Review/Contest Policy

Welcome to The Rest Is Still Unwritten!

PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2012 I AM accepting ebook review requests once more however I must specify that they be in Kindle/mobi format as it is easier for me to review that way.

If you are interested in offering me a book for review here is what you need to know:

• I read YA Paranormal Romance, PNR, YA Fantasy, as well as the occasional YA sci-fi, dystopian and steampunk. I generally like my books to have a supernatural element and tend to gravitate towards books that feature this.

• Please know that I cannot guarantee a time frame for reviews, nor can I guarantee that all submissions will be accepted as I have a heavy reading load at times and must find time to fit it in with my life.

• I AM willing to accept books for review by self published authors.

• I’m currently working with a number of publishers and therefore my acceptance of self published and ebooks is limited. Please know this in advance, however if I do not accept the book for review, then I will still be willing to help in any way I can, potentially with a giveaway/contest to help generate publicity for your book.

• Print books will almost ALWAYS take preference over ebooks and I reserve the right to opt out of an accepted review if I’m unable to complete it.

• My reviews are my own personal opinions and nothing more. They are not influenced by anything other than my thoughts, although I cannot guarantee a positive review, nor that I will read the whole book. If this is the case, then I may contact the person asking for the review and find out if they still wish me to publish a review based on what I have read. I do not wish to lower a books rating on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon if I have not finished the book—that simply isn’t fair. I do not “bash” books and will not write a whole review in a negative way. Usually I will explain the books strengths and weakness and explain my reasons for not liking the book. Again, this could simply be due to my own opinions, thoughts, morals etc and could be seen differently to another reader.

• Any and all reviews I will be writing will be posted on both my blog and Goodreads, as well as either on Smashwords or Amazon, depending on where the book was purchased/sent to me from.

Contests, interviews, guest blogs, tours etc:

• If you are a publicist/author, self published or otherwise and would like to offer up a giveaway on The Rest Is Still Unwritten, then I am more happy to oblige. Even if I cannot personally accept your book for review, I will be happy to offer my followers and readers the opportunity to win/read your book and you may be able to generate interest this way.

• I will accept some guest blog interests and interviews, however this will, again, depend on the time I have, but if you are interested in this please email me and we can see what we can do.

• I am more than happy to participate in blog tours for books by self published authors or otherwise. Again, please note the kinds of books I read and feature at The Rest Is Still Unwtitten as I would like them to fit accordingly. If you are interested in having me participate in a blog tour please contact me at the email address below.

Contest Policy:

• Any contests sponsored or offered by an author are the responsibly of said author. It will be up to the author and/or publisher in question to supply the prize offered.

• Any contests sponsored by ME (e.g Follower contests, etc) and books as part of these contests are my responsibility until they are ordered. After which they are out of my hands. The Rest Is Still Unwritten does not take responsibility for any lost or damaged items.

• I reserve the right to change contests at short notice and to order the cheapest available product (I am a student guys. Limited funds, lol).

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