FREE here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Shelf: Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) by C.C. Hunter

One night Kylie Galen finds herself at the wrong party, with the wrong people, and it changes her life forever. Her mother ships her off to Shadow Falls—a camp for troubled teens, and within hours of arriving, it becomes painfully clear that her fellow campers aren’t just “troubled.” Here at Shadow Falls, vampires, werewolves, shapshifters, witches and fairies train side by side—learning to harness their powers, control their magic and live in the normal world.

Kylie’s never felt normal, but surely she doesn’t belong here with a bunch of paranormal freaks either. Or does she? They insist Kylie is one of them, and that she was brought here for a reason. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, enter Derek and Lucas. Derek’s a half-fae who’s determined to be her boyfriend, and Lucas is a smokin’ hot werewolf with whom Kylie shares a secret past. Both Derek and Lucas couldn’t be more different, but they both have a powerful hold on her heart.

Even though Kylie feels deeply uncertain about everything, one thing is becoming painfully clear—Shadow Falls is exactly where she belongs…

Blurb from Goodreads.....


C.C Hunter creates a fun, mysterious, captivating tale with her debut novel. Shadow Falls is a world I was drawn into from the very beginning and no matter what I did this book just wouldn’t let me go!
Going into this book I’d heard all kinds of great things about it, but I never expected to love it as much as I ended up loving it. I finished it in less than two days and every time I was reading it I just didn’t want to stop. It was a fight to put the book down at times.
The thing is though, that there’s nothing overly unique or extraordinary about this book, and yet that’s what I think makes it such a great read. The characters and the story are so normal, there’s no action packed storyline going on 24/7 or endless drama, but the characters, the story and the mystery that surrounds this book still managed to captivate me regardless. The idea of this story and the camp isn’t anything out there, but the way it all flows and even the way C.C Hunter writes manages to create something that is so addictive.

There are so many characters in this book, that at times it is confusing, especially at the beginning, but this really does add an aura of authenticity to the story. It’s set in a camp and what does a camp have? Tonnes and tonnes of different individuals with different personalities and different purposes and that’s what we have here. Each and every character.....from Kylie’s two roomies Miranda and Della, who I just loved by the way, to her love interests Derek and Lucas to Perry and Helen and Holiday the camp counsellor, are just so fresh and fun and add real flavour to the story. Honestly, I can’t get enough of these fantastic characters. They make me wish I was attending Shadow Falls!
As for the main character, wow, I thought she was brilliant! Kylie is such a regular, normal girl. She has her flaws, her faults and she spends the majority of this book in denial, denial, denial, but there’s just something about her that is so likeable. She’s the kind of girl you can relate to. The kind of girl-next-door gal that you can see, either as yourself or as your best friend. Kylie’s not overly brave or tough, but is instead finding herself and learning who she is, not only as a supernatural, but a person. It’s so nice to discover a MC that you actually care about. One that you actually want to see do well and not just because she’s the MC and you need that to happen in order for the storyline to move forward.

The male leads in this book are wonderful. With sexy half fae Derek and smokin’ werewolf Lucas, Kylie certainly is spoiled for choices. Both male leads are tough and brilliant and it’s really hard to know who is a better option for Kylie. Personally, I think they’re both great choices and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Kylie’s shoes (or would I?) but if I was completely honest here, there is a part of me, the bigger part that screams, “Lucas, Lucas, Lucas!” and I am inclined to agree with that side. Some of the things Lucas did for Kylie....they’re just too cute for words. While I think Kylie and Derek could have great potential--he’s kind and understanding and sexy too--if Lucas wasn't in the picture, I just don’t see the same spark that Kylie and Lucas have.
I can certainly see Kylie having a difficult time in future books with her feelings involving these two!

This story is mysterious and entertaining and I just couldn’t get enough of it. There are so many questions floating around about what Kylie is and about some of the other characters in this book. The ending isn’t necessarily a cliff-hanger, but it still left me wanting more.
This is a fantastic debut and first book in what I’m sure will be a fantastic series! Fans of Rachel Hawthorne’s Hex Hall and Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers will love it and anyone who loves a good, fun tale will be lost to this book as they’re drawn into Kylie’s quest and world....

Rating: **** stars
Recommend: Yes!
Did I Buy, Borrow or is it an ARC: ARC from Pan Macmillan
Recommend Buy or Borrow: Buy
Ebook or Actual Book: Actual Book
Cover: The covers really nice, mysterious and I love the purple foiling of it
Read sequel/continue with series: Oh, yes!

Buy it here:

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

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Fantastic Contest To Share With You!!

