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Waiting on Wedesday #22

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on....

Gravity by Melissa West
Releases in: October 2012
Add it: On Goodreads.

In the future, only one rule will matter: Don’t. Ever. Peek.

Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed--arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Earth will die.

Ari knows she should report him, but everything about Jackson makes her question what she’s been taught about his kind. And against her instincts, she’s falling for him. But Ari isn’t just any girl, and Jackson wants more than her attention. She’s a military legacy who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know--especially an alien spy, like Jackson. Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country, but keeping silent will start a war.

This sounds like a really exciting sci-fi read! I think the idea is really fun, and fresh without giving to much away. Aliens seem to be taking hold of us in recent time and I think this looks to be a fantastic edition to the genre. Can't wait to read it!

What do you think? Will you be putting this on your to-read list?

And what are you waiting on this week?

Blog Tour: Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy Excerpt!

Welcome to the Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy Blog Tour!

I originally read Supernaturally Kissed in April of last year when it was still published as Stolen Dreams and personally I thought it was a fabulous tale. It was fun and feisty and had a treiffic storyline. I'm dying to read the next book already.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing an experpt with you--one I'm sure will have to very eager for the book but first lets have a little look at Supernaturally Kissed!

Ghosts harass and annoy Tess Jennings to save their souls. Sometimes she helps them. Other times she ignores them. But one ghost will give her no choice.

Kipp McGowen, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, will stop at nothing to gain her help, including using his ghostly charms to seduce her.
Tess must help solve the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid, because solving the case will save Kipp. But a bigger problem presents itself. Tess is falling in love with a ghost. Now she must decide.

Keep Kipp forever or find the killer…


***WARNING: Please be aware that this excerpt has some mature sexual content and is therefore not suitable for younger readers***

An icy wisp of air swept in behind me, causing my heel to twist as I stumbled. To the other pedestrians striding along the downtown Memphis street, the sensation would be brushed off as a cold breeze.

They were wrong. A spirit lingered here.

“Can you hear me?”

From the intrigue rolling in his voice, he hadn’t expected me to acknowledge him. Shit! I’d already given myself away. A mistake I’d rectify.

Without hesitation, I righted my stance and strode forward with purpose, forcing myself to remain deaf to the voice. If I ignored ghosts long enough, they moved on and searched out someone else who held the same irritating ability, whom I had yet to meet.

Much to my annoyance, the ghost stayed right on my heels and his presence remained strong behind me. The cold air at my back remained a contrast to the warm morning air in front of me. Every hair on my neck stood up and goose bumps pimpled a trail along my skin. If only I could rub them away, but I didn’t dare. Ignoring him would make him go away.

“You can hear me, can’t you?” the ghost asked again.

Spirits were typically harmless, but annoying. I’m dead, what’s going on, why am I a ghost—yada, yada, yada. I quickened my steps and made my way down Peabody Place in hopes he’d leave me alone.


He sounded desperate, which meant a big headache for me. If I hadn’t worn my damn slingbacks, I would’ve tried to run and hide. But the three-inch Manolos and the tight, tailored gray skirt restrained my movements.

I passed Miss Polly’s Soul Food Café, and the delicious aroma of bacon and eggs drifted along the air. My empty stomach complained. My only thought after I woke had been caffeine. Now I wished I’d grabbed a muffin with my latté at Starbucks. With ten minutes to get to my desk, I couldn’t worry about such things.

My boss, Event Manager Dylan Cobb, would hand me my ass if I stepped into the office a minute late. Sadly, there’d never been a day I didn’t cater to his every need.
I approached Beale Street and sighed in relief, relishing the warmth surrounding me. Not only from the sun above—the spirit’s cold presence at my back had vanished. Pleased my dodge of him had worked, I took a sip of my energy in a cup and smiled. Coffee’s fantastic, the ghost is gone—life is good.

Another block passed under my heels before I reached the historical red-brick building. Randall Marketing, written in black block letters, decorated the striped green-and-white awning.

I opened the door to the office and strode in, greeted by a bubbly voice. “Good morning, Tess.”


“Give me a moment here.” Doris shuffled paperwork around her desk, her auburn curls bouncing on her shoulders. The receptionist had always been messy, yet somehow organized. “There were a few messages on the voicemail for you.” She raised her head and held out the pink slips of paper. “A lovely day today, is it not?”

“Sure is.” So I lied. The ghost hadn’t kicked off my day on a high note. Not as if I’d tell her about my interaction with spirits. My ability to converse with spirits remained on a need-to-know basis, and as far as it concerned me, no one needed to know. I grabbed the messages from her hand. “Did your weekend treat you good?”

“I spent the entire weekend knee-deep in my garden.” Her cocoa-colored eyes lit up. “My best year ever, I’m hoping. You’ll have to come out and have a look-see.”

“I’d love to.” Doris treasured her gardens, so I tried to appear interested, even though my green thumb looked black.

Her smile brightened, but when the phone rang, she waved a goodbye and answered the call. “It’s another beautiful day here at Randall Marketing, how may I direct your call?”

Leaving her behind, I strode down the hall toward my office and sipped my coffee. The warmth slid down my throat and provided an immediate rush to my energy levels. At the third door on the right, I entered my bleak workspace with its pale-blue walls, closed the door behind me and approached the desk. I dropped down into the black leather chair and flipped through the messages. None were urgent enough to worry about now.

I powered up my computer, but a knock at the door had me glancing up. Before I got a word out, the door swished open and I cringed, fully aware of the looming trouble.
Caley, the officer manager and my best friend since the age of four, looked like a typical Barbie. Perfect skin, long flowing blonde hair and a body men drooled over. I might have been jealous of her perfection since I couldn’t pull off her looks even with a makeover—so maybe a little envious—but her appearance had always been a front. She was the devil in disguise.

She scowled, shutting the door behind her with a slam. “Do you mind explaining where you were all weekend?”

“At home.” I batted my lashes. “Why? Did you try to call me?”

She pointed her finger, narrowing her eyes at me. “Don’t you try that shit on me. I called you all weekend and your phone went straight to voicemail.”

“Hmm…” I pretended to ponder. “The battery must have died.” She had enough gall to just come over, but the little hint had been a subtle way of telling Caley to leave me alone.

“Liar.” She plopped down in the seat across from my desk. “Where were you? I wanted to go out.”

“Nowhere. Honestly, I vegged on the couch.”

Caley snorted. “You lead such an exciting life.”

