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Book Shelf: Scarlet In The Snow by Sophie Masson

A deserted mansion. Empty picture frames. A perfect red rose in a snowy garden. There is rich and powerful magic here, and a mystery to unravel . . .

When Natasha is forced to take shelter from a sudden, terrible blizzard, she is lucky to see a mansion looming out of the snow. Inside it's beautiful: the fire lit, the table set. But there is no one there. And on the walls, instead of paintings, are empty frames. In the garden, she finds one perfect red rose about to bloom, a vivid splash of scarlet against the snow. Dreamily she reaches out a hand . . . Only to have the master of the house appear - a terrifying, gigantic creature who looks like a cross between a bear and a man - and demand vengeance on her for taking his rose. So begins an extraordinary adventure that will see Natasha plunged deep into the heart of a mystery. She begins to realise she has stumbled onto a great tragedy - a spell of revenge laid on the young man the Beast once was, devised by a powerful sorcerer.

But even if she can break the spell, the Beast she has now come to love will be snatched from her. Natasha will have a long journey, and many ordeals, ahead of her before there can be a happy ending. Inspired by two beautiful Russian fairytales - The Scarlet Flower (the Russian version of Beauty and the Beast) and Fenist the Falcon, Scarlet in the Snow is a beguiling mix of magic, romance, adventure and mystery.

More info on Goodreads.....


Scarlet in the Snow by Sophie Masson is a very quaint fairytale retelling, woven together beautiful with Russian folk law.

In all honesty, I'm at a mixed mind when it comes to Scarlet in the Snow. I appreciate what author Sophie Masson has done with this book, but I also felt at times the story fell flat. That being said, while Scarlet in the snow wasn't the best fairytale re-telling I've ever read, I did like it--for the most part.

Beautifully written, Scarlet in the Snow details the story of Beauty and the Beast; mixing romance and danger together with Russian folklaw, and building a story long after the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast ends.

The biggest draw for me concerning this book was that I enjoyed Sophie Masson's writing style and the fact that Scarlet in the Snow continued on long after where I'd expect the traditional Beauty and the Beast story to end (where the the Beauty professes her love and Beast becomes a man once more). Masson's writing painted a lovely picture of the story within my mind; describing the lucious and magical world within the book in a very rich and detailed manner.

The mythology within Scarlet in the Snow was interesting, nothing I'd ever seen before, although I was a tad confused at times and wished the mythology and magic known to the characters was better explained. The characters, including leading lady Natasha, were likeable, but felt bland in terms of personality and chemistry. The romance, and "love" shared by our Beauty and Beast, unfortunatly, to me, seemed to come on too fast and too soon, and in turn never meant much to me. I understood why Natasha risked all she did, but I never felt it......meaning what was on the line didn't mean as much to me as I wanted it to.

That being said, the story, aside from a few moments when I felt it dragged, was nice enough to read about. I liked how well the author tied everything up and how we left the characters. While this will never be something on my faves list, if you're a fan of fairytale retellings and looking for something fairly quick to read, Scarlet and the Snow may just be the book for you!

Source: Sent for review by Random House Australia (Thank you guys!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Booktopia | The Book Depository | Amazon
Recommendation: Fans of fairytale re-telling should enjoy.
Cover: I do like the cover--it's quite striking
Will I read sequel/continue with series: No. I appreciated what the author tried to do, but this book just wasn't really for me.

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Monday Madness Giveaway- May 2013

Welcome to the first ever Monday Madness Giveaway here at The Rest Is Still Unwritten!

I've read so many books in the past few months that I just wanted to scream about, rave about and full on sing about. Ones that I sit there afterwards and think, "Hmmmm. I really wish everyone was reading this book." Well, I've finally found away to share those books with you and what better than a MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!

From now on, I'll be giving away a book I was absolutely mad about on the final Monday of every month. It could be a new release or an pre-order of ARC I've read or even an older book that I've finally gotten around to reading that blew my mind--whatever book I was crazy about that past month.

- Each month one (1) winner will receive a paperback copy of the months featured book
- Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY or anywhere The Book Depository ships.
- Giveaways will run for 2 weeks with a winner chosen using Random.org afterwards.
- After contacted by email the winner will then have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
This month I was mad about......
Losing It by Cora Carmack

Bliss Edwards is about to graduate from college and still has hers. Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, she decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible-- a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier.

Giveaway Details:

- You MUST be a follower to enter--that's my only condition :)
- Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and open to everyone considering the Book Depo ships to you!
- Giveaway runs from May 24th (today) until June 10th (two weeks)
- To enter simply fill out the form below (Yeah, I know. I'm only school, LOL)
- Extra entries are available but in no way necessarily.
+1 Let me know what you think of Losing It! Have you read, are looking forward to, what?

Fill Out This Form To Enter!
Thanks to everyone for entering and good-luck!

Owl Post #13

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows us bloggers to showcase the books we've bought, won or received throughout the week and is hosted by Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries. We all know that the Owl Post is the fastest way to send and receive mail and they certainly make me happy every time they drop a book off.
Hello booklovers and welcome to another Owl Post at The Rest Is Still Unwritten!