The amazing Kati and Moujnir of Jagged Edge are currently holding a promotions competition where the more people you help recommend to their site the more chances you have of winning some fabulous prizes.

Personally, I've only recently discovered the site due to this actual event, but I've taken a bit of a look around and so fr I really like what I see.

Here ya go:

If you get -
35 followers = 2 ebook of your choice
60 followers = 5 ebooks of your choice
75 followers = 7 ebooks of your choice
100 followers = 10 ebooks of your choice

There will be 5 winners for the prize packs.
1st place- Swag + 3 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's paranormal romances (Wolfe's Lady, Love Tattoo, or Love Scars) + a copy of Heavenly and a T-shirt.
2nd place- Swag + 2 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's contemporary romances(Love Never Fails or Kinfolk)
3rd place- Swag + 1 Book of choice
4th place- Swag + 2 ebooks of choice
5th place- Swag + 1 ebook of choice

More important information:
Start date: June 25
End Date: July 16

Head over here to enter for yourself:
AND. If you do enter yourself, PLEASE feel free to say that Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten sent you! I'll be eternally grateful!

So....what are you standing, sitting....waiting around here for! Head on over and enter this great contest for yourselves!

Freedom Giveaway Hop Reminder!!!!

This is just a reminder to let everyone know that I'll be participating in the Freedom Giveaway Hop on the 1st of July until the 7th!

One lucky follower will win a book valued at $10 or under from the Book Depository and the contest will be international. Be sure to stop by on the 1st for your chance to win =D

See you all then guys!


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Win The Mortal Instruments inspired jewellery at The Bookaholics

The fabulous Aik and Koey over at The Bookaholics are teaming up with Val Freire of Hebelmet, an online shop on Etsy which offers The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Jewellery for sale, to offer one lucky winner the chance to win his or hers choice of a rune pendant (without the chain) or a bookmark from the shop.

Some of the incredible pieces available are:

....and more!

Head on over to The Bookaholics for details on how to enter for yourself:
It's international so everyone can enter.


In My Mailbox #11

Welcome to this weeks In My Mainbox!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren where bloggers can share the books they bought, borrowed or received throughout the week. For more info on just what it is and how to participate, head to:

Here are the books I got this week.

I bought:

Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon: Book #2 in the Kingdom of Xia series. I LOVED the first book and can't wait to get stuck into this one! Find out more here:

Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon: This is the first book in her Chronicles of Nick series, a YA prequel spin off from her fabulous Dark Hunter series, featuring Nick Gautier. I love DH and love Nicky despite what he's become, and I cannot wait to read this series! Discover more info:

I won:

Thanks to the fabulous Amber at: I was lucky enough to signed copy of A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix! This is the first book in the Makers Song series and I'm sooooo grateful to Amber for allowing me to win this. To learn more about this book head to:

Received for review:

Awaken the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney: Book #1 in the Conner Clan series. More info here:
Sent to me by author

Vampire Shift by Tim O'Rourke: The first book in The Kiera Hudson Trilogy. Sounds fabulous and I love the cover. Find out more:
Sent to me by the author.

Vampyre Kisses & Werewolf Descent by Elizabeth Kolodziej: The first 2 books in the Last Witch series. Discover Vampyre Kisses here:
Both sent to me by the author.

And that's my IMM for this week!
I got a couple nice books and plenty to review for a while.
Tell me though. What did you get in your mailbox?


Book Shelf: Queen of the Dead (The Ghost and the Goth #2) by Stacey Kade

After being sent back from the light, Alona Dare - former homecoming queen, current Queen of the Dead - finds herself doing something she never expected: working. Instead of spending days perfecting her tan by the pool (her typical summer routine when she was, you know, alive), Alona must now cater to the needs of other lost spirits. By her side for all of this - ugh - “helping of others” is Will Killian: social outcast, seer of the dead, and someone Alona cares about more than she’d like.

Before Alona can make a final ruling on Will’s “friend” or “more” status, though, she discovers trouble at home. Her mom is tossing out Alona’s most valuable possessions, and her dad is expecting a new daughter with his wicked wife. Is it possible her family is already moving on? Hello! She’s only been dead for two months! Thankfully, Alona knows just the guy who can put a stop to this mess.

Unfortunately for Alona, Will has other stuff on his mind, and Mina, a young (and beautiful) seer, is at the top of the list. She’s the first ghost-talker Will’s ever met—aside from his father—and she may hold answers to Will’s troubled past. But can she be trusted? Alona immediately puts a check mark in the “clearly not” column. But Will is - ahem - willing to find out, even if it means leaving a hurt and angry Alona to her own devices, which is never a good idea.