My mouth parted to offer a snappy retort, but a cold wisp of air brushed across my skin, causing my lips to snap shut. Damn! I thought I’d got rid of him.
“Hello.” Caley snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Leave the aliens behind and return to Mother Earth.”

I blinked, trying to force my attention back to her, yet failing. The ghost knelt right beside Caley—not kneeling, of course; more like floating, since ghosts were never able to obtain physical contact with the world around them—and my focus held strong on him, unable to stop myself from ogling. He stared intently, with one crystal-blue eye, while the other was a chocolate color. His strong jaw, the muscles clenching along his cheeks, all spoke of power. But as he ran his hand through his untidy sandy-colored hair, his expression showed playfulness. His black tank top left his arms exposed and muscles upon muscles layered those arms.

“Anyways,” she said, dragging my gaze back to her. “I had to go out with Susanne because you left me high and dry.”

I laughed. Caley’s horny, twenty-year-old stepsister had the body that men chased after. “You did have the option to stay home, you know.”

Her eyes widened. “On a Saturday night?”

“Yeah, you know, get some popcorn, watch a movie and relax.”

She frowned. “If you don’t stop your grandma behavior, your va-jay-jay is going to shrivel up and die.”

The ghost chuckled.

His smooth laugh hit me like a cup of warm cocoa, causing my insides to melt. Nothing amused me. First off, Caley had been so wrong—maybe a little right—but I’d never admit to her accuracy aloud. Second, reacting in such a heated way to a ghost definitely didn’t hit my to-do list today.

“Excuse me.” I spoke not only to Caley, but also to the irritating ghost. “My va-jay-jay is just fine.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you’ve still got some spunk.” She stood and placed her hands on her hips. “Because we’ve got a double date tonight.”

“A what?” Dear God!

She grinned from ear to ear. “Yes, my dearest Grammy, we’re going out.”

“With who?”

“Two guys I met on Saturday night. You’re coming with me, either willingly or unwillingly, so suck up your hesitations, babe, because saying no isn’t an option.”
“But it’s a Monday night.” Not saying a date didn’t sound like fun. A month had passed since my last attempt at dating—which failed miserably—but a man Caley chose while drunk? No thanks. My sex life might have been as dead as the sexy ghost in front of me, but I’d still search for a way out. “I have to work tomorrow.”

She wagged her finger in classic Caley fashion. “You’re a grandma.”

Most times, I respected her persistent personality. She never backed down, always dreamed big and went for the gold, but her grit hadn’t been all rays of sunshine. Her determination made her annoyingly tenacious. I had to agree or she’d never give up, and getting her out of my office sounded all too good. “Fine. I’ll go with you.”
“Oh, stop looking so pissy. We’ll have fun. Promise. I’ll come to your place at eight.” She opened the door, glanced over her shoulder and winked. “Leave the granny panties at home.”

* * * * *
The day came and went. My head pounded, not because my boss had been as demanding as any two-year-old, which he did often, but because the ghost hadn’t shut up. The past hours, even after I returned home to get ready for tonight,he’d tried his best to gain my attention. Good thing I’m great at tuning people—ghosts—out, or I would’ve caved after hour two.

“I’m not leaving until you admit you can hear me,” the ghost said.

With a flick of my shag-cut brown hair—that actually didn’t give me any trouble tonight—to dismiss him, I strode next to Caley, heading back toward the downtown core. Dressed in my low-riding, dark wash jeans and blue plaid three-quarter-length-sleeve top, tied to leave my midriff exposed, at least I looked half decent while I suffered through the embarrassing blind date.

The ghost’s tone came a little louder and more abrupt. “Dammit, woman! Will you stop ignoring me? It’s annoying.”

I’m annoying him? I nearly laughed at the ridiculous notion, but did not intend to give myself away. I’d held strong for nine hours. Soon, he’d catch the drift and piss off.

Caley knocked my arm. “Will you stop looking so tight assed?”

I glanced away from the sidewalk and smiled at her. “My ass is tight.” Okay, not eighteen-year-old tight, but only twenty-five now, I worked hard to keep things tight.

She chuckled. “You’re…”

“Damn right, you do, sweet cheeks,” the ghost said.

Caley stopped dead in her tracks, which caused me to stumble. “What’s got you blushing?”

I righted my stance, raised my hand to my face and, to my horror, my cheeks were warm. “I’m not blushing. I I I’m hot.”

“Unless you somehow turned into a lesbian and have fallen for your best friend,you’re acting weird.”

“I do love you.” At her widened eyes, I laughed. “But I don’t want you in the sack. Seriously, I’m just hot.”

The ghost’s voice deepened. “Ah, a way to grab your attention, I see.”

The little purr hanging off his tone made my stomach flip-flop. Clearly, I craved some attention and needed to get some in a bad way if I reacted in such a heated way to a non-living person.

I shoved the ridiculous reaction away and focused back on Caley, falling into stride with her. “Who’s the guy I’m hooking up with tonight?”

“He’s just your type.” She wiggled her brows. “You’re going to thank me later.”
“What do you mean my type?” I liked men, all types of them, and I’d never confine my options into a little box. Caley had apparently taped the box shut and shipped the package.

“He’s a pro baseball player and is home visiting his family for a couple days.”
“A pro, huh?” Maybe I had fooled myself into believing I didn’t have a type, because hearing baseball player made my interest rise. Images of skintight white pants and a scrumptious ass filled my mind.

“Yeah, he’s got the looks too.” She nudged her shoulder into mine. “And the money.”
“Women,” the ghost muttered.

I ignored the ghost like the ghost he was, turned onto Beale Street and Coyote Ugly Saloon appeared. A line of people outside meant an hour of waiting. Not as if I thought we’d have to wait. I had Caley with me, after all.

She snatched up my hand, yanking me forward, and hurried her steps. “Brandon,” she called out.

Two men turned toward her, and evidently, Caley knew my type better than I did, since either of the men would have fallen into the fantasy category.
“I’m so glad y’all came,” Brandon said.

Caley gave one of her pageant smiles. “We’re glad you asked us to come.”

“You must be Tess.”

I glanced toward hunk number two. He held the typical all-American look—brown hair, blue-eyed, charming smile, and with his dimple, I suspected he could woo his way into anyone’s bed. Maybe even mine if he played his cards right tonight.
“I’m Trent.”

“Nice to meet you.” I ogled his trim body and handsome face and caught sight of the big white D on his navy-blue hat. “You play for Detroit?”

