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Book Shelf: Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles #6) by Alyxandra Harvey

Solange Drake will not claim her birthright; she will not be queen as vampire tradition dictates. But change always comes at a cost....

Possessed by a vengeful twelfth-century witch, Solange commits heinous crimes against the vampire tribes that she pledged to empower. Motives are questioned. Trust is broken. The treaty between the Drakes and the Helios-Ra is under threat. Solange must escape the folds of memory and time and fight for the fate of the royal crown - and win. Her destiny, and her heart, depends on it.

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Blood Prophecy is the 6th and final installment in Alyxandra Harvey's exhilarating Drake Chronicles and an exciting mix of romance, action and endless danger!

Honestly, this series has been such a joy to read! From start to finish, Alyxandra Harvey has enticed me into her world of vampires and vampire hunters, where love and friendship mingle with mystery, betrayal and more excitement than you'll know what to do with! No matter what people say about vampires being done and dusted (no pun intended), that in no way has any baring on this fun, witty, perfectly written series that I've just simply adored reading!

Featuring the Drake family as well as a vast array of other fantastic and memorable characters such as Lucy, Hunter, Kieran, Isabeau and endless others, the Drake Chronicles has showcased storyline after storyline that is exciting and fun to read about, with Blood Prophecy being no exception.

Our two main characters throughout the series, vampire princess Solange and her human best friend Lucy are back in this book and face some of their toughest trials yet as they attempt to protect the ones they love while struggling to save Solange from her possession by the mysterious and powerful Viola. Not to mention later they must band together with all they love to prevent an all out war between the different vampire tribes and hunters.

Picking up after the shocking conclusion of the last book, there is quite a lot that happens throughout this book. Easily the longest of the series, Blood Prophecy goes from one extreme and one danger to another; with action sequences, romance galore and quick, witty dialogue. In this book the Drake clan continue to work together to try to save Solange, while on the other side Solange is trapped inside her own mind and Viola's passed. Here, we learn more about Solange's condition and the battle she faces, still having been possessed by Viola and I will say I was quite surprised to discover Viola's link to Solange in this book. It was really very interesting--Harvey has tied it all in perfectly and managed to weave it all in with the Drake history to create a really intriguing explanation.

Solange has her fair share of battles in this book but it was really nice to see her get back to the girl she was in the first book and really become "herself" again. She's been through a lot and I think Harvey wrote her story well. All the characters I've come to adore in this series as back in this book....Hunter and Quinn, Connor and Cristabel, Logan and Isabeau, Helena and Liam, Kieran, Chloe, Jenna, Duncan, the oh-so-incredible Nicholas, but as always it's Lucy that steals the show with all the wit, fire and lack-of-inhabitations that make Lucky Hamilton such a fantastic character to read about!

As I've mentioned previously, the fantastic group of character Harvey has created have make this series what it is but at the end of the day, it's been Lucy who has made this series and in Blood Prophecy she's back in all her rash, loving glory, with her quick tongue, one liners and fierce, unwavering loyalty to the Drakes. I LOVE Lucy. Plain and simply. No if's or but's about it. This girl is just plain awesomeness. She's so brave and fearless, with no doubts when it comes to her friends and those she loves. She's never seen the Drakes as anything but the family she loves and it's this loyalty and dedication that have made reading about her so much fun. From the steady friendship she has with Solange, to the sweet and endearing, yet passionately intense relationship she develops with Nicholas to the comradeships she develops with Kieran and Hunter once at Helios-Ra Academy, Lucy gave the series such flair and life!

I've loved Lucy and Nicholas and Solange and Hunter and Quinn and Kieran and every single one of the Drakes. They've all been so different and loveable, that Alyxandra Harvey truly made me care about them throughout the entire time I've read this series. Each and every book sucked me in more and as I because enamored with the story and in love with the characters, I felt a part of the world and story, so much so that I've really heartbroken to see it end.

Alyxandra Harvey has created something really fun and refreshing with the Drake Chronicles and as she ends it on a solemn, but perfect note, I know this is one series I'll re-read again and again. With our Australian edition sporting a short story featuring Duncan and Skye, I can't help hoping Harvey will one day write a spin off featuring vampires from some of the other tribes, but regardless of my wishful thinking, I know Alyxndra Harvey will be excellent no matter what she does next!

Source: Sent for review from Bloomsbury Australia (Thank you so much Sonia!!)
Format: Paperback
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Recommendation:  This is fun and sassy and I think people who still enjoy vampire fiction and who want something entertaining will love this!
Cover: I quite like it--all our Aussie covers have been excellent in this series.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Obviously this is the conclusion to the series, but I'll read more by Alyxandra Harvey without a doubt.....

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