Blurb from Goodreads.....


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a fun, easy read, with all the trademark humour, wit and adventure that was there in the first book. The storyline continues to be interesting, and yet it’s changing too. It’s altering and shaping up, becoming more complex. The Order and even the big problem Alona gets herself into, make the story so much more intriguing and the whole time I was reading I was desperate to know what would happen next.
Personally, I feel like Will and Alona are fabulous characters. They’re both so great as individuals, and yet when they’re together---wow! They really make the book in my opinion. The connection and spark they have never fails to entertain me and I love how they see the best, and worst, in each other even when sometimes others don’t.

Will is a smart, intelligent guy who just so happens to see ghosts. And yet this doesn’t define him, not at all. He’s witty and funny and totally willing to take Alona head on at times and if guys you haven’t read these books, you should know that that sometimes is a massive feat in and of itself. He’s a lot more than he appears and I’m enjoying getting to know him with each book in this series. I think its brilliant how he doesn’t take any of Alona’s crap and how calls her on her stupidity and selfishness. He keeps her grounded (quite literally in some cases) and continues to help her be a better person. He’s the kind of guy every girl dreams of being friends with, and more in some cases and he’s a great MC to follow.
Ahhh, Alona. It’s amazing how much I actually love this girl, considering her (sometimes) selfish and vain nature continues to drive her so much at times. Alona Dare can be shallow, self-absorbed and completely self-centred and yet there’s something about her that shines through! Her faults and feelings are completely human, and while I can’t deny that the things she worries over and the things she often thinks and says are usually vain, she’s got such depth to her. She has insecurities and fears and she’s so much more complex than she appears on the outside. She can be feisty and witty, but she has a hidden vulnerability inside and she actually cares about other people at times—granted it’s in her own unique Alona way.

A lot of truth about what Will is and his ability’s come to light in this novel, but I still feel there is a lot more to learn. Will is only just getting a glimpse into the Order and he really doesn’t know all too much than he did at the beginning. Honestly, I’m interested to learn more about what happened to Will’s father and why he made the choices he did. It offers a lot as to why Will is the way he is and can help shape him more in the future.
The shocks with Alona and certain other character I won’t name for fear of giving away spoilers, I certainly didn’t see coming. And yet, let me just say......they.....are....brilliant! Obviously, I’m one of those gals dying to see Will and Alona figure out a solution as to how they’re going to be together permanently considering that she’s a ghost and he’s alive and this certainly goes a long way to potentially solving that problem, but I do wonder exactly what it all means. It’s a big change and surely it has to have repercussions.

I love this series and the way it has continued to draw me in with each book. This book ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger and I’m dying to know what happenes next. It’s going to kill me to wait for the next book, but I HAVE to know what’s going to happen to Will and Alona next.
This series is a great fun read for anyone who loves ghosts and paranormal elements. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do---you won’t regret it!

Rating: **** stars
Recommend: Yes!
Did I Buy, Borrow or is it an ARC: Bought
Recommend Buy or Borrow: Buy
Ebook or Actual Book: Actual Book
Cover: I love the covers in this series--they're awesome and this one is no exception!
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes, oh yes!

Buy it here:

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

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Happy Faery Day!

Yes, I know I'm a little late, like by 2 days, but I only just discovered this so you'll have to forgive me =)

In celebration of the fabulous Faery Day where everyone is supposed to celebrate their love of all things faery, the fabulous Julie Kagawa author of The Iron Fey series, (one of my faves, I might add) is giving away a signed, yes, that's right SIGNED set of her Iron Fey trilogy! Isn't this incredible! All 3 books yours to own and signed to boot!

To enter head on over to: and check out the post.

The way to enter is to post your fave faery quote from any faery book on your blog, facebook, twitter etc and link back in the comments of the post.
Here is mine:

"Forgive me," Ash murmured and I heard the faintest of tremors beneath his voice. "But I can't...I won't....give her up. Not now, when I've just found her."
~Ash, The Iron Daughter.

Obviously, you don't have to use an Iron Fey quote, but I really can't get past this one. There were tonnes of great ones in The Iron Queen, and in every other faery book I've ever read, but for some reason this one has always stayed with me. It's the desperation and anguish that I know Ash must have felt at the prospect of loosing Megan, and....well, it just gives me warm fuzzies inside when I think of how much he loves her.

Anyway...head on over and enter for your chance to win this great prize. It's international, so anyone has the chance to win!