I was a bit slack with scheduling my blog posts last week, hence the lack of an Owl Post. However I have lots of great books to share with all of you today :)

For Review:
From Hot Key Books.....
- Death & Co. by D.J. McCune
This book sounds really fun. Grim reapers...hello. I'm SO in!
- The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan
Not only does this book sound excellent, but look at that kick ass cover! Gotta love me some gothic fantasty! 
- Transparent by Natalie Whipple
I'm really, really looking forward to reading this. It sounds soooo cute and fun. Super powers and invisible girls? Me want to read!
- The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
Eeeeeeeeee! The Vincent Brothers! *squeee* I CANNOT wait to read this--it's my next read for sure. I need me some Sawyer. And Lana. Sawyer and Lana--yay!!
.....Thank you sooooo much Sandra--you're so incredibly generous!
From Spencer Hill Press.....  
- PODs by Michelle K. Pickett
I've heard mixed reviews from those who've read POD's already and I'm interested to see what I think of it. It sure does sound good--hope it lives up to it's promise.
.....Thank you Kate!
From Allen & Unwin......
- Reboot by Amy Tintera
I'm currently reading Reboot, almost finished in fact and OMG! This book is brilliant so far! Seriously guys, add it to your TBR pile stat! Look our for my review in the near future and the Aussie blog tour coming up :)
.....Thank you Lara--you are brilliant!
From Random House Australia......
- Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near
 This book was actually a surprise. I wasn't expecting it at all, but if that beautiful cover doesn't have me wanting to read it, the description sure does! Hoping I can squeeze this into my reading pile soon, I really do.
.....Thank you guys!
I Bought:

 - No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole
- Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole
- Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole
- Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole
- Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
I've finally begun making my way through Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. I know a lot of people adore this series and I've been meaning to start a good new PNR series for a while, so I'm slowly reading these in between review books. I've read the first three in the series and the ones not pictured are already on their way from the Book Depo. Anyone else read this series?!? I'd love to know what you think!
- Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
This was a cheap purchase. Less then $4. What can I say....I love bargins :) And this series does look good!
And that's me for the past 2 weeks! I'd love to know if you guys have read any of these books and what you think
Plus don't forget to let me know what you received this week!

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Blog Tour: Runes by Ednah Walters- Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!

Today the Runes Blog Tour stops at The Rest Is Still Unwritten and I have an exclusive excerpt to share with you as well as an awesome tour wide giveaway! First, let's take a little look at Runes....

Seventeen-year-old Raine Cooper has enough on her plate dealing with her father’s disappearance, her mother’s erratic behavior and the possibility of her boyfriend relocating. The last thing she needs is Torin St. James—a mysterious new neighbor with a wicked smile and uncanny way of reading her.

Raine is drawn to Torin’s dark sexiness against her better judgment, until he saves her life with weird marks and she realizes he is different. But by healing her, Torin changes something inside Raine. Now she can’t stop thinking about him. Half the time, she’s not sure whether to fall into his arms or run.

Scared, she sets out to find out what Torin is. But the closer she gets to the truth the more she uncovers something sinister about Torin. What Torin is goes back to an ancient mythology and Raine is somehow part of it. Not only is she and her friends in danger, she must choose a side, but the wrong choice will cost Raine her life.

Add Runes on Goodreads!

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The ding of the doorbell resounded in the house before I finished my assignment. I grinned. Must be Eirik, my unofficial boyfriend. I jumped up, raced to the door, and yanked it open.

“About time you got he…”

I took a step back, my pulse leaping. In one sweeping glance, I took in the stranger’s shaggy black hair, piercing Pacific-blue eyes under arched eyebrows, black leather jacket, and hip-hugging jeans. Either fate had conjured the poster boy of all my fantasies and deposited him on my doorstep or I was dreaming.

I closed my eyes tight and then opened them again.

He was still there, the only thing missing was a bow or a note with my name pinned to his forehead. Irrationally, I wondered how it would feel to run my fingers through his hair. It was luxurious and so long it brushed the collar of his jacket. His lips moved, and I realized he was speaking.

“What?” I asked. The single word came out in two syllables, and I cringed. Lame, Raine.

“I asked if you’d seen Eirik Seville,” the stranger said impatiently in a deep, commanding voice as though he was used to giving orders, “and you shook your head. Does that mean you didn’t understand what I said, don’t know him, or don’t know where he is?”

“I, uh, the third one.” Could I be any lamer? Worse, warmth crept up my face. “I mean, I don’t know where he is,” I said in a squeaky voice.

“He said he would be at the house of...” he pulled out a piece of paper from the back of his biker glove, the fingerless kind, and read, “Raine Cooper.”

“That’s me. Lorraine Cooper, but everyone calls me Raine. You know, rain with a silent E,” I said even though he didn’t ask for an explanation. I tended to blabber when nervous. “Yeah, well, Eirik’s not here.”

“When do you expect him? Or should I ask when does he usually get here, Raine with an E?” the guy asked.

I bristled, not liking his mocking tone or the way he spoke slowly as though I was a dimwit. “He doesn’t always come here after school, you know. You could try his house or text him.”

Mr. Hot-but-arrogant shrugged. “If I wanted to use modern technology I would, but I’d rather not. Could you do me a favor?”