He nodded. “Both Brandon and I do. We were lucky enough to get a little time off to see the family.”

“Figures, Detroit sucks,” the ghost said.

I smiled, keeping my focus on Trent, ignoring the annoyingly sexy voice by my ear.
“Come on, let’s go get a drink.” Caley wrapped her arm in Brandon’s and approached the bouncer. If one good thing came from her charismatic pushy attitude, she’d always been quite the social butterfly. No one, including me, ever said no to her.
“Did you grow up here in Memphis?” I asked Trent.

“Born and raised.”

Seemed as if he wanted to say more, but Caley interrupted with her typical impatient yell. “Come on, y’all.”

I glanced over my shoulder to find her waving her hands. “We’ve been summoned.”
Trent chuckled.

I strode past the irritated crowd, who didn’t have a Caley in their group to push their way through. Entering the bar, loud country music, accompanied by hoots and hollers, rang out around me. The stench of sweat made my nose crinkle. Caley pointed to a table across the way and I maneuvered through the partygoers, following her.
At the table, Trent held out a stool and gestured for me to sit. He sure played his cards right to a royal flush. I slid onto the stool, and he asked, “What’s your drink?”

“A cold beer sounds great.”

He winked. “My kind of lady.”

The boys headed to the bar. I glanced over at Caley, who bounced up and down on her seat in excitement. “I did good, right?”

I nodded, not at all ashamed to give her props for her choice. “He’s not only sexy as sin, but a gentleman too. You did great.”

The ghost snorted.

I’d forgotten all about him and had hoped he wouldn’t follow me into the bar. Nothing would ruin my excitement now. A long time had passed since I’d met anyone worth meeting. The ghost wouldn’t put a damper on my fun.

Within minutes, Trent and Brandon returned to the table with four beers in hand. I claimed a bottle, took a long sip and sighed in happiness. After the day I had, the beer comforted me. The alcohol refreshed the senses, revived the mood and removed the tension sitting heavy on my shoulders.

Trent grinned. “Looks like you needed a drink.”

I licked the dribble of beer from my lips. “I’ve been craving a beer all day long.” I set the bottle onto the table. “So, tell me, what’s it like to play baseball as a pro?”

I’ve never regretted saying words more in my life. One question led to a twenty-minute conversation I wished I’d never instigated. Caley, the traitor, had vanished onto the dance floor with Brandon, which left me with the pompous stud.

“I’ve grown as a player…” Trent went on.

“This guy is a fucking joke,” the ghost said.

I almost turned my head to nod, but of course refrained. I continued to listen to Trent’s words without truly hearing what he had to say. I merely muttered “yeah” or “cool” when appropriate.

“If I were him, I would’ve skipped the conversation all together and had you back in my bed the moment I laid eyes on you.”

He did not just say that! My stomach leapt up into my throat and my body warmed in places that shouldn’t from a ghost. He’d only said words—not used soft touches to entice me—but the way his voice carried into my soul, the effect had been similar to sweet caresses. “The coach has been pleased…”

The ghost’s tone dropped an octave. “I wouldn’t have wasted the time with small talk. I would’ve used my mouth to learn my way around your luscious curves and used your responses to tell me about the woman you are.”

I squirmed on the stool in an attempt to ignore the soft purr of his voice sending shivers down my spine. I even leaned in further toward Trent and tried to concentrate on his boring conversation.

“After I tasted your sweet skin and saw your desperation for more, I would kiss your mouth until your lips were rosy and swollen. I’d deepen the kiss by tangling my fingers through your hair and holding you close to feel all of me.”

I gulped, crossed my legs and squeezed them tight. He’s a ghost! Nothing that involved him should arouse me. But the pulse between my thighs declared he held the power to make me undone.

“I’d kiss my way along your jaw while I lowered my hand to trail along your stomach. Then I would seek to discover all those little places that make you squirm.”
He ran his finger from below my ear all the way to my nape. His touch forced my eyes closed. A cold shiver danced along my skin to leave goose bumps in its wake. Wild sensations stole my logical mind. My will to ignore him plummeted.

“Tess,” Caley shouted.

I opened my eyes, and after taking a moment to focus, I discovered not only Caley staring at me, but Trent and Brandon too.

She frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”

I shook my head and released the breath stuck in my throat, which came out in a slow wisp of air. “Nothing—I’m fine.”

“I’d lower myself between those luscious legs of yours, tempting you and teasing you. I’d stare into those pretty green eyes of yours until they widened in pleasure.”
“You’re not fine,” Caley retorted. “Your face is bright red.”

“I’d wait until your hips arched toward me and begged me to take you. Then, and only then, would I give you what you desire.”

I grabbed my beer, took a big swig and a couple more. All eyes stared at me with blatant confusion. Part of me wanted to move away, while the other needed to hear more.

“Ah, Tess,” Caley whispered. “Seriously, are you okay?”

I paid my obvious inappropriate behavior no attention. The fantasy the ghost built in my mind needed to have a conclusion. “Yes. Yes. I’m good.”

“I would thrust against you, demanding you react to my intentions. You’d scream out and I would echo the sound with a moan of my own, as I used all my strength to satisfy you.”

Caley chuckled nervously.

I gripped the edge of the table in front of me and held on tight.

“You’d come into your orgasm because I’d leave you with no other choice. But I wouldn’t stop there.” He ran his finger along my exposed lower back and the coldness against my hot skin made me shiver. “Without giving you the chance to recover, I’d flip you over on your knees,” his tone dipped lower, “and fuck you senseless.”
I shot up from my seat, which caused the stool to slam back into the person behind me, who swore in return. “I have to go.”

Caley nodded. “Ah yeah, I think you do.”

Without another word—or a goodbye to the living men or the dead one who had got me all hot and bothered—I bolted from the bar and ran so hard my calves burned, reminding me of the three-inch heels strapped to my feet.

The ghost didn’t follow me and nothing pleased me more. I needed some space, time to return to reality or to pleasure the need out of me—either would do.

Within only a few minutes, I arrived at my condominium, which appeared more like an old textile factory, but inside were renovated modern apartments. The arousal burning inside me hadn’t vanished. The wetness between my thighs was a constant reminder of the ghost’s words.

I ran up the stairs while I took my keys out from my back pocket. At the thick mahogany wooden door, I raised my key pass to the scanner, grabbed the chrome door handle and swung it open.

