Thursday, March 23, 2017

Book Shelf: The Obsidian Star by L.M. Fry

Nessie dreams of soaring through the skies as captain of her own Aerial Vessel.  Unfortunately, her parents believe that a girl’s place is at home - and nowhere near airships.  But when an estranged uncle arrives in Aetherland Isle, Nessie’s life changes forever. Mysterious accidents plague the family, and, in a moment of rebellion, Nessie stows away on her father’s ship.

She learns very quickly that when adventure finds her, it isn't nearly as marvelous as she'd always hoped, for she learns that her family is in mortal danger, and Nessie herself will soon be in the hands of nefarious sky pirates aboard their airship, the Obsidian Star...

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The Obsidian Star is the delightful prequel novella to L.M. Fry’s Trinity Key Trilogy and features fan favourite Nessie like never before, finally allowing readers to follow the fiery airship captain in her own adventurous tale!

Seventeen year old Vanessa “Nessie” Stein would prefer to be elbow deep in grease or behind the controls of an airship than where her parents deem an acceptable place for a young lady. Passionate and daring, Nessie has big dreams, and none of them include running a home like her sister Victoria or as the wife of a controlling man. Nessie wants to explore the world and see Aetherland, but never expected her chance would come as a kidnapping victim. Plotting her escape, Nessie soon realises that not everyone is who they seem and the enemy may turn out to be her real friends…..

Having been intrigued by Nessie during the Trinity Key Trilogy, I was stoked to follow Nessie in this prequel novella that is action packed, adventurous and so much fun! Allowing readers to get to know Nessie as a seventeen year old girl on the edge of becoming a woman, The Obsidian Star was a delightful tale that made me fall in love with Nessie all over again. 

Her unique personality in the Aetherland world shone through during the Trinity Key Trilogy and it was so sweet seeing her as a teenager. Fry made me fall in love with the Obsidian Star crew, especially the Obsidian Brothers who I’m racking my brain trying to recall if they were mentioned in the Trinity Key Trilogy about as I really liked them. 

The Obsidian Star was such a grand adventure, I’m really not ready see Nessie’s story come to an end. It would be brilliant to see a whole series from Nessie’s POV down the track as I think this fiery redhead would have plenty of stories to tell. A great read from L.M. Fry! 

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Publisher: ELEAH Enterprises      
Format: Kindle ebook

Release Date: February 14th 2017
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Final Thoughts:
Such an exciting and well told novella, The Obsidian Star leaves me yearning for more Nessie adventure!

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