Use modern technology? Which cave did he crawl from? He spoke with a trace of an accent that had a familiar lilt. British or Aussie? I could never tell the difference.

He sighed. “You’re shaking your head again. Did my question confuse you? Am I talking too fast, too slow, or is it me? I’ve been told my presence tends to, uh, throw people off.”

I crossed my arms, lifted my chin, and stared down my nose at him. I was usually the calm one among my friends, the peacemaker, but this guy was seriously pushing my buttons with his arrogance. “No.”

His eyebrows rose and met the lock of hair falling over his forehead. “No to what?”

“No, you didn’t confuse me. And no, I won’t do you a favor.”

He rolled his eyes, plucked wraparound sunglasses from the breast pocket of his jacket, and slipped them on before turning to leave.

Yeah, good riddance. To copy Cora’s favorite saying, ‘he just lost hotness points’.

EDNAH WALTERS grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and dreaming of one day writing her own stories. She is a stay-at-home mother of five humans and two American short-hair cats (one of which has ADHD) and a husband. When she is not writing, she’s at the gym doing Zumba or doing things with her family, reading, traveling or online chatting with fans.

Ednah is the author of The Guardian Legacy series, a YA fantasy series about children of the fallen angels, who fight demons and protect mankind. AWAKENED, the prequel was released by Pill Hill Press in September 2010 with rave reviews. BETRAYED, book one in the series was released by her new publisher Spencer Hill Press in June 2012 and HUNTED, the third installment, will be released April 2013. She’s working on the next book in the series, FORGOTTEN.

Ednah also writes New Adult paranormal romance. RUNES is the first book in her new series. She is presently working on book 2, IMMORTALS.

Under the pseudonym E. B. Walters, Ednah writes contemporary romance. SLOW BURN, the first contemporary romance with suspense, was released in April 2011. It is the first book in the Fitzgerald family series. Since then she has published four more books in this series. She's presently working on book six. You can visit her online at www.ednahwalters.com or www.ebwalters.com.

Visit Ednah:
Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook


a Rafflecopter giveaway
I'd like to thank Giselle of Xpresso Book Tours and Ednah Walters for allowing me to be a part of this tour and say good-luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!

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The Hunt (The Hunt #1) by Andrew Fukuda

Against all odds, 17-year-old Gene has survived in a world where humans have been eaten to near extinction by the general population. The only remaining humans, or hepers as they are known, are housed in domes on the savannah and studied at the nearby Heper Institute. Every decade there is a government sponsored hunt. When Gene is selected to be one of the combatants he must learn the art of the hunt but also elude his fellow competitors whose suspicions about his true nature are growing.

More info on Goodreads.......


Andrew Fukuda’s debut novel The Hunt is an exhilarating novel that will give you chills and shivers even as he enthralls you with his mesmerizing storytelling and excitement driven plotline!

This book was simply brilliant! Honestly it was. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when beginning this novel, but the desperation and pace of the story sucked me in from the very opening chapters. The Hunt met and easily outdid my expectations and in a genre where so many books share similar concepts, I have to give Fuduka props for thinking out of the box and having a really ingenuous twist on something I’m sure we’ve all seen quite a bit.

In the tradition of The Hunger Games, The Hunt depicts a harsh, creepy dystopian world where humans are practically extinct and instead the inhuman creatures that inhabit it are a far cry from anything you’ve seen before. Forget vampires and zombies, author Andrew Fuduka creates a new type of being that scratch their wrists instead of laughing, show no emotion and share some of the traits that have made vampires and zombies popular in YA fiction. And yet, they’re oddly normal creatures. Inhuman teenagers attend school and people go on with their everyday lives, and yet they’re slaves to their bloodlust should they ever be in the proximity of on of the rare humans, known as “hepers” that exist in this novel. This contradiction between man and beast was oddly intriguing. They weren’t the odd ones here, they were normal; they were the “people” in this world—I loved it!

Perfectly paced, the tone of this book was exceptional! For a debut novelist, Andrew Fuduka’s writing is first class. Descriptive and flowing, his pose truly enhances the aura of desperation and hopelessness that encompasses the novel. Our hero Gene is a heper, living within this harsh society and managing to keep his true identity a secret from his classmates and teachers by living by a few important rules passed down to him by his late father. However, even as Gene manages to live a relatively normal life, he acknowledges that it could all be over in a very moment; his true nature revealed.

When Gene is picked to participate in the hunt, his whole world is turned upside down. Unable to shave in a world where everyone is hairless, unable to bath when no one emits body odour and completely unable to get access to water, Gene is struggling to maintain his secret even before the hunt has officially begun. Fuduka writes Gene’s emotions brilliantly. I felt his fear and desperation; there was never a moment where the severity of his situation was lost on Gene....and in turn me as the reader. Fuduka in no way shies away from the gruesome, gory parts of his created society. His vivid prose tells darkly of decapitation and cannibalism, terror and bloodlust, and this just makes disturbing, creepy feel of the book all that more intense.

