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Book Shelf: A Witch's Beauty (Daughters of Arianne #2) by Joey W. Hill

Mina is the daughter of an unholy union-a mermaid taken by one of the malevolent Dark Ones. While helping to rescue Prime Legion Commander Jonah, she exposed herself as a potentially dangerous weapon, susceptible to the darkness in her own blood. Now, for the general good, Jonah has angels watching over her...

Though Mina is resistant to being protected, her attitude begins to change when David, the human-born angel, is awarded the duty. Looking into his eyes, she can sense that he too knows what it means to fight the darkness within. But-as their passion threatens to take over-will it lead them to Heaven or Hell?

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Review: (Warning, contains spoilers)

This book...god this book! In all honestly I wasn’t thrilled with the first one. It was alright, but from how much I liked both David and Mina even back then, I had a feeling this one would be better. And was it ever! Going into it this book I had no clue how amazing it would be. Every now and then you come across a book that is simply extraordinary, a book that takes your breath away in its brilliance, and this’s one of those.
From the very beginning I was captivated by this tale. The storyline in dark and gritty with some really raw emotions and dark horrible themes, but there’s so much beauty and wonder in it too. The story was so powerful that it made it near impossible to stop reading and I found myself reading on, desperate to know more of the characters and to see their story unfold.

The characters, mainly Mina and David are haunted individuals, with pasts and lives that are affected by the evil and cruelty that are all around them. Their story is a heartbreaking one, filled with pain and anguish and yet it’s incredible watching them find happiness (even though Mina refuses to acknowledge it) with each other. They were so easily emphasisible and it was impossible not to want the best for them.
I’m not sure I have the words to describe how much I adore Mina. She’s one of those incredibly rare heroines you come across that are simply incredible. She was such a complex, tormented character, who fought not only the world around her, but everything inside her. Her entire life was a battle to maintain who she was and not let the evil that ran through her veins take control of her. She was so harsh and biting, with a sharp tongue and even sharper survival instincts. She suffers endlessly with self doubt and the fear of losing herself to the evil part of her and yet she manages to survive, abet in a lonely dark way. She fights constantly to maintain the balance within her and yet she’s so beautifully childlike, enjoying the simple things in life. My heart literally broke for her! She’d been through so much and yet she fought so valiantly not to let the world destroy her. God, this girl! Mina has got to be one of the strongest, toughest, most amazing women I’ve ever read about. I know she’ll stay with me for a long time.

And David....oh! He was so much more than you typical run of the mill hero, with beauty and no real depth. It was impossible not to see the connection both he and Mina shared in A Mermaid Kiss. For some reason, David saw something in her during the first book. Something no one other than Anna had even seen. He saw the courage and strength she held, something he too shared, and he saw the goodness in her under the surface. Something Mina herself didn’t often see. David had led such a harsh life prior to his suicide. Honestly the things that happened to him are just sickening and yet the fact that he had the ability to move past most of that pain and anger and to still see the goodness in the world that made it worth fighting for is just remarkable. He and Mina connected because he understood her in a way no one ever had and he was willing to learn more about her; essentially seeing her in a way no one ever had.

Mina and David’s relationship was beautiful. They actually took the time to get to know each other and there was nothing about their relationship that I didn’t adore. No matter how much she fought him, no matter how hard she tried to push him away David remained persistent, refusing to allow her to go one alone, not when she didn’t have to and not when he wanted to be there. It was incredible. Their relationship wasn’t one of physical beauty, even though David found her to be the most beautiful thing in the world. Mina did have insecurities about her scars, even though having them was her choice and it was so amazing that David saw past all of that. In fact, he loved her because of them; never shying away from her imperfections and instead choosing to see them even when she wanted to take them away from his view. When she offered him the illusion and he chose the reality and to have her as she was---god, it chocked me up! It was such a beautiful moment in the story to me.
I loved how even though Mina refused to admit she loved David and even though she told him she would never “love” him, he still loved her regardless and would be with her even though she would never admit those feelings. David was willing to have her anyway he could and to me that really is love.

The epilogue of this book was so lovely. It captured the end of the tale just right and when you look at Mina, in the way she lets Anna in and the way she acts you can see the changes in her. You can see the happiness that being David brings and you just know that those two are going to live happily ever after. Their story was one of pain and they had their issues and things that threatened to destroy them but in the end who they both were and what they had was stronger.

I can’t recommend this book enough and I’m planning to reading the last book, just to see how it holds up.

Rating: ***** stars
Recommend: Yes!
Did I Buy, Borrow or is it an ARC: Bought
Recommend Buy or Borrow: Buy
Ebook or Actual Book: Actually Book
Cover: I think it's beautiful
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes....

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