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Book Shelf: Mammon by J.B Thomas

Forget anything you ever heard about possession, exorcisms, salt circles and pentagrams. The modern demon is far more difficult to catch - and even harder to destroy.

After the savage, tragic deaths of their parents, Grace and Joe Callahan learn that they they are descendants of the sarsareh - an ancient order of mercenaries who hunt very special prey. Grace and Joe take their place in the Order, but are treated with hostility and fear by other recruits.

For the Callahan siblings have powers that fascinate and terrify.

Joe is a Ferryman, capable of opening dimensional rifts, while Grace's telepathic abilities surpass anything the Order has ever seen.
To complicate matters, Grace falls for her older, more experienced squad leader, Ivan. Meanwhile, the sarsareh elders have their own plans for Joe.

But none of that will matter if the powerful demon Mammon manages to convince Joe to open a gateway to his demon world and overrun Earth with his armies.

If he succeeds: game over.

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Mammon by J.B Thomas turned out to be a great entertaining read. It took me a little while to really get into this book. In the very beginning when Grace and Joe were first discovering powers, things seemed to move really fast and I felt disconnected from the characters. However as the book progressed the more I seemed to enjoy it. This is a bit different from the other demon books out there that I’ve read. The idea of it, the overall way that demons form and what they actually are, is unique and I really liked that about it. As I mentioned before, the story seemed to move really fast in the beginning; it seemed to me like the characters accepted things so easily and it in turn made it hard for me to accept what was happening, but once Grace and Joe end up in training and learning more about the world; then I really got sucked in. This book was action packed and tended to be fast paced the majority of the way through, with plenty of romance to keep me entertained and swooning.

I had mixed emotions about the characters in this book. There seem to be so many of them, that at times I kept forgetting names and who they were supposed to be as well as their place within the story. I liked the majority of them, although I found I didn’t like Joe. I found I didn’t care for him and his attitude; he didn’t draw any empathy from me and he grated on my nerves over some of the selfish and annoying choices he made. I know he’s one of the lead roles, but I just didn’t like him.

Grace on the other hand, I did like. I enjoyed begin inside her head and following her the most during this book. She herself has made her fair share of mistakes and she’s got a lot to learn, but she’s brave and feisty and has a good heart. She was generally good to read about and I can’t wait to see how her abilities develop in the rest of the series.
And Ivan. Oh.....I liked Ivan, I liked Ivan a lot! He has to be the highlight of the book for me. He’s so brave and tough and sexy and fierce. I’m a sucker for any kind of soldier or military man, so he had my heart the moment he appeared in the book. He and Grace were so sweet and I loved seeing their relationship change and alter and I was soooo happy to see them together. They obviously care deeply about one another and I love them as a couple. Theirs is the kind of romance I love to read about.

I liked the way this book progress and I feel like it was a really great, easy read. You can relax while you read it and get sucked into the characters and tale. The ending was exciting and left me wanting more. I’m wondering what’s next in store for Grace, Joe and Ivan and can’t wait to read the rest of The Ferryman Chronicles.

Source: ARC from Random House Australia (Thanks guys!)
Format: Paperback
AU Release Date: September 1st 2011
Expected AU Price: $18.95
Recommend: Yes!
Recommend borrow or buy: Buy
Cover: The cover is actually very pretty. I love the lightning.
Read sequel/continue with series: Yes, I want more Ivan.....

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  1. Great review Rachel. I have Mammon sitting here in my TBR pile :)
    It's also good to meet another Rachel and another Aussie book blogger :)

    Rachel from


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