Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fantastic Contest To Share With You!!

The amazing Kati and Moujnir of Jagged Edge are currently holding a promotions competition where the more people you help recommend to their site the more chances you have of winning some fabulous prizes.

Personally, I've only recently discovered the site due to this actual event, but I've taken a bit of a look around and so fr I really like what I see.

Here ya go:

If you get -
35 followers = 2 ebook of your choice
60 followers = 5 ebooks of your choice
75 followers = 7 ebooks of your choice
100 followers = 10 ebooks of your choice

There will be 5 winners for the prize packs.
1st place- Swag + 3 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's paranormal romances (Wolfe's Lady, Love Tattoo, or Love Scars) + a copy of Heavenly and a T-shirt.
2nd place- Swag + 2 book of choice + one of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy's contemporary romances(Love Never Fails or Kinfolk)
3rd place- Swag + 1 Book of choice
4th place- Swag + 2 ebooks of choice
5th place- Swag + 1 ebook of choice

More important information:
Start date: June 25
End Date: July 16

Head over here to enter for yourself: http://klearsreviews.blogspot.com/2011/06/giant-promotions-giveaway.html
AND. If you do enter yourself, PLEASE feel free to say that Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten sent you! I'll be eternally grateful!

So....what are you standing, sitting....waiting around here for! Head on over and enter this great contest for yourselves!

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