Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Shelf: Eternity Embraced (Demonica #4,5) by Larissa Ione


Demon slayer Andrea Cole has always taken down the demons and vampires she hunts without mercy. But when a fellow slayer is captured and turned into a vampire by a sadistic monster, she must choose between loyalty to her family and the man she loves.

Versus Instinct...

Kaden Quinn has dedicated his life to slaying vampires, so when he is turned into one, his greatest nightmare comes to life. And when the woman he loves is thrown into a dungeon with him -- as food -- he must battle new instincts and old desires, and choose between his life, and hers.

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*First off I have to say a big thanks to Larissa Ione and the girls at: for allowing me to win this book. Thanks a bunch Stephanie and Athenna!*

I enjoyed this short story. Obviously there’s only so much that could happen in it seeing as it is, well, short, but it was still an entertaining read. I didn’t feel like the relationship between Kayden and Andrea was forced or anything, because they had a good solid history and Larissa makes sure you’re well aware of that throughout the novella. The chemistry between the two was very good and I liked them as a couple. It was so nice seeing that Andrea could accept Kaden as he now was and that she still wanted to be with him even thought he became a vampire. Personally I would have liked a lot more physical moments between the two main characters and there wasn’t the normal extensive love scenes that I’ve come to expect with Larissa’s Demonica series, which I would have liked, but this was a fun, quick read regardless.

Rating: *** stars
Recommend: If you're a fan of Larissa's Demonica series, then yes.
Did I Buy, Borrow or is it an ARC: I won it from Paranormal Haven
Recommend Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Ebook or Actual Book: Ebook
Cover: Doesn't do anything for me
Read sequel/continue with series: There are no more books in this series that i haven't read.

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