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Book Shelf: Lullaby (The Watersong Quartet #2) by Amanda Hocking

Don't miss the next chapter of Watersong, a bold new series that will enchant you, entrance you, and hold you captive under its spell

Now that Gemma Fisher has inherited Penn, Lexi, and Thea's curse - and all the strange new powers that come along with it - she has no choice but to run away with them. Devastated that she has to leave everyone she loves behind, she's still determined not to give in to the unspeakable hungers that plague her.
Unfortunately, they're growing stronger every day, and she's not sure how much longer she can resist.
Harper won't give up on finding her sister Gemma, vowing to get her back no matter what the cost. The search draws her closer to too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good Daniel, and tests her fiercely guarded independence like never before. She's always been the strong one who everyone else depends on.... Can she let herself depend on Daniel?

As Gemma and Harper plunge deeper into a magical world they barely understand, it becomes painfully clear that Gemma's old life may be lost forever. But can she still hold on to her humanity?

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Lullaby is the second novel in Amanda Hocking’s Watersong Quartet and picks up where the first novel left off, once more following sisters Gemma and Harper as they try to adjust to Gemma’s newfound status as a siren.

Picking up not long after the first novel concluded with Gemma running off with Penn, Thea and Lexi in an attempt to protect those she loves, Lullaby continues to follow sixteen year old Gemma who is now a siren and her eighteen year old Harper, who is desperately trying to find her sister and find a way to stop the sirens curse.

Even though it’s taken me a while to begin this series, I’m quite enjoying it so farmore than I anticipated I would if I’m being honest. Both Wake and Lullaby haven’t been overly fast novels and instead seem to progress at a steady pace, but I like the way Hocking has told the story so far and find myself entertained by the characters, even when witnessing mundane moments and experiences.

In Lullaby, Gemma is truly struggling with life as a siren, finding her health declining as she fights her basic siren instincts to feed and enjoy the water. The guilt and her understandable attitude war with what her body needs and even though she knows it is wrong to do certain things, her own body and instincts take over; forcing her to partake in heinous acts.

On the other side we have Harper. Strong, levelheaded Harper who is fighting to find her sister and rescue her from the clutches of the mermaids she left with. Harper who is slowly falling apart as she attempts to find a balance between searching for the sister she loves and living her life as she has to without telling her father her sister’s secret.

I’m going to be honest here……none of the characters in this series have quite as much personality and depth as a lot of characters out there, but there’s something about them all that I like; something that just makes them fit the story. They’re neither too much nor too little and are just enough to have me like them and be interested in their struggles. Plus is doesn’t hurt that Amanda Hocking has thrown some romance in there!

I think Hocking has written two very different romances between Gemma and Alex and Harper and Daniel. Gemma and Alex are very sweet and endearing, while Harper and Daniel are a little deeper as a couple. Personally I love the relationship between Harper and Daniel and find they’re really fun to read about. Harper’s reluctance to admit what she is feeling and act of her feelings for Daniel make for me intense moments when Daniel is obviously putting his heart on his sleeve and obviously quite interested in her.

The ending of this novel wasn’t what I was expecting and there is a part of me that feels like this is the calm before the storm. Penn gave up way too easily, and it’s obvious from what she said that she has nefarious plans in store for Gemma. Personally I feel maybe Thea might become an unexpected ally and I look forward to seeing where Amanda Hocking takes the series next.

Source: Sent for review by Pan Macmillan Australia (Thank you guys!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: An exciting siren adventure
Cover: I think it's pretty
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes

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Book Shelf: Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze #5) by Abbi Glines

Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Cage York finally has everything he ever wanted.

And Eva is at the very top of that list;the perfect girl with a temper as hot as her fabulously flawless body. But for Cage, a baseball scholarship has always been a close second. So when Cage finally gets his chance, he and Eva must endure a long distance relationship and all the dangerous temptations that come with it. Temptations that former bad boy Cage York may not be able to escape.

Then after receiving some illicit photos that show Cage has been behaving bald, very badly, Eva finds solace in the comforting arms of her insanely attractive neighbor Jeremy, who vows that he will take care of Eva in ways Cage never could. It's an offer that may be too good for Eva to turn down.

More info on Goodreads.....


Readers fell for Cage York and Eva Brooks in While It Lasts, and now it’s time to fall in love all over again as their story continues, and concludes in Sometimes It Lasts, the fifth installment in Abbi Glines sensual and highly addictive Sea Breeze series!

I’ll be honest, even though I’m always ecstatic to read a new Abbi Glines tale, prior to reading Sometimes It Lasts I kinda thought another book featuring Cage and Eva was unnecessary. I mean, with all the amazing characters to choose from, surely there was someone else deserving of a feature book in this series. We’d read Cage and Eva’s tale already; we didn’t really need another story of theirs. And yet, now having finished this book I can see why Cage and Eva needed Sometimes It Lasts and that their story wasn’t really finished….until now.