Just three doors down, I opened the door to my condo before slamming it closed behind me. I didn’t bother to lock the door and did the only thing I thought of now. I sprinted to the bedroom, stripped out of my clothes and finished the fantasy the ghost had built in my mind.
Copyright © STACEY KENNEDY, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

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Check out my review here or add it on Goodreads!

About the Author:

Stacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart-squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and they even give you a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll also find fast-paced action, life-threatening moments and a big bad villain who needs to be destroyed. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance eBooks bestseller lists.

Stacey welcomes comments from readers.

Visit Stacey Kennedy:
Website // Goodreads

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Book Shelf: Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth

In Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtueshe can't have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself. During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles to determine who her friends really areand where, exactly, a romance with a sometimes fascinating, sometimes infuriating boy fits into the life she's chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one she's kept hidden from everyone because she's been warned it can mean death. And as she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves . . . or it might destroy her. (Blurb from Goodreads....)


I’m not even sure there are words to accurately describe the brilliance that is Divergent. Veronica Roth’s debut novel is completely compelling and exciting; a dystopian novel in a world of its own! This action packed and driven tale is full of depth and emotion and will sweep you up into a futuristic world so dark, yet enticing you’ll dread ever having to leave!

Divergent was tipped as one of the best books of last year and as someone only just stumbling into the dystopian genre, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone who has had anything negative to say about Divergent, but I was still hesitant. Now, having finished this, I feel as though I wasted an entire year of my life; a year I could of spend reading Divergent! I’m not even sure I’m able to write a review that does this book justice. It’s incredible, simply incredible. It deserves every single bit of praise it has ever received and then some!

From the very first chapter, the world Veronica Roth has created had my attention. Inexplicitly. From the very beginning Tris’s choices and the decisions she faced had my heart pounding and my adrenaline pumping. This happens to me often with books, but never so early on. Divergent is one of those rare books where the world is so cleverly crafted by the author that it takes on an entire life of its own. Every element, every aspect that churns within it is so compelling and there’s such an aura of importance to every choice each of the characters make. Every moment of action, humour, romance and betrayal have the ability to capture you completely in a way that connects you to the book.

Each and every character within this book is exceptional. Colouring the book with individual personality, drives and fears, every individual Tris meets throughout the story will captivate you with their complicated natures and in some cases, devious intentions. From the friends she makes in the Dauntless faction, to the family she leaves behind, they will all spark your interest and make you think about their motivations.

Divergent really explores the complexity of human nature. In a dystopian society divided into 5 factions, individuals are allowed to choose the faction they will forever belong to at the age of sixteen. Choosing between Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), Candor (the honest), Amity (the peaceful) or Dauntless (the brave), initiates will either remain with their family or transfer and begin a new live with their newly chosen faction. The idea itself is so intriguing, but factor in that nothing is as it seems and things really begin to get interesting. Each faction prides itself on one basic human characteristic, but we as human beings are complex creatures. We are never one thing. We cannot be completely selfless—we simply don’t have it in us, nor can we be always brave and never show fear. In human nature no one is black and white and we all have a little bit of everything in us. It’s these small inconsistencies that make us who we are and when the collective focus is on one driving trait above all others the outcome is an individual so warped with this impossible sense of who they are that they simply can’t function in any other way.

Beatrice Prior is from Abnegation. She’s been taught to think, act and believe certain things; to always put others above herself and to be completely selfless. However this isn’t her. She doesn’t fit in with the members of her faction and when the choice comes to choose, Beatrice makes a choice that will change everything she’s ever known. Becoming Tris, she soon learns of the tough initiation process that will either make her a Dauntless or see her faction-less....forever. Plus, Tris isn’t normal....Tris is Divergent and she has to hide this from her newfound friends and faction or loose them regardless.

Tris has to be one of the best characters I’ve ever heard about! Honestly, I’m totally girl-crushing on her right now. Tris is everything I love in a heroine and it was an absolute pleasure reading about her. Being Divergent makes Tris so much more than what people expect her to be and it’s the flaws she holds and her struggle to define who she is that makes her so relatable and fantastic to read about. Her “voice” within the book is a constant tether to all that it means to be human. She hold so many traits that would make her Abnegation, but she wars with the other part of herself that covets being strong and independent; able to take care of herself and to be seen that way by others. There’s so much growth in Tris throughout this book; from the small, miniscule rebels she makes in the beginning, progressing all the way in length throughout the book to the sacrifices she’s willing to make in the end. The choices Tris has to make and the decisions she chooses were a constant reminder to me of the desperate situation she was in where failing simply wasn’t an option, no matter how hard, how meek things became. Tris found the light and the good in moments that helped shape her and I loved watching every moment of that.

When it comes to talking about Four my initial response is to either swoon or drool, perhaps a bit of both, but I’m going to try to coherently talk about why I love this guy. Upon her arrival at the Dauntless camp Tris soon meets Four and I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that he caught my attention from the get go. However as the novel progressed, every action of his made me fall for him a little bit more and here’s why....Four is tough, fierce and an incredible character. As a Dauntless trainer he’s fearsome and slightly frightening, but underneath he’s a man not afraid to face his fears and who wants to be the best person he can be. As the story evolves you quickly learn that Four isn’t who he appears and while I easily pieced together his true identity, it didn’t lessen the fun of watching it all unfold before my very eyes. He’s had a hard life and towards the end of the book it becomes apparent that he still bares the scars of that life and it’s this vulnerability that helps to add to his complexity. How can someone be so brave and strong, yet be so human and you not love them?

For all her inner strength Tris is still exceptionally innocent. Coming from a faction where physical contact and intimacy isn’t broadcast, Tris has never kissed a boy let alone been drawn to one as she finds herself drawn to Four. At first, she doesn’t understand the small signs in the pit of her stomach that signal her attraction to Four. Having never experienced something like that before, it’s sweet watching their relationship develop from trainer and innate to friends and then eventually to something more. The sexual tension between the two of them is electric despite their experience and every touch, kiss and caress holds so much power.

Brimming with action and adventure, Divergent’s masterful tale of love, betrayal and self discovery will leave you begging for more! The explosive ending will have you breathless and wanting to get your hands on the next book, Insurgent as soon as it’s released!

Source: I Bought.
Format: Paperback.
Recommend: YES!
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it--you need to own this!
Cover: I'm in two minds about the cover. I see good sides to it, but I also don't think it does the book justice.
Read sequel/continue with series: Hell to the yes!

Buy it here:

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In My Mailbox #29

Hey guys!

Welcome to In My Mailbox!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren where we can share the books we bought, borrowed or received throughout the week. For more info on just what it is and how to participate, head here.

