Monday, December 1, 2014

Sydney Author Event 2014 Recap & International Giveaway

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Sydney Author Event at The Ivy Sunroom in Sydney. After missing out on tickets initially, I got lucky when my friend and fellow blogger Michelle from Novels on the Run wasn't able to fly down and kindly sold me her tickets. Man, it would have been great to both go, but thanks for the chance Mich!

As normal with these kinds of events or author signings my partner in crime was my mum. Heading in to the AM session we ended up having a brilliant time. There was plenty of people there to see all the fabulous authors as you can see from the below pictures.

I got to meet some absolutely fabulous authors! I'm I've read and some who are on my massive, never endings, one-day-I'll-get-to TBR list, all of which were really friendly and welcoming I might add. They're great writers, but lovely people too. 

With C.J. Duggan, Belle Aurora, Cassia Leo & Carmen Jenner
With Pepper Winters, Samantha Young and Maya Banks

They were all so lovely to meet and were happy to sign books and anything else you wanted signed. And I made sure to print a bunch of pictures off and take to get signed for future giveaways.

Some pictures of C.J. Duggan, Carmen Jenner, Samantha Young and Maya Banks I took while they were signing.....
I was also super lucky to win a VIP upgrade and extra goodie bag as a Maya Banks VIP which was quite lovely :)

I bought a whole bunch of fabulous books from the attending authors too, all of which are signed to yours truly! Really loved the first Sugartown and Boys of Summer books--can't wait to read the rest of the series. Lots of great reading in my future I think to get through these beauties.

I also managed to snag a whole bunch of other books in the goodie backs the SAE team give away thanks to some very fabulous Aussie Publishers including Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Bloomsbury amongst others. Thrilled to get After by Anna Todd for one thing as I have a copy of the second book in the series for review, but not the first. Oh, and those Kylie Scott books you see there? Yeah, I'm totally squirreling them away to keep for the Fictionally Yours event next year :)

Check out all the awesome swag I managed to collect throughout the event. Plus I got tones of signed pictures from all the authors I'm pictured with for future giveaways!  

Overall the Sydney Author Event of 2014 was a fabulous day out! Even though I've been to tonnes of author signings, this was my first event of this scale with so many authors and publishers gathered in one place. If Saturday was anything to go by, then I can't wait for many, many more experiences like this, starting with Fictionally Yours next year!

And to cap it all off, I have an international giveaway.......

To celebrate the awesomeness that was the Sydney Author Event I'm giving away a goodie bag of swag full of bookmarks, magnets and pictures including some signed stuff from:
-Cassia Leo
-C.J. Duggan
-Pepper Winters
-Samantha Young
-Carmen Jenner
and more, to one lucky follower!

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and will end on To enter simply comment below with a way to contact you and how to follow The Rest Is Still Unwritten. Giveaway ends on December 22nd with the winner announced on this post and emailed afterwards!

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  1. Wow, that seems like such an amazing event! I can't wait to attend my first book event! :) Also, thank you for this giveaway and making it international! *happy dance*

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  2. Rachel, it was so great meeting you! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaways, sweets! Can't wait to see you in Melbourne! 😀

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  17. Sweet!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and international chance :)
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