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Book Shelf: Wild Hearts (If Only . . . #4) by Jessica Burkhart

Enjoy Wild Hearts and the other standalone titles in Bloomsbury's contemporary If Only romance line centered around an impossible problem: you always want what you can't have!Brie Carter's father's land development business has taken her family all over the world, but as soon as they arrive at their new home in Lost Spring, Wyoming, the town turns out to protest. They don't want a new hotel if the resident mustang population will be displaced or hurt as part of the deal. Then Brie meets Logan, a gorgeous local who has a special connection to the mustangs, and she is immediately drawn to him . . . and the horses. However, with Logan's father leading the protests and Brie's father refusing to budge, it's clear that their parents are heading towards an all-out war. Can Brie and Logan find a way to save the mustangs and be together? Or is their love doomed from the start?

This new title in the If Only line is the perfect summer read and proves that love flourishes in the wildest places!

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Wild Hearts is the fourth instalment in the If Only series and is this time written by author Jessica Burkhart. Launching readers into another contemporary romance adventure for young adults, Wild Hearts is an enjoyable read set against a mountain backdrop in a small country town.

Even after four books, the If Only series is still going strong and I’m oh so glad. With each novel written by a different author to date, each story is a complete standalone but features the continuing themes of first love, teen angst and stellar romance. Nicely written, Wild Hearts may not be my favourite book so far, but it is still a great addition to the series.

Wild Hearts follows seventeen year old Brie Carter, the daughter of a land developer who has spent her life entire travelling from place to place with her parents as part of her father’s work. When his latest project brings the family to the small country town of Lost Springs, Wyoming Brie is startled to discover the outrage that has accompanied their arrival. The residents of Lost Springs are rallying against her father’s company whose latest job will see the local mustang herd forced the leave the plains and fields they call home. With Brie attracted to a local cowboy named Logan whose passion for the horses is like nothing she’s ever seen, Brie slowly begins to discover the beauty and power of the horses herself and soon she finds she’s willing to stop at nothing to protect them also; even if it means going against her father………

In all honesty, I think Wild Hearts is going to appeal to the little girl in all of us who secretly dreamed of having a pony growing up. As someone who is still a horse lover myself, Wild Hearts was a sweet contemporary romance that managed weave horsemanship and the animals themselves into the story. Personally I think Wild Hearts read a tiny bit younger than the previous three novels in the series, but not too much to make it overly noticeable.

Though she is a new author to me, I am aware that Jessica Burkhart is known for her other books featuring strong, horse-loving young women and I think her passion for the animals comes across in the story. Brie’s voice was sweet and likable, although at times I almost found things too sickly sweet, but that’s just me……

Brie experiences a lot during this tale and I liked the elements Burkhart throws in. Along with Brie’s attempts to rescue the wild mustangs, her relationship with Logan McCoy, the sexy cowboy she meets whilst in Lost Springs is a central point in the story. And really, Brie and Logan were sweet. It was a tale of star-crossed young love with their dad’s apparent enemies, but as you’d expect, Brie and Logan defy it all to be together. Personally I thought they were cute and complimented the fun story nicely. Not too over the top, but just enough to give the storyline that romantic hit us romance junkies are looking for.

Fun, romantic and adventurous, Wild Hearts takes readers on a passionate ride that is very enjoyable and definitely worth a read!


Source: Sent for review by Bloomsbury Australia (Thank you Sonia!)
Format: Paperback
Buy it: Bookworld | The Nile | The Book Depository | Amazon
My Recommendation: Don't miss this book in this great contemporary series!
Cover: Another fun and flirty cover.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes. Can't wait for more!

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