Cage and Eva have had one of the hardest journeys of all the characters in this series. Sure, almost all the couples have had tremendous hurdles to overcome, but none quite as so as Cage and Eva. In Sometimes It Lasts, Abbi Glines continues to tell their story in her trademark sensual and sexy way, depicting a lot of emotion, heartbreak and loss along the way.

Sometimes It Lasts features the next stage in Cage and Eva’s lives and while they soar together in the beginning, they fray in the middle with insecurities, betrayal and pain something Glines makes them face, only to have them reconnect at the end as we always knew they would. It’s a hard journey with a lot of angst and drama, but they get there in the end as their unwavering love for one another help them overcome their issues and heartaches.

As always I love Cage---how can you not! And I adore him and Eva together. Both make mistakes and allow their feelings and insecurities to wreck their relationship, but as their situation changes thanks to the heart-breaking loss of a loved one and the promise of a new life, Cage steps up and Eva manages to let him in once more….setting them up for their HEA and their forever.

I adore the fact that all the previous characters from the series as back as usual! There’s something so addictive about the dramatic lives of the characters that feature in this series. It’s just so juicy and emotional to witness and so, so good. Personally I’m really hoping to see some happiness for Jeremy, the twin brother of Eva’s late love and the person who has stood by her through it all. Whether Abbi Glines chooses to give him a full length novel or not, I still believe that readers deserve to see Jeremy find the woman who completes him.

Lush and deliciously written, Sometimes It Lasts concludes Cage and Eva’s storyfor now, but leaves me ready for many more amazing novels in this series. Abbi Glines is a master at creating angst and weaving it together with emotion and fantastic characters and I for one am ready for more!

Source: Sent for review by Simon & Schuster (Thanks guys!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: A NA must read series!
Cover: Perfect with our other Aussie ones.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes

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Blog Tour: Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny- Excerpt & Giveaway

Today I'm participating in the blog tour for Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny thanks to YA Bound Book Tours! Yesterday I reviewed Kissing Frogs and today I have a cute excerpt & tour wide giveaway to share with you :)

Popular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret: she used to be a nerd — a big one; a goody two-shoes, grade-skipping, all-state spelling bee champ. But she lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to studying and imitating the social elite. Now she rules the school from the upper echelon of the high school realm. With her cool new friends and hottest-guy-in-school boyfriend, life’s a beach — and that’s where she’s headed for Spring Break. That is, until her teacher breaks the bad news that she’s failing Biology — and her only chance to make up the grade is to throw away the culminating trip of her hard-earned popularity and join the Conservation Club in Panama to save the Golden Frog.

Unable to let go of her faded college dreams, Jess finds herself in a foreign country with a new social crew, and one handsome face that stands out as a blast from the past, threatening to ruin her queen bee reputation. Travis Henley may have grown up, but he still likes to play childish games and as payment for retrieving Jess’ lost ring from the bottom of a jungle pool, he wants three dates. While Jess does battle with spiders, snakes, wildfires and smart mean girls, she desperately tries to hang on to the last vestiges of her popular existence like the Golden Frog from its webbed toe. But as she starts to care about something more than tanning and texting – a species on the verge of disappearing forever – she may realize the worth of her inner nerd, and the one frog in particular that could be her prince in disguise.

Set in the lush and tropical El Valle de Anton, this modern fairytale re-imagining of “The Frog Prince” is toe-curling contemporary romance with an environmentalist heartbeat, in the tradition of Stephanie Perkins.

Add on Goodreads or check out my review!

Purchase on Amazon

From Kissing Frogs.....

Whatever you say, Princess." He grins and ruffles my hair. I glare at him, smooth my hair back into a ponytail, and stare straight ahead. I must be hallucinating. That’s the only explanation why Travis’s leg is pressed against mine. Travis, who’d known me before my phoenix-like rise from the ashes of uncoolness. In fact, I’m clinging to the faint hope that everything since that day in Mr. A.’s class has been some kind of extended hallucination: Miles, Panama, and now Travis? Maybe there was a chemical leak in lab and I’m in a coma right now.

"You will all love the place, I am sure," Hector yells over his shoulder as Latin music blares from the stereo. We zoom along the waterfront. Tall buildings swirl up into the sky and construction looms everywhere as Panama hurries to catch up to its reputation as a thriving metropolis.

Trying to get a grip on my shock, I turn to the girl on my left who’s reading a book on Panama. "Do you know how much longer it is?" I ask. Travis leans over the seat to talk to a guy with shaggy brown hair who managed to escape being spit on. What’s he telling him? My chest tightens.

"Around an hour, I think," she says in a soft voice, looking up from the guidebook. The dark French braids are vaguely familiar and I place them from biology class, front row. Her name’s some sort of musical instrument. Harp, maybe?

My "thanks" is drowned out by an enormous truck rocketing past, inches from side swiping us. Hector honks and gestures wildly. "Que te pasa! Ove!" Horns blare and fists shake. Panama traffic makes driving back home in Seattle look like meditation practice. I grab the seat in front to keep from falling into Travis as we swerve to avoid another large truck.