Been a couple of weeks since I've done an IMM. For those who don't already know, February marks the start of the school year for us here in Australia. Primary school, high school, TAFE, Uni....we all head back and enrollments tend to take up a lot of time. Honestly, I didn't think I'd survive the last two weeks, lol.

I'm going to try my hardest to make sure I get regular IMM posts up, but you'll have to forgive me if I miss a couple of weeks throughout the year :)

Anyway, let's take a look at what I got!

I Bought:
~The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
~Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
~Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
~Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
~A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

Yes, I finally bought The Hunger Games boxed set. Been planning to do so, but I made it my mission last week to hunt it down at Big W. It was a good day--I also left with A Kiss in Time which I've been wanting for a while, seeing as I adored Finn's Beastly! Also got the new Midnight Breed book, simply cos I enjoy the series.

For Review:
From Simon & Schuster Australia....
~The Alchemy of Forever by Avery Williams
....(Thank-you so much Caroline!)

From Bloomsbury Australia....
~Stolen Away by Alyxandra Harvey
...(Thank-you so much Bloomsbury!)

From HarlequinTEEN Australia....
~Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
....(Thank-you Gabby goddess of the books!)

SQUEE! So excited for The Alchemy of Forever and Goddess Interrupted! Loved The Goddess Test so dying to start the 2nd book! I've actually already read Stolen Away and while I'm a fan of Alyxandra Harvey, I didn't love it like I did her past books. It was a nice, easy read though. I also received a cute little make-up case with Stolen Away that isn't pictured, so that was a nice little surprise.

I Won:
~I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter
~Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter
~Heist Society by Ally Carter

I was thrilled to discover I won these books from Rachel over at Fiktshun as part of her "Rachel" featured giveaway from her My Reading Pile blog! They're all signed to Rachel, how cool is that? There are some times it pays to share a name with someone! I've never read any of Ally Carter's books, but these may just be the perfect incendtive to finally do so. Thank-you so much to Rachel!!

Annnd....that's my mailbox!
What did you get in yours? I'd love to know!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Winterborne and Ravenstoke by Augusta Blythe GIVEAWAY + Excerpt! **CLOSED**

Hey guys!

Author Augusta Blythe has kindly offered up ecopies of her novels Winterbourne AND Ravenstroke to ONE of my followers! I also have an excerpt from the second book Ravenstroke to share with you that is hilarious and is sure to pique your interest.

First, lets take a look at Winterboure and Ravenstroke!


Sixteen-year old Mia Winterborne is destined to be special. Details are sketchy, though, as her dad disappeared with all the answers when she was five. Mia only knows that she'll inherit her kickass superpowers on her seventeenth birthday. Helping Mia prepare for her anticipated ascendancy is Loie Bryce, her best friend and eternal sidekick extraordinaire. The girls intense friendship has never wavered until now, when Andreas arrives in Salcey Ridge. They both fall hard for the British hottie, who quickly becomes a fixture in their lives. When they discover that Andreas is not who he appears to be, the frightening reality of Mia's powers finally hits home. The nearer Mia's birthday draws, the more the danger escalates and long-buried lies are exposed, putting the girls on a path that they never expected.
View Winterboure on Goodreads or buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!


In Winterborne, Loie and Mia's seventeenth birthdays brought more drama and surprises than they ever expected. Now, in Ravenstoke, they are adjusting to the aftermath and struggling to keep those newfound powers in check. When Andreas is called away to England under mysterious circumstances, a new guy is sent to Salcey Ridge in his place. Cian is smarmy and cocksure and Loie wants nothing more than to unleash a hellhound on him. Unfortunately, Cian isn't the only complication in their lives as the girls must also contend with the reappearance of Mr. Winterborne himself and Loie's most dreaded fear of all - a part in the school musical. Can the girls survive the rest of junior year unscathed?
View Ravenstroke on Goodreads or buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!


Once back at the house, I creep in through the patio door and jet upstairs before Georgia sees me. The last thing I need is to explain why I’m soaking wet and what happened to my pants. Mia is already upstairs. Upon hearing my footsteps, she hurries into my room and lets out a hearty laugh when she sees the state I’m in.

“Hey, don’t mock,” I say, taking off Cian’s black jacket and stripping off the rest of my wet clothes. I grab a towel and rub it vigorously all over me. “I almost died.”

“In your Hello Kitty underpants? That would’ve sucked.”

“Yes, Mistress of the Obvious, it certainly would have. I root around for a decent outfit. “Have you read anything about kelpies?”

Mia thinks for a moment. “They look like horses and drag people to their death under water, usually a lake or river.” She glances at the wet pile of clothes on the floor and back at me. “Are you serious? A kelpie in Salcey Ridge?”

“Why not?” I sigh. “Bring us your kelpie, your homicidal pixies, your huddled masses of magic-folk yearning to practice the black arts freely.”

“Hyberbolic much?”

I pull on a pair of jeans and a light blue sweater. There, much more flattering, although I don’t know why I care how I look for Cian McSlick. Basic vanity, I guess.
“Whose jacket is that?” she asks, eyeing the clearly masculine jacket on the bed.
I give my head a little shake to clear away memories of the pixie. “Cian’s. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Cian.”

“Keane? Like the band?”

“Yes, the entire band of Keane happened to pass by and rescue me from the clutches of a kelpie. They’re standing on the riverbank in a brooding formation, playing a song about it as we speak.”

Mia ignores my sarcasm. “Stranger things have happened to us.” I can’t argue with that. “So who is he?”

“Some Universal assigned to stalk me until Andreas gets back.”

“Someone you met in Sanctuary?”

“Nope. New guy.”

“Is he hot?”

“He’s slimy and sleazy and I’ll bet the only animal he can morph into is a snake.”
“Wow,” Mia says, “all that in how many minutes of meeting him? Sounds like a keeper. So where can we find this Cian? Somewhere Only We Know?”

I groan. An actual Keane joke from Mia. Will wonders never cease? “He’s staying at the cabin. Please come with me. I feel like he’s going to pull the old yawn, stretch so he can put his arm around me.”

“Well, he already managed to get you out of your pants.”

I roll my eyes in disgust. “I need back-up, not back talk.”

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me away,” she says with a wink. Oh, the hilarity at my expense. I’ll remember this the next time she skids toward death.

Visit Augusta Blythe:
Website // Goodreads // Facebook // Twitter

Wonderful excerpt, right? The series sounds fantastic! To win ecopies of both books here's what you have to do.....