I truly loved the characters Andrew Fuduka has brought to life throughout The Hunt! I’ve already touched on the “people” in this novel, but as our protagonist, Gene was also honestly great to read about. It didn’t even bother me that he was male; nor did this impact on how in felt about him or his choices because Fuduka simply wrote both he and all other aspects of the story so brilliantly. Ashley June was an excellent enigma in this story to me; a mystery I wanted to solve for half the book—just what was she and what was she hiding? Could she be a true friend to Gene or was she a foe in disguise? Why did she watch him and then want to team up during the Heper Hunt? Everything just made me more intrigued and by the time all was revealed I was just so enthralled and caught up in the mystery.

The other Hepers in this book were another delightful surprise. Despite their primitive upbringing, and their limited exposure to the outside world, they were intelligent and quick thinking, with individual personalities. Sissy and Ben were standouts, but I’m eager to learn more about them in the next book. I want to know what makes this group of young people tick.

Blending together darkness with the small light that comes from first romance and freedom, Andrew Fuduka has written a deeply addicting read that makes you question humanity, the need for survival and the lengths one would go to, to guarantee their own. As The Hunt races to its superb cliff-hanger ending with both Gene’s and all the other hepers lives on the line, the exhilaration and danger prove the stakes have never been higher!

Andrew Fuduka, you are a genius---cannot wait to find out what you have in store for us in, Prey, the second novel!

Source: Sent for review by Simon & Schuster (Thank you guys!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Booktopia | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
Recommendation: Fans of The Hunger Games looking for the next great dystopian will definitely want to pick up a copy of this!
Cover: I actually really love this cover. When I picture Gene in my mind, this is fairly spot on.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Absolutely! Looking forward to more of this world!

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Blog Tour: Inspire by Heather Buchine-Excerpt & GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to the Book Blitz Blog Tour for the new NA novel Inspire by Heather Buchine thanks to Xpresso Book Tours! Today I'm happy to share an excerpt where main character Paige sets eyes on leading man Travis for the first time, as well as give away an ecopy of the book!


18-year old Paige Rice, an exquisite beauty from East Hampton, NY, has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends. But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away-literally- to the mountains of Vermont for the entire summer- in an RV!

Assuming she will be an outcast amongst the other teens at the campground still does not prepare her for the treatment she receives, which is far worse than she imagined. She also isn’t prepared for Travis, the campground owner’s son and the “Sexiest” guy she has ever laid eyes on. Travis is the only one who shows any interest in getting to know Paige. The only problem is that they have to explore what lies between them in secret. But once all the secrets are stripped away, the truth may be crushing.

***Intended for mature audiences due to language and sexual content***

Add on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon!

.....As I raised my head, I met stunning blue eyes set in the most gorgeous face that I had ever seen. WOW! I thought as my body reacted on the spot. Trying not to ogle but unable to look away, I quickly took in the sight. He was tall, with short, dark, spiky hair and was sporting a slight five o’clock shadow on his perfect chin. So SEXY! my mind purred as I looked down to see the rest of him. Although he was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans, I could tell that he was built and that his body underneath was just as incredible. Our eyes briefly locked, and then he smiled. His mouth immediately drew my attention, and I had to look away before he could read my thoughts on my face......

Meet Heather Buchine:
By no surprise my favorite hobbies are reading and writing. But beyond escaping into the written fantasy world, I love experiencing new things. Surfing, motorcycle riding, snow blading, glass blowing, parasailing, SUP boarding are just a few that I have checked off my bucket list, but there is still so much more to explore. Right now, being a mom is my biggest adventure and the best by far!! In the quiet calm hours of the night though, I can usually be found typing away creating a world of romance where drama still exists but love (hopefully!!) always prevails.

Visit Heather:
Website | Goodreads | Facebook 


Want to read Inspire? Well, I have an ecopy to give away to one reader!

-To enter simply comment on this post with a way to contact you. It's that easy!

-Giveaway is international and ends June 5th!

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Book Shelf: Losing It (Losing It #1) by Cora Carmack

Love. Romance. Sex. There's a first time for everything...

As far as Bliss Edwards can tell, she's the last virgin standing, certainly amongst her friends. And she's determined to deal with the 'problem' as quickly and simply as possible.

But her plan for a no-strings one night stand turns out to be anything but simple. Especially when she arrives for her first class and recognizes her hot new British professor.

She'd left him naked in her bed just 8 hours earlier...

More info on Goodreads....


Cora Carmack's debut novel, Losing It is a brilliantly fun, passionate debut that oozes chemistry and sensuality. Dripping with romance and intense longing, this captivating read had me from the opening chapter!

I've been hearing things about this book for a while, but as someone who's never read a lot of contemporary novels until recently, I hadn't really thought to read it until I ordered a copy of it on a whim one day. And then, when I felt like I wanted to read something different, I decided to start reading it, not a hundred percent sure what to expect. But to say that Losing It surprised me would be an understatement. From the opening chapter I was drawn into the story and could not put it down--I loved this book! Oh....my....goodness, did love this book! Losing It was fantastic! Simply fantastic!

I have to admit, I'm a hopeless romantic. I always have been, always will be, and when I begin books like this I'm always looking for something intense and passionate between the characters. Something that captures your attention from the very beginning and doesn't fade as the story progresses and yet whose characters feel real and who are enjoyable to read about. Cora Carmack ticks all these boxes with her perfectly told tale of a collage virgin who almost sleeps with a stranger she picks up in a bar, only to chicken out and then find out a few days later he's actually her new collage professor.