The phone shifts in my back pocket, jabbing me in the butt. Discreetly, I pull it out to see if Ky’s texted yet. All electronics are forbidden. Mr. A. has peculiar ideas about doing most of

our research the old-fashioned way. Personally, I don’t think he wants to be responsible if anything gets lost or stolen. Only cameras allowed. Which I, of course, didn’t bring, since there’s nothing I want to remember about this trip.

No new messages.

My stomach clenches. It’s fine. I reassure myself. They’re all travelling today as well; I probably won’t hear from anyone until tomorrow. Ky and Alyssa were horrified when they heard the news and vowed to keep tabs on Miles. We made up after our fight, getting back together, but things are still kinda shaky. Even though he’d acted like a major D-bag, somepart ofme is reluctant to let go after all the work I’ve put into that relationship. Into all of the relationships with my new friends and new life.

I cast a sidelong look at Travis. And now this. He could ruin everything.


Want more? Be sure to grab your copy today.....
Alisha Sevigny holds a degree in Sociology and Professional Writing from the University of Victoria, is a film school graduate, former literary agent and current Social Media and Communications Director for an award-winning English school. A shameless romantic, Alisha and her husband have travelled the world together. On a recent trip to Panama with their new daughter, Alisha fell in love with the country, culture, and their national emblem, the Golden Frog. She was inspired to write her first Young Adult novel, Kissing Frogs. Born and raised in Kitimat, British Columbia, Alisha has always had a strong connection to the environment and conservationist spirit. She now lives in Toronto with her family.
Visit Alisha:

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Book Shelf: Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny

Popular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret: she used to be a nerd — a big one; a goody two-shoes, grade-skipping, all-state spelling bee champ. But she lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to studying and imitating the social elite. Now she rules the school from the upper echelon of the high school realm. With her cool new friends and hottest-guy-in-school boyfriend, life’s a beach — and that’s where she’s headed for Spring Break. That is, until her teacher breaks the bad news that she’s failing Biology — and her only chance to make up the grade is to throw away the culminating trip of her hard-earned popularity and join the Conservation Club in Panama to save the Golden Frog.

Unable to let go of her faded college dreams, Jess finds herself in a foreign country with a new social crew, and one handsome face that stands out as a blast from the past, threatening to ruin her queen bee reputation. Travis Henley may have grown up, but he still likes to play childish games and as payment for retrieving Jess’ lost ring from the bottom of a jungle pool, he wants three dates. While Jess does battle with spiders, snakes, wildfires and smart mean girls, she desperately tries to hang on to the last vestiges of her popular existence like the Golden Frog from its webbed toe. But as she starts to care about something more than tanning and texting – a species on the verge of disappearing forever – she may realize the worth of her inner nerd, and the one frog in particular that could be her prince in disguise.

Set in the lush and tropical El Valle de Anton, this modern fairytale re-imagining of “The Frog Prince” is toe-curling contemporary romance with an environmentalist heartbeat, in the tradition of Stephanie Perkin

More info on Goodreads.......


Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny is an incredibly fun and adorable debut novel that is perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Kelly Oram and Morgan Matson! Fresh, flirty and addictive from the beginning, Kissing Frogs is a great contemporary twist on the frog prince that will have you jumping for joy.

Following sixteen year old Jessica Scott, a pretty and popular teenage girl who finds her perfect plans for the summer turned upside down when the discovery that she is failing Biology sees her head to Panama with the science club to help protect some endangered frogs from extinction, Kissing Frogs is light and fun from it’s opening chapter. As a series of unexpected events lead Jess to question just what she wants for her future, this former nerd turned party princess see the inclusion of the boy who used to tease her constantly as a girl change a lot more than her attitude as Jess discovers she’s more than a pretty face….

Honestly, Kissing Frogs was just a really fun, enjoyable book to read. The storyline is fairly basic, and nothing too overly dramatic happens, but author Alisha Sevigny does a great job of keeping her reader entertained with plenty of sweet moments, blossoming friendships and budding romances. 

Main character Jess was great to follow with her down to earth, likable nature and willingness to change. Jess had been caught up in being popular after reinventing herself and as her trip to Panama opens her eyes, she begins to see what is really important. I liked Jess and I liked seeing her make new friends and learn a lot. 

Travis was sweet as a love interest for Jess, but she had another fighters for her attention in the form Enrique, the sexy Panamanian and briefly Miles, her boyfriend. Personally I thought Travis was the cute one, and it’s understandable that Jess finds her prince where she does.  Light and quite addictive, Kissing Frogs will entertain you from beginning to end and is a perfect summer read!

Source: Sent for review by YA Bound Book Tours and the author (Thank you ladies!)
Format: Kindle ebook
Buy it: Amazon
My Recommendation: A fun contemporary read!
Cover: Very cute and colorful
Will I read sequel/continue with series: This is a standalone but I wouldn't discount reading more by this author.