The Iron Knight---back cover

So I'm sure all you Iron Fey fans out there have seen the stunning new cover for The Iron Knight, the last book in the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa featuring Ash in all his sexy glory, but who out there has seen the back cover...with Puck! Yep. That's right. The back cover features none other than Puck himself?

How awesome is this?!? Yes, I'm totally Team Ash, but Puck rocks too and this back cover....Totally loving it!

So the back and front covers are:

I think this is easily the best cover in the series.
What do you think?

Top 5 Sunday with Larissa's Bookish Life #4

Top 5 Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Larissa at Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life.
Find out more and how to participate here:

Each week Larissa features a top 5 of something and this weeks topic is:

Favorite Genres NOT UF or PNR!

Here are my top 5:

1. Vampire Fiction:

Whether you love it or not, Vampire Fiction is in a class all of it's own. It began with Twilight, and now is one of the most popular sub genre's out there. There's hardly a reader out there who hasn't read a vampire based novel at some point in time.

2. Paranormal YA:

Probably my all time fave genre is Paranormal YA--I can't get enough of it! It's everywhere and some of my fave books ever fall under this category.

3. Fantasy

I love nothing more than a good Fantasy every now and then! They're so good sometimes.

4. YA

I admit I haven't read a lot of regular YA books, mainly because I love my novels laden with the paranormal and supernatural, but I've read a few, especially those by Simone Elkeles and I liked what I read

5. Sci-Fi

There are some Sci-Fi's out there that I have read and enjoyed. It's a pretty interesting genre and authors seem to be going all out there with it.

Well. That's it. My top 5.
Until next week....


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Guest Post with author Michele Bardsley and win a $25 Amazon Gift @ Larissa's Bookish Life

Yet another giveaway over @ Larissa's Bookish Life as part of the Bookish Haven Summer Vacation, hosted by Larissa @ and Paranormal Haven @

This time author Michele Bardsley author of the Broken Heart Vampire series guest posts and talks about summer, reading and her books. And as an added bonus they're giving away a $25 Amazon GC to one lucky winner!

Head on on to: and read the post for your chance to win!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post with The Unread Reader + Win a SIGNED Taken by Midnight book and A Kiss of Midnight audiobook by Lara Adrian with Larissa's Bookish Life

As part of a Bookish Haven Summer Vacation, hosted my Larissa at Larissa's Bookish Life and the girls, Athenna and Stephanie over at Paranormal Haven, Larissa has Missie of The Unread Reader over at her blog today discussing the Midnight Breeds series by Lara Adrian and to celebrate she is giving away a SIGNED copy Taken by Midnight book and A Kiss of Midnight on audio book along with some signed bookmarks!

Personally, I thought the guest post was awesome--totally fun and interesting and I myself have already entered the contest!

Now it's your turn.
Head on over to: to check it out!


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Cover Lust Thursday

It's Cover Lust Thursday time! And this weeks Cover Lust is:

Vampire Shift by Tim O'Rourke......

When twenty-year-old new police recruit Kiera Hudson is posted to the remote town of The Ragged Cove, her life is changed forever.

Investigating a series of horrific murders, grave desecrations and missing persons, with her unique ability of 'seeing', Kiera soon realises her life is in danger.

But when Kiera is crewed with Police officer Luke Bishop, not only is her mind and heart opened to a terrifying new world, she comes to suspect that Luke might be involved in the killings.

In a race against time to unearth the truth, Kiera must discover the identity of who or what is behind the gruesome deaths on the 'Vampire Shift'.

My lord...this cover! This is one of the most incredible covers I've ever seen! I just love it! The blue hair, the eerie eye, not to mention that dripping trail of blood from said eye---isn't it just amazing! The artist here has done an incredible job!
The story too sounds pretty good and I'm looking forward to geting my hands on a copy of this!

Guest Post by Danielle of ALPHA Reader + SIGNED This Side of The Grave by Jeaniene Frost giveaway with Larissa's Bookish Life

As part of Bookish Haven Summer Vacation hosted by Larissa's Bookish Life and Paranormal Haven, Larissa over at Larissa's Bookish Life is holding a guest post with Danielle of Alpha Reader, who is speaking about one of her fave series's the Night Huntress series and as part of this fantastic guest spot, Larissa is giving away a SIGNED copy of This Side of the Grave, the 5th book in this oh, so popular series.

Isn't this great? I think it is. This is a series that I've been planning on reading for a while and winning a copy would certainly be an incentive to begin the series.

