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Book Shelf: Wolf House (Potter's Story) (Kiera Hudson #4.5) by Tim O'Rourke

As Potter leaves Kiera and his friends to go in search of Luke, he makes a lonely journey across the snow-capped mountains of Cumbria. Haunted by the death of Murphy, the capture of Luke and the love that he feels for Kiera, Potter reflects on his past life and the disturbing events that took place at the Wolf House.

He remembers his first encounter with the werewolves, how he had to save Murphy and Luke, and capture the serial killer who was murdering the children from the town of Little Hope.

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In Wolf House, a Kiera Hudson novella set between Vampire Hunt and Vampire Hollows, we follow hard headed Potter as he embarks on his mission to rescue Luke. This novella, told completely in Potter’s POV is the first time we’re allowed a really detailed look into Potters head and see’s Potter remember a mission he undertook years before in which he was also required to save the life of his friends.

I was really excited to read this novella. Anyone who knows me should already know how much I adore Potter. While Luke is the perfect love interest it’s Potter who has me besotted. He’s foul mouthed and crude and utterly perfect. Sean Potter is such a fantastic character and when author Tim O’Rourke told me he was writing a novella in Potter’s POV I practically jumped for joy over the opportunity to spend some time with my favourite guy.

And I’m pleased to say Wolf House did not disappoint! This story was very interesting, especially as we got to see Potter at a younger age and even learned the motivations behind some of his past actions, and even recent actions. This novella is pure O’Rourke with its mystery and it’s compelling plot.

As Potter details the events of his mission at the Wolf House, I could see the difference in the Potter of then and even the growth he’s undertaken. His “voice” sounded different than the Potter I’ve come to love in all the previous books, less jaded maybe. Don’t get me wrong....he’s still a grump, with his issues and problems, but he seemed different to me still. Not that that was a bad thing! I liked seeing a younger Potter and see the relationship he had with Murphy and Luke.

A perfect short story for Keria Hudson fans that should tied them over until the last book, Wolf House is a quick, exciting and action packed read that you’re sure to love!. I definitely recommend!

Source: Sent by the author for review (Thank-you Tim!)
Format: Kindle ebook.
Recommend: Yes.
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy it.
Cover: I've loved all the covers in this series and this one is no exception. Potter looks awesome!
Read sequel/continue with series:Yes! I'm can't wait until the final book.....

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  1. I haven't heard of this book but it sounds awesome! I am really interested in reading this book. Awesome review, Rachel! Glad you enjoyed it! ♥

    Celine @ Forget-me-not

    1. The Keira Husdon books are really wonderful!! They're some of the best self-published I've ever read and I definitely recommend it! Hope you try them Celine <3

  2. Ooooooo this book sounds interesting! I haven't heard of this title before. Great review!

    1. I really enjoy this series! If you're ever after a fantastic self published series with a twist on your have supernatural creatures, then this one is it!!

  3. Oh yes wonderful review!! See I had to keep my mouth shut and not saying anything when Potter did what he did in VB, he redeemed himself. Not long now until VH, I put in a request for it to be longer as I am greedy for Potter and I shall miss the dear boy. Tim is doing sooo well with this series:D

    HA! 'Don't get me wrong...he's still a grump'...yup! but he's our grump:D

    Only a week until VH...well 6 days...but then the end of this series....eeepppp!!!


    1. Ha! Yes, and now I know why. For once I actually knew where Tim was going. I knew who she was from the beginning--well, I had an inkling which is really rare for Tim's books :)
      I'm sad to see it end too, but can't wiat to see what Tim's got planned next! I'll totally read more by him ^_^

      Lmao! Yep. He's our grump. In all his glory!

      So excited. I can't wait!


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