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Owl Post #44

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows us bloggers to showcase the books we've bought, won or received throughout the week and is hosted by Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries. We all know that the Owl Post is the fastest way to send and receive mail and they certainly make me happy every time they drop a book off.
Hi everyone!
Hope you've all had a great week :) I sure have and I have a couple of awesome books to share with you today.....
For Review:
 From Pan Macmillan:
- Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven
I've heard some really great things about this NA, so I'm quite excited to have gotten an ARC of this--looking forward to reading this!
.....Thank you Eve!
From Simon & Schuster:
- Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren
I have a copy of the first book in this series too, but I'm not sure whether I need to have read the Beautiful Bastard series first, before I can read this, which I haven't. Can anyone tell me whether I can read this series without having read Beautiful Bastard? Or do I need to read that series first?
- After We Collided by Anna Todd  
I haven't read the first book in this series, nor do I have a copy, but maybe one day......
- Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton
I really loved the first book in this series Wallbanger, and considering I have a copy of book #3, I was really thrilled to have had a copy of this 2nd book sent to me! I've already read it too, and it was AWESOME--watch this space for a review in the future!
......Thanks Jennifer!
I Bought:

- Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
 I've read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books beside the last two including this one and Dead Ever After--I hope to catch up and finish the series one day, but when I saw a copy of this is a St Vinnies store for only $2 in great condition, I couldn't pass it up!

- Gates of Paradise by Melissa de la Cruz
Another second hand score for only $3 :) I've read the first 4 books in the Blue Bloods series and quite enjoyed them, I own book #5 and now only need to get #6 and then I'll have them all to finish one day!

And that's me this week! Hope you all got something great this week :)


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Book Shelf: Dominion (Guardian Angels #1) by Melody Manful

I Dare You.
Look Over Your Shoulders.
Do You See Them?
They are behind you...
They are always behind you.

Abigail Cells had a nightmare the day before she met Gideon, the new guy in school who has every girl drooling just to be near him. In her nightmare, she was murdered by a magical creature. As she gets to know Gideon, she begins to remember pieces of her nightmare, and was shocked when Gideon turned out to be the creature from her nightmare. Who is Gideon really? Should Abby allow herself to fall completely for him, or is he the next disaster waiting to happen?

More info on Goodreads......


Dominion by Melody Manful is a light and entertaining read that with its enjoyable plotline and intriguing romance will appeal to fans of Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series and Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.

Though the cover for Dominion is quite beautiful as far as cartoon depictions go it does give you a certain distinct impression of the story it houses. And while Dominion is admittedly a light and fun read, it’s also features a plotline that is deliciously woven together that I don’t believe is evident from the cover. While reading Dominion, it’s obvious that author Melody Manful has put a bit of thought into making sure she has a solid set up for her series. She sets up a unique and intriguing world of "good" and "evil" angels that translates well in Dominion. There is a lot I would still like to know about them, but I’m hopeful this will be expanded on more in future books.

Set in a world where most humans have two angels assigned to them; one good and one evil that influence and usually feed off emotions and energy, Dominion follows teenager Abigail as well as the two angels assigned to her, Tristan and Gideon. Told in three points of views, the thing I really liked about this book was that all three main characters had very distinct personalities and this was reflected well through their voices.

Abby is likable as the heroineshes smart, capable and quite able to handle herself in dire situations thanks to her father and the training she has done throughout her life. I did like Abby, but I admit at times its hard not to question her judgment, especially when it comes to Gideon. Tristan is your typical good guy, and that shines throughout this story. Its not a bad thing, but rather something explored by Manful with his sharp and witty sense of humor and attitude during the book.

As for Gideon, he’s a real enigma for me. When we’re first introduced to Gideon, I kind of felt like I’d made up my mind about what kind of character he would be, but as the story wound on, I found myself rethinking my earlier thoughts. At the end of the day, Gideon is evil. It’s not something he’s ashamed of and it’s not something he really tried to hide. In fact, it’s something he prides himself on; making sure everyone is aware of just how evil and cruel he is.

Gideon kills and maims and it’s just what he is…..but at the same time he’s just so likable. There’s something so beguiling about Gideon’s voice within this story. The complex way he sees the world makes me smile. Even though I know I shouldn’t really like him, as he begins to care for Abigail, and as he starts to act differently where she’s concerned, it’s really hard not to.

Dominion features some of the stereotypical teen drama you see all the time, but this also blends in with tones of action and paranormal elements. My only issue with Dominion is that it coxes to an unexpected ending that seems to come left of center. I was a bit confused and although I see the possibilities it brings to the table, it confused me too. That being said, Dominion was an overall enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next book.

Source: Sent for review by author (Thank you Melody!)
Format: Kindle ebook
Buy it: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
My Recommendation: Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series and Lauren Kate’s Fallen series--this is right up your alley!
Cover: Normally I don't like cartoon cover's, but this one is so unbelievably pretty!
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes, I would like to read more.....

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Free Ebooks

It's that time again!

There's nothing better than feeling like you've gotten a bargain and a good deal. And what's better than paying absolutely nothing?!? Be sure to check out these below FREE ebooks from Amazon--hope you get something good!

And that's it! Hope you managed to get something good :)

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Book Shelf: Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion #1) by Aimee Carter


For Kitty Doe, it seems like an easy choice. She can either spend her life as a III in misery, looked down upon by the higher ranks and forced to leave the people she loves, or she can become a VII and join the most powerful family in the country.