Losing It was wonderfully written. Carmack's writing was descriptive where it needed to be and intense when required. The story's pace was perfect and there was a never a dull moment to be seen. At it's base, this is a story of longing and forbidden romance and the intensity between main characters Bliss and Garret bleeds from the pages but there's also an undeniable story about growing up and facing the fears that come with moving into adult hood. And yet this book is so much fun and so very edgy--if you're not swept up in it, I don't know what's wrong with you!

As our leading lady, Bliss Edwards shines! Cora Carmack has written a splendid female lead in Bliss. Bliss is everything I expect a young, twenty-one year old collage student to be. She's smart and kind and funny and even a little bit crazy. She's basically a normal everyday girl and I think that's one of the reasons liked Bliss so much. I found her to be so relatable. Her fears over being with a man for the first time, and her insecurities when it came to relationships were something that seemed so understandable--I completely understood where she was coming from, could even go so far as to say I've been in her shoes in some occasions. So the fact that it featured a girl like Bliss certainly made the book more fun to read.

And admittedly, a love interest like Garrett didn't hurt either! Garrett Taylor is just plain sexy. Honestly, I loved this guy. He was the perfect match for Bliss. There's simply too many things about this guy that made me love him--his intensity towards Bliss, his kindness, his cheeky and wicked attitude and that's not even including his British accent. Garrett really was the perfect man in this book. And I say man because to me, that's what he was. Bliss may have refered to him as a boy, a "British boy" to be precise, a couple of times throughout the book, but I never really thought of him as a boy. He may have been only a few years older than her, but Garrett was a man, and Bliss often seemed young in comparison. He seemed so wise and experienced and very skilled in the seduction department, that it wasn't hard to understand why Bliss fell for him.

And did she ever! Losing It was an endless roller-coaster of desire and lust; love and romance and Cora Carmack told it so well! The romance and relationship that develops, and then blossoms, between Bliss and Garrett was so brilliant to read about. These two have chemistry in spades and every shared moment between them from chapter one onwards is electricity charged and intense. They're passionate and thrilling and their desire just oozes from each and every page. And yet, they're also very sweet too. The attraction they feel for one another is never far when Bliss and Garrett are together, but their relationship really develops into something deep as the story progresses. While they're always hot for one another, they care about each other from the beginning and I think that's what makes them so amazing to read about--they're willing to risk so much, especially Garrett, simply because what they feel is so real and vibrant, regardless if it's breaking some rules.

I will say Carmack doesn't shy away from the sexual tension between Bliss and Garrett and there is some mature content that younger readers should be aware of, but personally I loved how she wrote the romance between our main characters. They really were perfect for each other in so many ways and I was happy with how Carmack set up their future and life together.

Losing It was gripping and addictive from start to finish and features its characters in a bunch a of fantastically funny and electric situations. A fantastic debut by Cora Carmack that already has me eager for it's follow up and sequel, Faking It, featuring Cade and his lady love!

Source: I Bought.
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Booktopia | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
Recommendation: Everyone! If you enjoy contemporary novels, I'm fairly certain you'll enjoy this!
Cover: I actually really love this cover. It's simple, but looks fantastic in real life!
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes! I've already pre-ordered a copy of the sequel!

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The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram-Excerpt from Grayson's POV!

When Avery Shaw’s heart is shattered by her life-long best friend, she chooses to deal with it the only way she knows how—scientifically.

The state science fair is coming up and Avery decides to use her broken heart as the topic of her experiment. She’s going to find the cure. By forcing herself to experience the seven stages of grief through a series of social tests, she believes she will be able to get over Aiden Kennedy and make herself ready to love again. But she can’t do this experiment alone, and her partner (ex partner!) is the one who broke her heart.

Avery finds the solution to her troubles in the form of Aiden’s older brother Grayson. The gorgeous womanizer is about to be kicked off the school basketball team for failing physics. He’s in need of a good tutor and some serious extra credit. But when Avery recruits the lovable Grayson to be her “objective outside observer,” she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for, because Grayson has a theory of his own: Avery doesn’t need to grieve. She needs to live. And if there’s one thing Grayson Kennedy is good at, it’s living life to the fullest.

Add on Goodreads and purchase it on Amazon!

Excerpt- In Grayson's POV!
I had to drag Avery from the car. When she finally started walking, she stumbled.

“Is it the heels?” I asked, pulling her to my side. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear high heels before, but they look hot. Plus it’s kind of nice having you at shoulder height for a change instead of all the way down at my chest, shorty.”

“Ha, ha,” she said, but there was only nervousness in her voice. “It’s not the heels. I practiced walking in them for over an hour. I’m just shaking too hard to walk.”

I pulled her tight against me and kissed her temple. Her hair smelled fruity. She was one of those girls who always smelled good enough to eat. It drove me crazy.

“You’ll be fine. Just hang on to me. I won’t make you let go all night if you don’t want to.”

She took me up on my offer. Slowly, she slipped her arm around my waist and then clung to me like she was super glued there. I tensed beneath her touch and had to fight back shivers.

“Feel free to hang on to other parts of me too.” My voice came out thick because it had been stuck in my throat. “My butt’s feeling pretty left out, and I don’t spend so much time working out my abs and chest just to never get felt up.”