Head on over to: to read this great post and to enter for yourself!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring into Summer Read-a-Thon: Saturday Report---on Monday (whoops sorry)

Sorry everyone, I'm a bit late. This post completely slipped my mind.
Alright, so I when I originally signed up for this I had nothing on, but when low and behold, life got busy. I feel bad that I wasn't able to participate in any of the mini challenges or even the updates. I planned to, but then I just didn't have time or access to my laptop.
I only read a little bit too--at the very start of the read-a-thon. This weekend passed I went to SuperNova is Sydney with some friends from TAFE. I'm guessing most of you out there have not idea what that is, but it's sorta the Australian version on ComicCon.
It was pretty good, although I actually didn't spend as much money as I though I would. I'll post pictures sometimes soon.

Anyway, moving on here's my latest (and only) update:

1. Update:
•Total Books Read:
About half of Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade
•Total Pages Read: 128
•Books Read Since Last Update: 0
•Pages Read since last update: 128
•Total time read: 2 hours
•How I'm currently feeling: Guilty. Guilty that I didn't participate as much as I hoped I would.
•Books read: I only managed to get halfway through Queen of the Dead. It's brilliant so far though.

2. What is your favorite book you read during the read-a-thon?
Obviously Queen of the Dead seeing as it's the only one I (partly) read. Totally love this series!

3. Did you participate in any mini-challenges? Which ones?
No. No time and I don't live in the US.

4. Which mini-challenge was your favorite?
The puzzle one looked cool.

5. What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
Reading I guess

6. Are you satisfied with how much reading you got done? Did you do more than you expected? Less?
Lord, no! I expected to finished AT LEAST a book. Lol. Probably more. But then again, I didn't have the time to participate.

7. What did you think of the updates? Too close together? Didn't like the time limit?
It did seem like there was a lot of them.

8. If you could change one thing about the read-a-thon, what would it be?
Nothing really. Perhaps have the updates every 4-5 hours or so.

9. Would you participate in another read-a-thon hosted by Squeaky Books? Why or why not? (Again, I won't cry if you say "no")
Yes. Next time (and hopefully there will be a next time) I'll be able to read and participate more.
10. Any last comments on the read-a-thon?
It was a great idea and a fun thing to have going on!

That's it! The end of the read-a-thon. I hope some of you participated and read up a storm.


Note: I didn't link this up because lets face it...I didn't really participate all too much and it wouldn't be fair if I tried to get some kind of prize or notice for this. This is just for my own personal note to say that I DID do something, even if it was only this.

In My Mailbox #10

It's Monday, so that means it's time for In My Mailbox.

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren where bloggers can share the books they bought, borrowed or received throughout the week. For more info on just what it is and how to participate, head to:

This week I actually didn't buy any books. Yeah, I know, sad right? However I did happen to win some really cool swag.

I won:

Thanks to Aik and Koey over at: I won a bunch of signed swag as part of their 300 followers giveaway. The pack includes signed bookmarks from authors Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Kiki Hamilton (The Faerie Ring), Lisa Schroeder (I Heart You, You Haunt Me), Jen Nadol (The Mark), Megan Crewe (Give Up The Ghost) and more!
How cool is that? I was so thrilled to have won and the swag is brilliant!

Thank-you again ladies! I'm very grateful.

That's it for me this week. Another slow one.
But tell me....what did you get in your mailbox?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jeanne C. Stein Interview PLUS Win 7 Signed Book Set with Larissa's Bookish Life

As part of Bookish Haven Summer Vacation, hosted by Larissa @ Paranormal Haven @ , Larissa at Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life is giving away a complete SIGNED set of Anna Strong books by Jeanne C. Stein!

Isn't this a fantastic contest? I think so!
There are plenty of different ways to gain extra entries and everyone should enter. I've entered, now it's your turn. Head over to: to enter!


Top 5 Sunday with Larissa's Blog #3

Top 5 Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Larissa at Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life.
Find out more and how to participate here:

Each week Larissa features a top 5 of something and this weeks topic is:

Books for a PNR 1st Timer!

Here are my top 5:

1. This series is to die for. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a master! The woman is brilliant at what she does and writes PNR better than anyone.

2. I simply adore this series! The Brotherhood are definitely one of a kind and the series is filled with hunky, tortured heroes--what's not to love?

3. Ahhh, I love these boys! Gena Showalter is one of my fave authors--anything she writes is golden in my mind. The storyline in this series is awesome and the characters are brilliant.

4. I had my issues with this series in the beginning, but in the end I adored it anyway. The world is so rich and well thought out and the brothers--love 'em.

5. This actually WAS the first PNR I ever read and it ignited my love for them. This series is brilliant and I love it completely!

Lord, I LOVE all these books. Writing this makes me wanna read them right now, lol.