If she says yes, Kitty will be Masked—surgically transformed into Lila Hart, the Prime Minister's niece, who died under mysterious circumstances. As a member of the Hart family, she will be famous. She will be adored. And for the first time, she will matter.

There's only one catch. She must also stop the rebellion that Lila secretly fostered, the same one that got her killed …and one Kitty believes in. Faced with threats, conspiracies and a life that's not her own, she must decide which path to choose—and learn how to become more than a pawn in a twisted game she's only beginning to understand.

More info on Goodreads.....


Pawn is Aimee Carter's foray into the dystopian genre after her successful Goddess Test trilogy and introduces us to a society where individuals are ranked based on an aptitude test and political intrigue runs rampant. In a world where faces can be changed and people's motives aren't what you expect, no one is as they seem.

Man, Pawn is a really difficult book to review for me. I feel like whatever I'm going to say is going to come across harsh, especially considering that for the most part I did like this book. The thing is, whilst Aimee Carter's writing and storytelling is solid, there were times when reading Pawn when I really struggled to become invested in the story. Now, it was in no way a bad book, it was quite readable but it just didn't captivate me like I hoped it would. Which disappoints me because I can't pinpoint exactly what it was about Pawn that I didn't like.

That being said, I did enjoy it. Which I admit contradicts my previous statement. Pawn started off quite slow for me and it took until more than halfway before I found myself interested in the plight of the characters and the storyline, but once I got over that hump I was intrigued. Pawn had a lot of promise. Personally, I would have liked a bit more back story, but Carter has set us up nicely with Pawn as a first story in a series. It had all the elements of an engaging read; mysterious and otherwise engaging storyline, likable characters and high stakes but something was missing from this book and I can't quite put my finger on what.

Our heroine Kitty Doe was likable and served her purpose as the main character. As someone who lived a life of a lower classed individual and then who was thrust into the spotlight when she is Masked and forced to play the role of the Prime Minister's niece, Lila Hart, I felt she adjusted well to her situation. She was brave when she needed to be, but also very normal and human and even though she was very much screwed she didn't give up. And yet for all this, I wasn't completely sold on her either. I mean, I liked her, but I didn't like her if that makes sense? Technically there was nothing wrong with her, but I just was never completely invested in her as I like to be with main characters.

One thing I will give Carter props for is the twisted family she was written in the form of the Hart's. This high society and political family will just as easily stab each other in the back than give each other a kiss and hug. Going through the motions, it was often easy to overlook the fact they have attacked, killed and betrayed each other left right and center. Considering the fact that I believe they actually cared about each other, some more than others, they made for some interesting reading.

Though Kitty is in a relationship with Benjy, I didn't personally feel the connection. Aimee Carter writes a conflict for their relationship in the form of "Lila's" fiancé, Knox and though there was no outright spark and connection between he and Kitty, I quite liked Knox. He and Lila's cousin Greyson were the best of the bunch in this book.

Despite my misgivings with Pawn, I did honestly like the book towards the end. As revelations come to light, Aimee Carter does a good job of keeping the pace moving all the way until the very end. As the first book in the series, I expect a lot of growth in future books and with the state of the Hart family so up in the air, and I actually find myself interested enough to read the second book; in the hopes I like it better than the first, if not too see what happens.

Source: Sent for review by HarlequinTEEN (Thank you guys!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: If you enjoy dystopians then you will probably wanna pick this up.
Cover: I think the cover's pretty cool--different.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes, I do want to read more.....

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Waiting on Wednesday #76

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on.....
The Cage by Megan Shepherd
Releases on: May 26th 2015
When Cora Mason wakes in a desert, she doesn't know where she is or who put her there. As she explores, she finds an impossible mix of environments--tundra next to desert, farm next to jungle--and a strangely empty town cobbled together from different cultures and time periods, all watched over by eerie black windows. And she isn't alone.

Four other teenagers have also been taken: a beautiful model, a tattooed smuggler, a secretive genius, and an army brat who seems to know too much about Cora's past. None of them have a clue as to what happened, and all of them have secrets. As the unlikely group struggles for leadership, they slowly start to trust each other. But when their mysterious jailer appears--a handsome young guard named Cassian--they realize that their captivity is more terrifying than they could ever imagine: their captors aren't from Earth. And they have taken they five teenagers to an otherworldly zoo--where the exhibits are humans.

When a forbidden attraction develops between Cora and Cassian, she realizes that her best chance of escape might be in the arms of her own jailer--though that would mean leaving the others behind. Can Cora manage to save herself and her companions? And if so…what world lies beyond the walls of their cage?
I absolutely LOVE the sound of this book! So far it's one of my most anticipated of 2015! It sounds like the kind of novel that would completely suck you in and I can't wait to find out for myself when it releases in May!
What do you think of The Cage? Is it something you would read?
And what are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Shelf: Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark #6) by Kresley Cole

RITA Award-winning author Kresley Cole continues her bestselling Immortals After Dark series with this electrifying tale of a ruthless demon mercenary and the lovely young halfling who enchants him.