I laughed when Avery gasped and turned as red as the dress she had on. The super-hot, super-tight, amazing spaghetti-strap pencil dress that she’d been instructed to borrow tonight. Thanks to Chloe’s petite Asian frame, Avery fit quite nicely into Chloe’s clothes. Avery’s ample chest was the only exception, and as a result, she was struggling to stay in the top of the dress. Thank you, Chloe!

My hand fell from Avery’s shoulder down to the small of her back. It itched to go lower, but, miracle of miracles, it managed to stay put.

“Oh my gosh, Grayson! For once, could you please restrain from embarrassing me when I’m already on the verge of a massive freak out?”

“I was just putting the idea out there. I don’t know if you’re aware of how incredibly beautiful you look tonight, or that I haven’t had a single hookup since The Shower Incident. That was weeks ago, Aves. I only have so much restraint.”

Instead of smacking me or burying her face in her hands like I expected her to, Avery stopped walking and sighed. “You’re right. This experiment has completely commandeered your life. I’m sorry. If you need to . . .” She hesitated, turning all pink again. “If you need to go do your thing or take care of business or whatever, I’ll be okay with Pamela and Chloe for a while.”

I felt a dopy smile creep over my face. I was on a role with that lately. There was no denying I was crushing on the girl now, but it was starting to get ridiculous. I was turning into some kind of freaking lovesick pansy, grinning every time I made the girl blush.

“You’re giving me permission to go find a hot girl and hook up? On our first real date?”

“We can call the next one a date. You can have the night off tonight. You’ve earned it. Go have some fun. Find a gorgeous girl, act like yourself for five whole minutes until you’ve captured her heart, and then take her someplace quiet where you guys can talk for the rest of the night.”

I had to bite the inside of my cheek through that speech to keep from smiling too much. “And what if I’ve already got my sights set on a gorgeous girl?”

She rolled her eyes, completely missing my meaning. “You’re Grayson Kennedy. I’m sure you’ve already got your sights set on three or four different girls, and we aren’t even in the front door yet.”

Her comment stung. She hadn’t meant it to be mean, and honestly, I totally deserved it, but things were changing for me, and I didn’t like that I was the only one noticing. That moment was the first time I realized that I really, really liked Avery, and that I wanted her to like me too. For real like me.

“Aves, I was talking about you. You’re my date tonight. I’m here with you because I want to be, okay? I don’t need to go find anyone else. I may still need to hook up, though,” I teased.

Want more? Read the first chapter in Avery's POV on Kelly's website here!


Wasn't that fantastic? I'm quite a fan of Kelly's an I'm certainly looking forward to reading this! Avery sounds like my kind of girl and Grayson.....well, let's just say he sounds like me kind of guy. Oh and The Shower Incident they speak of....yeah. I wanna know what that means.

What do you think? Will you be adding this to your TBR list?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Shelf: The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys #1) by Abbi Glines

Beau Vincent is rude, bad, and dangerous to know. So, why can’t good girl Ashton Gray keep away from him? She already has the perfect boyfriend – her town’s local Prince Charming, Sawyer Vincent. But Sawyer is away for the summer, and in the meantime Ashton is bored, and the head between her and Beau is undeniable – as well as irresistible. Ashton is about to unleash her bad girl – but what will she do when Sawyer comes home? And how will Sawyer react when he returns to find his girlfriend in the arms of his best friend – and cousin?

The Vincent Boys is a sexy, exciting and enjoyable romp through one steamy Alabama summer.

More info on Goodreads.....


The Vincent Boys is fun, sexy and more than a little addicting. This is the kind of book you stay up all night reading!

I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with this book. Admittedly, I did have high expectations thanks to all the rave reviews I've heard, but as always I had my doubts. Would it live up to my expectations? Would it be everything I wanted it to be? Would I even like it at all? Well. I did....and then some. In all honestly, The Vincent Boys was basically the perfect book. Romantic and exciting, I only had one issue with it, but I'll get to that a little later......

Having now read The Vincent Boys, it's no surprise to me that Abbi Glines is becoming such an accomplished writer. From self-published to published all around the world, this woman is obviously very talented at writing believable, likeable, yet marginally flawed characters. Abbi Glines's writing is perfect within this story. It isn't over bearing, and the dual POV between main characters Ashton and Beau allow a very well rounded view of the goings on in the story.

At it's base, The Vincent Boys really is a story of forbidden love, but it's actually so much more than that. The characters within the book really are stepping into adulthood and learning who they are, and who they love, along the way. Our main characters Ashton and Beau are very different, but I found I liked them because of this.

I was glad Glines didn't "really" paint Ashton as perfect--rather someone fighting to be perfect. Sure everyone saw her as the perfect preachers daughter, but from the inside of her head you know she's far from this. It made the changes she undertook and the risks she took with Beau believable--this wasn't a girl making out of character decisions, this was a girl finally finding the courage to be herself, no matter what people around her thought.