-Simply comment on the post with a way to contact you!
-ONE winner will win both books.
-Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!
-You DO NOT need to be a follower to enter, although it's always appreciated.
-Giveaway will run from today (the 17th of Feb) until the 2nd of March.

I'd like to thank Augusta Blythe for offering these ebooks and to urge you all to check them out!

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Book Shelf: Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves #1) by Quinn Loftis

Jaque Pierce was just an ordinary 17 year old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania moves in across the street, Jacque and her two best friends, Sally and Jen, don't realize the last two weeks of their summer was going to get a lot more interesting. From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane she feels an instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know that the flame she is drawn to is actually a Canis Lupus, werewolf, and she just happens to be his mate; the other half of his soul. The problem is Fane is not the only wolf in Coldspring, Texas. Just as Fane and Jacque are getting to know each other, another wolf steps out to try and claim Jacque as his mate. Fane will now have to fight for the right to complete the mating bond, something that is his right by birth but is being denied him by a crazed Alpha. Will the love Fane has for Jacque be enough to give him the strength to defeat his enemy, will Jacque accept that she is Fane's mate and complete the bond between them?

(Blurb from Goodreads.....)


Prince of Wolves is a sweet, romantic tale full of passionate love and unexpected danger.

I admit, at first I found it difficult to get into this story. It took me a while to get associated with the writing style and the main characters as well as some of the background information; there’s a lot of it in the beginning as you learn about the Grey Wolves, but once I got about 10 chapters in and passed all this then I began to enjoy it. There were still times when things lagged to me, but for the most part this story kept my attention and proved to be an enjoyable read. It’s something that you can relax and sink your teeth into as you read Jacque and Fane’s tale.

I liked Jacque as a heroine. She was feisty and I felt she questioned things (including her own sanity) in a reasonable manner, even though she couldn’t fight the pull she felt towards Fane. As the story progressed she began to learn about Fane and the connection they shared I liked her even more. I thought her wit was perfect and she handled the revelations about her life and her future very well for someone in her situation. Learning of her mate and then facing the possibility of losing him was hard on her, but she dealt it in a believable way; with a healthy amount of fear, yet natural understanding.

Of course I liked could I not? He’s your typical alpha male lead. A Romanian werewolf prince. How sexy. I found his possessiveness somewhat endearing and I liked seeing him interacted with Jacque. It was cute when her thoughts wandered and he got jealous—such a cutie. Their banter and interactions, especially in their thoughts were fun to read about and I liked every moment they shared.
The friendship Jacque, Sally and Jen share in this story is wonderful; they’re fantastic friends. They were all so perfectly in sync with one another and I feel like the author wrote their friendship into the book so well. Jen specifically continually cracked me up. Her mind tended to wander in directions I’d expect mine to go to and I loved that she appeared to have no filter—made things so much fun and funny at times.

One thing I thought was wonderful about this story was that although Fane and Jacque were mates and are meant for one another, they’re not “together” straight away. There’s no constant touching or kissing or anything like that. They’re both attracted to one another; Fane’s wolf goes nuts over Jacque and Fane makes Jacque all nervous, but they’re not all over one another from the get go. The desire is there, but their physical relationship doesn’t begin until about half way into the book. after which there’s plenty of kissing and touching to keep me entertained. I will say that their being in love comes on very fast that at first I didn’t completely buy it. However, due to the nature of the story I was able to overlook it and then towards the end of the book I didn’t care about that at all. They were too sweet and passionate about one another to irk me in this manner.

For the most part I enjoyed the storyline, although there didn’t seem to be a real purpose to it. It all centred on Fane finding his mate and while I appreciated it, I would have liked a bit more substance. Also, I didn’t really understand Lucas’s deal. He didn’t know Jacque, he’d never spoken to her and wasn’t a part of her life, so what were his reasons for wanting her? When had he decided to claim her? And what made him do so? Did he see her on the street and want her or had he passed by her house and been captivated by her....what? It just didn’t make sense to me and I would have liked the author to elaborate on Lucas’s reasoning’s and motivations a bit more.

Still, all in all this is a fantastic little tale. It’s a great tale if you wanna sit back and read something not too light, not too heavy. The ending ends well; but not without some intensity and, “OMG, what’s going to happen?” nail biting moments and I for one and looking forward to reading the next book, Blood Rites.

Source: Sent for review by the author. (Thank-you very much!)
Format: Kindle ebook.
Recommend: Fans of quick, easy read will love this
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it.
Cover: I do actually really like the cover. It's stunning in fact, the colouring and the half face is perfect.
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes.....
Buy it here: From Amazon.

Cover Lust

This week's cover lust is:

Ember by Kristen Callihan.......

After a fire consumes the Ellis family fortune, the beautiful and resourceful Miranda finds herself faced with an impossible dilemma: enter a life of petty crime or watch her family succumb to poverty. But once her fiancé learns of her descent into danger—and of the strange, new powers she's discovered—saving her family may come at the high price of her heart.

When Lord Benjamin Archer's one chance for redemption is destroyed by corrupt London antiquarian Hector Ellis, he vows to take what Ellis values most—his daughter Miranda. Forced to hide his face behind masks, Archer travels the world hoping to escape the curse that plagues him so that he can finally claim his prize.

But once Archer returns home to London, will it be revenge he seeks? Or will the flame-haired beauty ignite new, undeniable desires.

The model on this cover is really striking and the half face and whispy flow of her her blends beautifully with the background.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #21

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on....

Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway
Releases on:
January 15th 2013
Add on: Goodreads.
Jodi Marshall isn’t sure how she went from normal teenager to walking disaster. One minute she’s in her junior year of high school, spending time with her amazing boyfriend and her best friend. The next she’s being stalked by some guy no one seems to know.

After the stranger, Alex, reveals himself, Jodi learns he’s not a normal teenager and neither is she. With a kiss that kills and a touch that brings the dead back to life, Jodi discovers she’s part of a branch of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus. A branch of necromancers that are descendants of Medusa. A branch of necromancers with poisoned blood writhing in their veins.

Jodi’s deadly to the living and even more deadly to the deceased. She has to leave her old, normal life behind before she hurts the people she loves. As if that isn’t difficult enough, Jodi discovers she’s the chosen one who has to save the rest of her kind from perishing at the hands of Hades. If she can’t figure out how to control her power, history will repeat itself, and her race will become extinct.