A seductive beauty he can never have, yet can't resist...
Cadeon Woede will stop at nothing to atone for the one wrong that will haunt him forever. But once he secures the key to his redemption, the halfling Holly Ashwin, Cade finds that the woman he thought he could use for his own ends and then forget haunts him as much as his past.

A tormented warrior she should fear, but can't deny...
Raised as a human, Holly never knew that some frightening legends are real until she encounters a brutal demon who inexplicably guards her like a treasure. Thrust into a sensual new world of myth and power, with him as her protector, she begins to crave the demon's wicked touch.

Surrender to dark desires...
Yet just when he earns Holly's trust, will Cade be forced to betray the only woman who can sate his wildest needs -- and claim his heart?

More info on Goodreads......


Dark Desires After Dusk is yet another beguilling installment in the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole and is an exciting, sensual romance that will have you entranced the entire way through!

Alright, so I'm a fan of this series. After five books in, it's fair to say that the Immortals After Dark book are as addictive as they are exciting. Cole blends romance with brilliant characters and thrilling danger in each tale and Dark Desires After Dusk is no exception; choc-full of passion and tension.

I was really excited to read Cadeon's story. Ever since we met him in Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, I've been eager to see him find his female, and after the ending of the pervious book, that briefly allowed us to see Cadeon with his fated female, I've been even more excited to see Cadeon win over his "human" Holly.

I really dug Cade in this book. He really was between a rock and a hard place for a lot of the story; torn between retrieving his brothers crown or protecting his female. Cade had a lot of hard choices to make, but I feel he handled himself very well. Holly was his, and he treated her as such. This cocky, arrogant demon was brought to his knees by this sweet, intelligent firecracker who was so much more than she appeared and I loved it!

Cole created a really great heroine to read about in Holly. She was very flawed with her OCD and her fears, but she comes into her own as the book progresses and she learns about her Valkyrie heritage; becoming a really strong person along the way.

I really liked the relationship they develops between Cade and Holly. There's is a very intense attraction that neither can deny, though Holly spends a lot of the book wishing she could and I really liked seeing Holly experience sex and passion for the first time with Cade. It was intense and steamy and very, very hot.

As this book comes to an end, I find myself more than ready to pick up Rydstrom's story to find out just what is happening between him and Sabine!

Source: I Bought
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: A great PNR series
Cover: Fits well with the rest in the series....
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes

Monday, November 17, 2014

Owl Posr #43

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows us bloggers to showcase the books we've bought, won or received throughout the week and is hosted by Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries. We all know that the Owl Post is the fastest way to send and receive mail and they certainly make me happy every time they drop a book off.

Welcome to another Owl Post! I've got some great books to share with you this week :)

For Review:
From Allen & Unwin:
- This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
I really loved the first book in this Starbound series and can't wait to read this latest installment--I just know it's gonna be awesome!

- The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham
In all honesty, while I watched Veronica Mars upon occasion I was never the biggest fan of the show. I think it's cool they decided to continue it though novels though.....

........Thanks guys!

From Bloomsbury Australia:
- Hope in a Ballet Shoe by Michaela DePrince & Elaine DePrince
This isn't my normal read, but it sounds very inspiring.

........Thank you guys!

From Ellery A. Kane:
  - Legacy by Ellery A. Kane
Author Ellery A. Kane has kindly sent me a copy of her debut novel Legacy to review. It sounds quite good and I look forward to reading and reviewing it!

......Thank you Ellery!

From Harlequin:
- Meant To Be by Fiona McCallum
I've got the first two books in this series as well, but unfortunately it's just not for me right now. Maybe one day I'll read this series.

..........Thanks guys!

I Bought:
- Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep
- Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
- Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep
- Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep
- Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep
I recently read the first book in this series Touch of Frost and I loved it so much I automatically when out and bought the rest of the series! I'm steadily reading my way through and am ADORING it! A great read--think VA meets Percy Jackson :)

And that's me this week!
Hope you managed to get something new and awesome!


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Book Tour: Possession by Annie Oldham: Guest Post & Giveaway

Today I have author Annie Oldham guest posting as part of the Blog Tour for her latest novel Possession! Talking about her heroine, Oldham's post is definitely worth a read! Plus, I have a great giveaway to share with you all :)
Constance Jerome wants nothing more than to make it through her senior year of high school without being noticed. But when her mother drops the world's biggest bombshell, flying under the radar just isn't in the cards. It turns out Constance is a necromancer—one of the few who can travel the realms of the dead.

Apparently it runs in the family. And now there's a threat coming: another necromancer with plans to disturb the living and the dead, and Constance and her mother are the only ones who can stop him. If only they knew who he was. Or what exactly he was up to. A quiet senior year isn't an option, and Constance must race to stop a high school apocalypse before the balance between the living and the dead is overturned.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

The Strong Female Lead

It seems to be a trend in YA literature—that of the strong female heroine. It might be because there are a lot of YA authors who are women, and it might be because a lot of YA readers are young women and women. However it shakes out, the strong female lead will always be around. The trick is finding the balance between strong and female.