And as for Beau...whoa boy! Beau was sexy, naughty boy. In the best way. I really felt for Beau in this book. Everyone, bar Ash and Sawyer thought the worst of him. No one treated him well and thought him bad news. They only saw the bad history and the bad upbringing. They didn't see the valuable man he could be at times, or how deeply he cared about Ashton and Sawyer. He may have hurt his "cousin" but he still loved him. His actions may not have seemed to show it, but being inside Beau's mind for half of the book allowed us as the reader to experience that love first hand. Ashton was Beau's world. She was the only one who saw the good in him and who made him feel worthy and I found it so sweet how protective he was of her.

So basically I loved Ashton and I loved Beau....but I didn't love what they did. The romance was hot and addicting in this book--very New Adult, but the thing that kept it really truly being that five out of five book for me was the fact that no matter how much they loved each other, what Ash and Beau did was cheating. And that wasn't right. Was I cheering for them to be together despite their social differences? Yes, how could I not? However, I often struggled with reconciling their relationship with knowing that they were doing was going to hurt people, especially Sawyer. I understand that this aspect was something different Abbi Glines could explore within the book, but it still felt wrong to me. In fact, it took me a while to really get into the book at first due to this very reason, however when I finally put that out of my mind it was easy to become immersed in the story and the romance that was Ashton and Beau's. Regardless of the fact what they were doing was wrong, there was no denying that what they had was special and deep and so so sexy. Ashton especially was experiencing love, and lust, for the first time and it was impossible not to be swept up in that.

I also found I liked the lesser characters as well. Obviously, I'm aware that Sawyer and Lana will be the feature couple in the next book, so I was very aware of them in The Vincent Boys. I like them already--although I don't feel like I know them. Yet. I did like Beau's mum Honey Vincent though. And the friends of Ashton's we met. That weren't cruel to her, I mean. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these characters in the second book!

From beginning to end, The Vincent Boys is all passion and intensity and will often have you wondering how something so wrong can feel so right. Add it to your to-be-read pile folks, this is one NA you don't want to miss!

Source: Sent for review by Hot Key Books (Thank you so much Sandra!!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Booktopia | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
Recommendation: I thinks fans of NA will love this new addition to the genre!
Cover: It's likeable--not exactly how I picture Ashton and the boys though.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes! Really looking forward to reading Sawyer and Lana's tale!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Owl Post #12

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows us bloggers to showcase the books we've bought, won or received throughout the week and is hosted by Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries. We all know that the Owl Post is the fastest way to send and receive mail and they certainly make me happy every time they drop a book off.
Hiya all!

Welcome to another Owl Post here at The Rest Is Still Unwritten! Let's see what goodies I got this week......

For Review:
From Simon & Schuster Australia....
- Because of Low by Abbi Glines
- Just for Now by Abbi Glines
- While it Lasts by Abbi Glines
- Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
When I found out that Abbi Glines was coming to Australia in June, I knew I had to read some of her books before she arrived. But I never expected requesting The Vincent Boys would result in my being sent the entire Sea Breeze series, plus Hopeless by Colleen Hoover as a little something extra as well. I'm really looking forward to reading this.
....Thank you SO MUCH Anabel--I'm so grateful!
From Hot Key Books....
- The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines
This was really good--I quite enjoyed it and certainly cannot wait to read it's sequel featuring Lana and Sawyer! Oh....and my review will be up for this tomorrow, so be on the lookout!
.....Thank you Sandra!
I Bought:
-Losing It by Cora Carmack
I'd been hearing a little bit about this book in recent months so I finally caved and bought myself a copy. Already read and LOVED--lookout for my review soon.
- A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole
I've been meaning to read this series for a while, so this is me beginning it, lol.
- Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I looooooove Kenyon's Dark Hunter series! It's probably my fave PNR series ever, so it's about bloody time I got myself a copy of the latest book in the series. Hope to read this soon!
- Rapture by J.R Ward
J.R Ward is a PNR genius and I've been meaning to read the latest Fallen Angels book in forever. Finally got myself a copy. Oh. And how stunning is that cover?!? In real life it has a shiny/sparkly/3D look to it--so beautiful!
- Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank
I actually quite liked Frank's Nightwalker series (although I'm yet to review them all) and this is supposedly a spin-off so I hope I get the chance to read it one day :)
And that's what the Owls dropped off at my door this week!
Leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to pop by and see what you got :)

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The Weekly Wrap-Up #11

Credit goes to Ashley of Ashley Loves Books for the picture and wrap up idea!

Hello my lovelies! Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers here in Australia. We would be no where without you!

This week at The Rest Is Still Unwritten......
- I celebrated the release of You Are Mine by Janeal Falor with an exclusive expert and GIVEAWAY!
I Reviewed:
- Blood Prophecy by Alyxandra Harvey 4/5 stars--fantastic end to the series :)
- You Are Mine by Janeal Falor 5/5 stars! Wow this book was great!
 - I was waiting on Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub last Wednesday!
- I still have a copy of Phantasma to give away! Ends May 17th
- I am giving away a copy of You Are Mine! Ends May 20th!
Coming Soon!
-This week is going to be a really quite week, but I may have some things up my sleave ;)
And that's the week at The Rest Is Still Unwritten this!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Shelf: You Are Mine (Mine, #1) by Janeal Falor

Serena knows a few simple things. She will always be owned by a warlock. She will never have freedom. She will always do what her warlock wishes, regardless of how inane, frivolous, or cruel it is. And if she doesn’t follow the rules, she will be tarnished. Spelled to be bald, inked, and barren for the rest of her life—worth less than the shadow she casts.