I featured this book a couple of weeks ago during it's cover reveal and I'm featuring it now because I think it sounds like the bees knees. I adore Kelley Armstrong's The Darkest Powers series that features necromancy and I'm ecstatic for the chance to dive into a brand new book/series featuring this element. Although, I think waiting until 2013 will kill me!!

What do you think? Will you be putting this on your to-read list?

And what are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Shelf: Vampire Hollows (Kiera Hudson #5) by Tim O'Rourke

With nowhere else to run to but the Hollows, Kiera Hudson finds herself in a world like no other. Entrusted with a secret, she has to make her way to the mysterious Light House set hundreds of miles beneath the Earth. As she makes her journey, Kiera’s companions are being murdered one by one. But is the killer amongst them and is it Elias Munn?

Not knowing who to trust, who to love and who to believe, Kiera makes the most dangerous journey of her life, in search of the Elders hidden within the walls of the Dust Palace. With time running out, Kiera knows she must finally choose which race should live and which race should die.

(Blurb from Goodreads....)

Review: (Warning, contains some mild spoilers)

The Kiera Hudson series has been a non-stop heart racing, heart pounding ride that’s seen Kiera face danger, find romance and discover the ultimate betrayal, all in the lead up to the gripping conclusion that is Vampire Hollows!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—this has got to be the best self published series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Ever since the very first book, this compelling series crafted so masterfully by author Tim O’Rourke has had me completely. Tim’s intensity and detail in his writing as well as the dark, enticing world he writes about have swept me away and I’ve fallen in love with the characters even more with each gripping instalment. A master at mystery and slight deception, Tim has constantly had me on my toes, often heading in directions completely different than he looks to be going in the beginning.

Tim O’Rourke knows how to write his twists and turns into his books in such a way that you’ll never see most of what happens coming. The discoveries that Keira makes and the revelations that come to light are always mind-blowing and often heart-breaking—there’s so much deception and betrayal that mixes with friendship and love throughout this series. It’s simply brilliant. I never know what to expect when I pick up a Kiera Hudson book and I find I anticipated having my conclusions thrown out the window each time.

Kiera Hudson sure has been through a lot since first arriving in Ragged Cove, setting in motion events that would shape the whole series. She is no longer the same young woman she was in the beginning and I’ve loved watching her grow. She’s harder, perhaps more jaded, but she’s still managed to hold onto that hope and goodness that’s made her a fantastic character to follow. Even in the very end, when she’s faced with so much pain and decisions that seem to have no light, she still manages to do the correct thing by herself and what she knows to be right. Correct me if I’m wrong but sometimes I think Tim’s loved putting her in impossible situations and seeing her get out of them—I know I’ve enjoyed seeing her do that. Watching her define who she is after learning her life isn’t what it seems and what she is isn’t quite human has been a highlight of the series. What can I say? I love this girl! I always have and even in the very end I still love her and still agree with her choices.

Throughout the series Kiera has been plagued by one impossible choice; who does her heart truly belong to? Developing over time feelings for both of two men in her life, she’s struggled with choosing once and for all and in this book she finally answers this question. All I’m going to say is that I’m one happy chappie! In the end I think choosing between Luke and Potter was easier for her than she expected, and this was before a startling revelation that is pure Tim O’Rourke! I’ve always liked Luke since the first book, but I’m sure that those who know me know I’ve only ever had eyes for Potter. As crazy as it sounds when going into the series, Sean Potter has always been the one for me. With his gruff, cocky nature and foul mouth he wormed his way into my heart and stole it completely.

This book is more explosive at times than any of the other Kiera Hudson books! I gasped, I shrieked and if I had it in physical form I would have thrown it across the room at some parts. I was enthralled and captivated, and in true Tim O’Rourke form some of the revelations towards the end and some of the staggering things that happened had me wanting to cry and shout. I wondered how the hell things would be resolved and kept think, “No, no, no!”

I’m extremely sad to see this chapter of Keira’s life come to a close and see the series come to an end. Every part, every moment of this series has been emotional in some way or other and every single thing that’s happened, be it good, bad, happy, or sad have all been entirely worth reading. This breathless end to a series that isn’t really an ending had me on the edge of my seat and utterly captivated and I cannot wait to see what Tim does with the new level of this series he delves into at the very end of this book in the next Kiera Hudson series, Kiera Hudson-Dead Flesh!

Source: Sent for review by the author. (Thank-you so much for letting me review your books Tim!)
Format: Kindle ebook
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it!
Cover: This cover reflects back on the original cover and I think it's a very fitting cover for the last book in the series!
Read sequel/continue with series: This is the final book in the Kiera Hudson series, but Tim is going to write a new series featuring Kiera, Kiera Hudson-Dead Flesh and I'm dying to read that too!
But it: On Amazon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Shelf: Everneath (Everneath #1) by Brodi Ashton

Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals Feed on the emotions of despairing humans. Now she's returned- to her old life, her family, her friends- before being banished back to the underworld... this time forever.

She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can't find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists.

Nikki longs to spend these months reconnecting with her boyfriend, Jack, the one person she loves more than anything. But there's a problem: Cole, the smoldering immortal who first enticed her to the Everneath, has followed Nikki to the mortal world. And he'll do whatever it takes to bring her back- this time as his queen.

As Nikki's time grows short and her relationships begin slipping from her grasp, she's forced to make the hardest decision of her life: find a way to cheat fate and remain on the Surface with Jack or return to the Everneath and become Cole's...

(Blurb from Goodreads.....)


Brodi Ashton’s debut novel Everneath is mystical and compelling and will draw you into a world of shadows, woven together with high school drama and everyday life in a tale that will draw you in and not let you go!

I admit I had such high expectations for this book. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s release, but when I first began reading I found myself a tad disappointed. At first I couldn’t connect with the characters and I struggled to keep reading and then a little less than half way through the connection caught and BAM! I was hooked! The story caught me and I was sucked into Niki’s pain and desperation.

Brodi Ashton has done a fantastic job with her mythology. She blends Ancient Greet myth with just a tinge of Ancient Egypt to create a story and plotline that’s so enthralling and utterly addictive that I didn’t want to stop reading at one point!
I found I enjoyed the combination of past and present that we witnessed throughout the story as Niki’s tale became apparent. The blend of Niki’s time before the Everneath and then the present went together perfectly to create an intriguing tale. Ashton had me completely with her rich mystery and suspense. I had to know what had happened and was going to happen as we learned about the dark world of shadows that is the Everneath, so filled to the depth with loss and pain.

