Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Faery Day!

Yes, I know I'm a little late, like by 2 days, but I only just discovered this so you'll have to forgive me =)

In celebration of the fabulous Faery Day where everyone is supposed to celebrate their love of all things faery, the fabulous Julie Kagawa author of The Iron Fey series, (one of my faves, I might add) is giving away a signed, yes, that's right SIGNED set of her Iron Fey trilogy! Isn't this incredible! All 3 books yours to own and signed to boot!

To enter head on over to: and check out the post.

The way to enter is to post your fave faery quote from any faery book on your blog, facebook, twitter etc and link back in the comments of the post.
Here is mine:

"Forgive me," Ash murmured and I heard the faintest of tremors beneath his voice. "But I can't...I won't....give her up. Not now, when I've just found her."
~Ash, The Iron Daughter.

Obviously, you don't have to use an Iron Fey quote, but I really can't get past this one. There were tonnes of great ones in The Iron Queen, and in every other faery book I've ever read, but for some reason this one has always stayed with me. It's the desperation and anguish that I know Ash must have felt at the prospect of loosing Megan, and....well, it just gives me warm fuzzies inside when I think of how much he loves her.

Anyway...head on over and enter for your chance to win this great prize. It's international, so anyone has the chance to win!


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