Then her ownership is won by a barbarian from another country. With the uncertainty that comes from belonging to a new warlock, Serena questions if being tarnished is really worse than being owned by a barbarian, and tempts fate by breaking the rules. When he looks the other way instead of punishing her, she discovers a new world. The more she ventures into the forbidden, the more she learns of love and a freedom just out of reach. Serena longs for both. But in a society where women are only ever property, hoping for more could be deadly.

More info on Goodreads.....


You Are Mine is a thrilling debut by author Janeal Falor that had me hooked from the very first page!

Heading into this book I knew one thing....I loved the cover, but I wondered if the book it housed would live up to it's promises? Would it be as good as it sounded? Well, I have to say...it was, and then some! Catching me from the opening chapter, I have to say I was very impressed with this book. I've never read anything exactly like You Are Mine!

To begin with, the story is very well told, perfectly paced and exciting where need be. In all honesty, I very rarely wanted to put this book down and turned pages relentlessly, very much drawn into the story. The characters were very likeable and interesting to read about and I enjoyed figuring out the motivations and intentions of some. I admit there were a few plot developments I did see coming, but that didn't in any way make them less enjoyable to read about. Rather I found the anticipation at times to be too much!

Janeal Falor has created a world really different in You Are Mine, featuring a society where women are not only seen as lower class, but are actually considered nothing but possessions by their "masters". Obviously I've read quite a few books by now where the featured society hold little to no value for women, but there's often some kind of male relative such as a father, grandfather or uncle of our main character that breaks this mold and actually cares This is not the case in You Are Mine and it makes for interesting reading.

I thought all the characters in this story were well rounded and well thought out. From our main character Serena to her sisters, Cynthia and Bethany and her friend Katherine, to Councilor Zade and the quirky Waverly. They all had a fantastic dynamic that leant so much to the story.

I couldn't help but find myself entranced by Serena's plight. As our main character, it's impossible not to feel Serena's repression and fear, having grown up in a world where women are owned by warlocks. This entire story is nothing but a huge journey for her as she learns to trust herself, and more importantly, others. It's all a very big change for Serena as she slowly comes to understand that not every action will result in a punishment. From the very beginning it's evident Serena is a strong young woman, but she's also very nervous and often skittish around others, especially Zade. At times I wished she wouldn't second guess herself so much, but at the same time I understood why she did this. A lifetime of conditioning doesn't change over night, but that's not so say Serena doesn't come a long way over the course of the book.

Personally, I would have liked to deeper explore the society of warlocks that exist in this story, especially those of the Envadi, who proved to be more than they really were. I'd hate to think I'd give too much away, but the friendships that develop between Serena some of the characters in this book, as well as her blossoming "something" with Zade all made me want to keep on reading even when I knew the story was drawing to a close. Serena and Zade have a very nice relationship to read about, one that I felt came a long way over the course of the book, but that didn't progress too swiftly or two suddenly.

The ending races to a stunning climax that changes the very course of the book and rocks the story's society before coming to a swift, albeit great ending that leads to many possibly in the future. Janeal Falor has done a fantastic job blending action, danger and just the tiniest hint of romance in You Are Mine, guaranteeing that I'll be on the look out for a sequel somewhere in the future. With a great story, great characters and a great overall feeling, You Are Mine certainly left me wanting more!

Source: Sent for review from by the author (Thank you Janeal!)
Format: Kindle Ebook
Buy it:  Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | Smashwords 
Recommendation: Fans of fantasy will love this--think Maria V. Snyder
Cover: Incredible! Simply incredible! This cover is so incredibly stunning.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: If Janeal Falor writes a sequel I will absolutely read it.....

Want to read You Are Mine? Head on over to my giveaway to win yourself a copy!

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Waiting on Wednesday #40

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight an upcoming release that you're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on.....
Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub
Releases on: July 9th 2013

Romeo and Juliet are gone. Will love live on? Despite the glooming peace that's settled on Verona after the recent tragedy, Montagues and Capulets are brawling in the streets. Faced with more bloody battles, Prince Escalus concludes that the only way to truly marry the fortunes of these two families is to literally marry them together. Everyone is skeptical, but none more so than the pair selected, for the most eligible Montague bachelor is Benvolio, Romeo's best friend, still anguished by the loss of his companions, and the chosen Capulet maid is Juliet's older cousin Rosaline, the girl Romeo first loved and whose refusal of Romeo's affection paved the way for bloodshed. Contrary to their late cousins, there's no love lost between Benvolio and Rosaline, yet they forge a bond to end the renewed feud not only to escape their forced betrothal, but to save their lives and the city of Verona itself.

Add it on Goodreads!

Alright. So we've all read Romeo & Juliet. And if you haven't...well. Didn't you go to school? Ha! But what happens after Romeo & Juliet experience their fateful ending. Personally, I've never really thought about it....until now. I'm hoping to find out in Still Star-Crossed!! Eeee! This looks good. The prospect of this new romance sounds amazing!
What do you think of the sound of Still Star-Crossed!
And will you be adding it to your TBR list?