Our main character Niki Bennet has been through so much. Her time in the Everneath changed her and left her a shadow of the person she used to be. Yet it took strength, a strength she shouldn’t have possessed to leave the Everneath and Return. I admired her courage in the face of knowing her fate and Ashton wrote in such a way that it was impossible to ignore the pain and desperation that collected within Niki even as she spent the majority of her time on the surface fighting to feel and regain some of who she once was.

As Niki’s fighting to right some of her wrongs in the short time she has left before she must return to the Everneath there are two boys that continue to immerse themselves in her life; Cole, the one she left with and Jack, the one she returned for. Both are very different and both are connected to Niki in very different ways.
Cole isn’t human, an Everling who’s intentions towards Niki are far from noble and yet who I honestly believe cares about her in his own way. I believe he’s cared about Niki since before he took her to the Everneath with him, although he often doesn’t show it. Cole has his personality problems, but I think there’s more to him than we’ve seen so far and I look forward to seeing how Ashton develops him in future books.

And yet it’s undeniably Jack that has Niki’s heart and mine too. As well he should! Jack Caputo has got to be one of the most swoon-worthy boys I’ve read in YA fiction lately. He’s sexy as hell, but not only in the looks department. It’s his complete and utter devotion to Niki, it’s his inability to give up and his refusal to stop loving her despite what every one else thinks. Even though she was gone he never let her go; he was completely dedicated to her and that’s so endearing in a male lead. Even when she was gone he loved her and seeing what that love was able to do was so powerful. Brodi Ashton wrote him perfectly when she crafted him!

When we begin this book it quickly becomes clear that it’s not your traditional girl-meets-boy story but rather a girl-returns to- boy story. The foundation of their relationship has already been set in their friendship and past relationship even before Niki descended into the Everneath and as we read the book we witness them re-connect and reaffirm what’s there, what will proably always be there! I have no clue what Ashton plans to do with the possible Niki/Jack/Cole love triangle or even its implications, but at this point I can clearly see that it’s Niki and Jack’s relationship that is real and strong.

With so much going on amidst Niki’s Return and her place within her worlds, both normal and Everneath, a handful of interesting developments throughout the book lead up to an awful mighty ending, one you sure won’t see coming when you begin the book! I can see oh, so many places where Miss Ashton may go with this series and I look forward to seeing her develop her world some more!

Source: Sent for review by Simon & Schuster Australia (Thank-you so very much Caroline!)
Format: Paperback
AU Release Date: March 1st 2012
Expected AU Price: $24.99
Recommend: Yes.
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it.
Cover: This cover is stunning, simply stunning. Easily one of the best of the year so far!
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes! The ending left me gasping and begging for more!
Challenge: 2012 Debut Author Challenge.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Shelf: Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Pearl is a sixteen-year-old vampire... fond of blood, allergic to sunlight, and mostly evil... until the night a sparkly unicorn stabs her through the heart with his horn. Oops.

Her family thinks she was attacked by a vampire hunter (because, obviously, unicorns don't exist), and they're shocked she survived. They're even more shocked when Pearl discovers she can now withstand the sun. But they quickly find a way to make use of her new talent. The Vampire King of New England has chosen Pearl's family to host his feast. If Pearl enrolls in high school, she can make lots of human friends and lure them to the King's feast -- as the entrees.

The only problem? Pearl's starting to feel the twinges of a conscience. How can she serve up her new friends—especially the cute guy who makes her fangs ache—to be slaughtered? Then again, she's definitely dead if she lets down her family. What's a sunlight-loving vamp to do?

(Blurb from
Goodreads..... )


Drink Slay Love is an impossibly quirky story that will have you smiling and grinning over Pearls antics as she navigates her new world and feelings!

Sticking to a very traditional sense of vampires with an extremely fun twist, author Sarah Beth Durst entices you with Pearl’s tale. Durst’s writing style fits in with the story well and there’s a sense of sophistication to her writing, one that translates well with the centuries old vampires she writes about that litter Pearl’s family. I literally laughed out loud over some of the things Durst wrote into the story. Some of the lines she writes are so cheesy that they’re actually brilliant and I found it hard to keep a smile off my face on many occasions as I read.

Pearl is such a fantastic character to read about. She’s so complex and complicated and really makes the story what it is. Initially when I first began this book I worried over whether I would like Pearl or not. In the beginning of the story she comes across as somewhat mean and uncaring towards humans, which essentially she is, but she also has such a fun side to her that I enjoyed reading about. Her sarcastic attitude and quick tongue make for some interesting reading and her dislike for humans in the beginning of the book make her an intriguing character to follow. One of the things I found I liked best about Pearl is that she’s far from perfect. Described in the premise as “mostly evil”, this is very true of Pearl. Pearl is a vampire, through and through, and she makes no excuses for it. She sees humans as snacks and doesn’t care much for them.

As a vampire, she is self-centred and involved, but she changes. As the book progresses, it’s wonderful watching the growth Pearl undertakes as a result of her run in with Mr. Sparkly and Pointy, the unicorn that ultimately sets in motion the changes in Pearl. Seeing her befriend some of the humans, including Evan and Bethany, it’s nice seeing her develop a conscience. While she’ll never be exactly sweet and innocent, Pearly definitely becomes a better person, err vampire, and it shows in the choices she makes and actions she chooses later on in the story. She’s still remarkably flawed, but she wants to be better and that means so much.

With a quirky plotline and hilarious one-liners, there's a vast array of characters that add read colour to this book. I admit I was lost with all the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins Pearl has, but they and all the unique humans she befriends add so much flair to the story. Evan and Bethany excel as well as the oh, so funny “vampire slayers” Zeke and Matt. Add in a few “popular types” and some athletes, and Durst manages to step outside these stereotypes and bring all these characters together with one common goal.

Full of twists, turns and hilarious situations, Drink Slay Love is a quirky read, with a plotline you’ll love and become immersed with. This is the perfect book to sit back and relax with; laughing and smiling over Pearl and her fabulous take on her worlds, both old and new. This is one book you won’t regret picking up!

Source: Sent for review by Allen & Unwin Australia (Thank-you very much)
Format: Paperback
AU Release Date: Available now!
Expected AU Price: $16.99
Recommend: Yes.
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it.
Cover: It's so very simple, but when you hold it in your hands the simplicity of it is truly brilliant
Read sequel/continue with series: This is a stand alone, but I'm desperate for more from Durst!
Challenge: 2012 TBR Pile Reading Challange.