I've read books where the heroine is female in anatomy only—she acts like a man, talks like a man, and a lot of the time thinks like a man. What? Having this approach to the strong female lead is a disservice to women. Why can't a woman be strong and successful and still be a woman?

I've tried to find that balance in all of my other books. In The Burn trilogy, my main character Terra faced hard choices and saved the people she loved, but not at the expense of forgetting what was best about her—she had the ability to nurture, to sacrifice, and to love completely. She wasn't pigeon-holed into being strong and nothing else.

In Possession, Constance is less sure of herself than Terra in The Burn. Constance is on uncertain social footing, she only has one good friend, but she'd like to become more than that. She has an amazing role model of a mother (she's strong but still motherly), and a dad who is trying his best to be supportive. I wanted to create a family unit that was functional but still had problems. The family is where girls and young women should learn to be women, and I wanted that fundamental structure in my book.

I'm excited as I continue with Constance on her journey in the next book in the series to see how she develops into a woman. And I'll help her stay true to the real strong female lead—one that is still a woman, no matter how rough the conflict gets.


Annie adores writing and reading YA novels. She grew up with an insatiable desire to read and then came the insatiable desire to write. Annie has been blessed to have both of those in her life.

Away from her writing, Annie is the mother of the most adorable girls in the world, has the best husband in the world, and lives in the hottest place in the world (not really, but Phoenix sure feels like it). She loves to cook, sing, and play the piano.


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Book Shelf: Haunting Violet (Haunting Violet #1) by Alyxandra Harvey

Violet Willoughby doesn't believe in ghosts. But they believe in her. After spending years participating in her mother's elaborate ruse as a fraudulent medium, Violet is about as skeptical as they come in all matters supernatural. Now that she is being visited by a very persistent ghost, one who suffered a violent death, Violet can no longer ignore her unique ability. She must figure out what this ghost is trying to communicate, and quickly because the killer is still on the loose.

Afraid of ruining her chance to escape her mother's scheming through an advantageous marriage, Violet must keep her ability secret. The only person who can help her is Colin, a friend she's known since childhood, and whom she has grown to love. He understands the true Violet, but helping her on this path means they might never be together. Can Violet find a way to help this ghost without ruining her own chance at a future free of lies?

More info on Goodreads.....


Stunningly written and deeply gothic, Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey is an alluring story that weaves a historical and paranormal mystery together with high society, scandal and murder. Ghosts, danger and romance mingle in this haunting read that will captivate from it's opening chapter!

I have to say how much I adore Alyxandra Harvey's writing. Each and every one of her stories are choc-ful of harrowing stakes and delectable characters and now having finished Haunting Violet I can say I've read every single one of her books and loved them all, with Haunting Violet being no exception.

Set in the 19th century, Haunting Violet follows sixteen year old Violet Willoughby, the daughter of a fraudulent spirit medium who has spent her life assisting her mother in "communicating" with the dead on behalf of the rich and powerful. Violet's life has been nothing but elaborately staged gatherings and thoroughly perfected lies, until her mother is invited to the estate of a very powerful Lord to communicate with the dead and Violet begins seeing the dead for real. As Violet is continuously haunted by the spirit of a young woman who died under mysterious circumstances, she quickly realizes that this heiress’s death was more sinister than first appearances dictated and soon undertakes to learn the truth before the murderer strikes again.

Haunting Violet was a genuinely enjoyable read. The deliciously dark and gothic tone of the novel allowed for a thrilling and mysterious feel and the characters were ones I truly enjoyed reading about. Personally I don't read that many historical fiction novels, but I do appreciate a well written, and well thought out historical read with a supernatural twist, something Harvey delivers with Haunting Violet.

As our protagonist, Violet really was a joy to follow. She was a typical young woman of this era; slightly repressed but with her own hidden fire, whose life was an elaborate web of lies and charades and for whom the prospect of marriage offered the only escape from this tiring lifestyle. I really liked Violet and appreciated the choices she made in this book. Considering her mothers whole façade, I thought it was very fitting Violet developed actual abilities to see the dead and thought Harvey did a great job exploring this amongst the murder mystery Violet found herself investigating.

Violet finds herself with a couple of different romance options in this book, but I was very happy with the one Harvey chose to explore. Violet had a fantastic relationship with the childhood friend she began to care deeply for and I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop.

Told against an old English backdrop, Haunting Violet was a darkly riveting read that will entrance you from opening chapter and leave you captivated until the very end.

Source: Sent for review by Bloomsbury Australia (Thank you Sonia!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: Fans of historical novels will enjoy this!
Cover: I think it's beautiful!
Will I read sequel/continue with series: To my knowledge this is a stand alone novel, but I'll read whatever Alyxandra Harvey writes.....

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Blog Tour: Krymzyn by BC Powell- Excerpt & Giveaway

Today the Blog Tour for Krymzyn by BC Powell stops by The Rest Is Still Unwritten thanks to Xpresso Book Tours! Author BC Powell shares his favourite book-to-movie adaptions and I have a SIGNED copy of Krymzyn to giveaway :)

Chase was twelve the first time he arrived in a strange land where dark, ominous clouds never move, ancient trees violently spring to life during Darkness, and people seem to live without emotion. Doctors tell him they’re hallucinations, but he knows his visits are real. She’s there-Sash-and she’s more real than anyone he’s ever known.

