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Interview with Leonard Hilley

Leonard Hilley is the indie author who discovered his love of reading when he was three and who had completed his first novel when he was eleven. His most well known books are his sci-fi Darkness series, that includes Predators of Darkness: Aftermath, Beyond the Darkness and The Game of Pawns. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and two children.

I was pleased to interview Leonard and talk about his books.
Here's how it went....

Hi Leonard! I’m so pleased to have you on the blog.

Thank you for the interview.

Your Darkness series has been getting a lot of great reviews on Goodreads and readers really seem to love what they see, what can new readers expect going into the series, and the first book Predators of the Darkness: Aftermath in particular?
Readers can expect a dark thrill ride with a lot of exciting twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. Some readers have told me that they thought they knew what would happen next, and each time they were wrong.

Your series is dark and eerie I’ve been told and is a mixture of many different genres, sci-fi, thriller, dystopian and more, tell us a bit more about what made you write this novel and why you chose to incorporate those kinds of things into the story?
The elements incorporated into Predators of Darkness: Aftermath weren’t intentional. That’s how they flowed and evolved. I have a wicked muse that toys with me, and what you read is the end result.

Your books are available from a range of different sites and formats, how does it feel knowing your stories are out there and being devoured by readers? It must be a real rush.
It is a great feeling. It’s also wonderful hearing from readers. And it can be intimidating when they’ve read the entire series and ask when the next installment will be out.

The Darkness series is obviously very detailed and well thought out, how much research and planning goes into your novels and world?
For Aftermath, I finished my B.S. degree in biology instead of English. I needed the scientific background of genetics to sound feasible. I’ve always loved biology and English, so the decision wasn’t a difficult one.

What’s your writing process like? What do you generally need to get the creative juices going?
Coffee, mood music, and darkness. I used to write after midnight for a long time. Now, my schedule adapts on a daily basis. Some days I will go to a college library and edit or write. Bookstores are a great place for inspiration, too. I love being surrounded by books.

When you’re not writing where can we find you? Surly you much have other passions other than writing—tell us about them?
I love to hike, fish, and garden. For many years I collected insects, but I turned that hobby into rearing butterflies and moths.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, real or fiction, who would it be and why?
Roger Zelazny. He was a fantastic author, and I loved his Amber series as a teenager.

Most authors will tell you that they love all their characters equally, but is there any one of yours that has a special place in your heart?
Morton, the genetically enhanced cat, who can talk has to be my favourite character. He has gathered his own fan base, too. In fact, he’s stolen a page at my blog for himself entitled, “Cat Chat W/Morton,” so he can keep in touch with his fans.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Write, write, write. Great writing comes with revision.

I read in your bio and on your blog that you’re currently working on a dark fantasy series that’s a YA crossover and a children’s picture book. I must say that the picture book has me intrigued, but is there anything you wish you share about both projects or anything else that is in the works?
The children’s book will be about rearing butterflies and moths. I’ve also co-written the screenplay for Predators of Darkness: Aftermath.

6 quick questions:
1. Jeans or
shorts? sweats
2. Lucky number? 13
3. Favourite colour? Black
4. Ice cream or cake? Ice cream
5. Favourite TV show? 24. When the series was on television, I never got to watch it due to my work schedule. Now, thanks to Netflix, I’ve started with the 1st episode and on the 4th season.

Thanks for joining me and taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you all the best and hope you have more success with future endeavours!

Thank you, Rachel.

Discover Predators of Darkness: Aftermath:

Fear What Lurks In The Shadows.

The desolate streets of downtown Pittsburgh in 2073 are a reminder of the missile attack that forever changed the lives of the surviving scientists and students hidden in the fallout shelter of Helmsby's Genetic Research Center. Believing themselves to be the only survivors, they station themselves inside the center until food supplies near depletion. Thinking the fallout has lessened, they emerge three years later to discover strange creatures patrolling the streets in search of human flesh and blood. The creatures possess the ability to shift their genomes and alter their appearances by realigning their genetic sequences. Daniel Hutchinson, their leader, teams with Lucas Ridale and together they set out to scavenge the area for food and supplies with the hope to find other survivors. But Daniel's most recent journey uncovers mysteries more frightening than the shifters. He discovers the tip of Pittsburgh has been fenced off from the rest of the area. Low-flying helicopters observe the streets, making him ponder the question: Were the shifters released as simply part of a military experiment with humans being their prey?

Predators of Darkness is available in ebook form for $2.99 from here: and other forms.

Discover more about Leonard Hilley and his books on his Goodreads page:
or his website:

As I mentioned it was great talking to Leonard and I urge you all to head on over to Amazon or his Goodreads profile to check out his books!

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