Friday, January 30, 2015

Hoping To Read In 2015

With so many amazing books released every day and every week it's impossible to keep up with all the fantastic books out there to read. Goodness knows I get enough review copies to keep me reading but that doesn't stop me from buying books. Below are some books I'm hoping I might get to this year.

Obviously I'll keep buying and ordering more as they're released, especially the ones I'm very excited about and am waiting on, but below are some books I hope to read at some point.

Series I LOVE and hope to finish or continue:
Adult series I love and need to continue:
Book's I've got and want to start:

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  1. Illusions is awesome! I loved that entire series so much!!! The DUFF and If I Stay are also really good! A ton of great books on here, hope you get around to reading them!

    Em @


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