His visits stop but, as years pass, the memories haunt Chase. Without warning, the young man suddenly finds himself again in a world called Krymzyn. Arriving during Darkness, he’s rescued from death by the extraordinary, beautiful but terrifying young woman he first met when he was twelve.

When Chase is thrust into the war of balance against vile creatures who threaten all who live there, Sash helps him understand his purpose in Krymzyn. A dark secret from the beginning of time reveals he might be able to stay there forever. To prove he belongs in Krymzyn and be with the only woman he can ever love, Chase will have to risk his own life in the ultimate battle.


by BC Powell

I may have a slight bias towards fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, but my top ten books to films are:

10. “Blade Runner”- Dark and moody, the Ridley Scott film based on the Philip K. Dick novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” is one of my favorites in the sci-fi genre. It’s an exceptional dystopian story that examines what it truly means to be human, and the film really captured the proper mood to examine the themes of the book.

9. “The Jungle Book” - My all-time favorite Disney movie and a story, both in the written word and on the screen, that I loved as a child. Rudyard Kipling captivated my imagination as a young reader, and I read his stories to my children when they were small. The movie was also a staple in our house as my children were growing up.

8. “Harry Potter” - I read the series once, but I’ve seen all of the movies three or four times. In my opinion, they do an exceptional job of bringing J.K. Rowling’s fabulous words to life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts! “The Prisoner of Azkaban” is my personal favorite.

7. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” - I recently watched this movie again after years of not seeing it. I was impressed by how well the story held up over time, and how moving it is. I immediately picked up my tattered and worn copy of the Ken Kesey novel to read again.

6. “The Shining” - One of the most terrifying books I’ve ever read. While there were substantial changes made in the movie, it still captured the same essence of fear and psychological trauma contained in the book. The Stephen King novel is a horror masterpiece.

5. “Lord of the Rings” - Some die-hard LOTR book fans may disagree, but I thought the movies were a spectacular adaptation of Tolkien’s books. Although there were a few noticeable changes, the story was exceptionally well told, and the character struggles hit the mark. My biggest gripe was that Tom Bombadil, one of the most intriguing characters Tolkien wrote, wasn’t in the film. 

4. “Field of Dreams” (“Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa”) - The W.P. Kinsella novel is one of my all time favorite books, and the movie is in my personal top ten favorites. It’s a very different type of fantasy, but fantasy nonetheless. As both a father and a son, I can’t help but get misty every time I hear, “Hey, Dad, you wanna have a catch?”

3. “The Princess Bride” - I didn’t read the 1973 William Goldman novel until after seeing
the movie. The movie is spectacular, and the book is an equally great read. The fairytale aspects of the story combined with the use of comedy make this a very different tale than most fantasy novels or movies. In the end, I laughed, I cheered, and I was touched emotionally. What more can you ask for from a film or a book?

2. “The Shawshank Redemption” - Yes, I’m a huge Stephen King fan in case you haven’t noticed. I read everything he writes and enjoy every word. This is one of my favorite books of his, and the movie captured the story perfectly. I feel that it’s the best non-horror story he ever wrote, although “The Body” is a close second. The film is timeless.

1. “To Kill a Mockingbird” - Not fantasy. Not sci-fi. Not horror. But when I was a child, certain scenes of this movie frightened me in a way fantasy can’t because it is so real. As a teenager, I read the book after having already seen the movie. To this day, it’s one of the most amazing novels I’ve ever read. The book and movie are both in my top five favorites of all time. I go back and forth on which is better, the film or the book. They’re both spectacular.

BC Powell is a fantasy author from Los Angeles, CA. "Krymzyn" is his debut science fiction fantasy novel, the first book in a series titled "The Journals of Krymzyn."
Powell has a diverse background, having held several creative positions in the entertainment industry, including executive roles at ABC-TV and Technicolor. In recent years, he's authored several non-fiction works, primarily educational books and training programs for trading the financial markets. He dual majored in journalism and philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Writing fiction has been his lifelong passion and goal. "Krymzyn" is his first published novel and represents, in his words, "finally finding the story I want to tell with characters that are able to bring that story to life." He's an avid reader and lists Ernest Hemingway, Frank L. Herbert, Stephen King, Jane Austen, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. as his favorite authors.

Brad, as he prefers to go by in personal communication, lives with his longtime girlfriend, three sons from a previous marriage, and their rescue dog and cat. He enjoys hiking, ocean kayaking, spending time at Southern California beaches, movies, and reading.
Visit BC:
As I mentioned, I have ONE (1) SIGNED copy of Krymzyn to give away to one lucky follower thanks to Xpresso Book Tours and author BC Powell! Giveaway is open to US, Canada, and UK residents ONLY unfortunately. To enter, simple comment letting me know how you follow with a way to contact you. Giveaway will run from today until December 5th!