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Blog Tour: Traveler by L.E. DeLano- Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Traveler by L.E. DeLano thanks to Xpresso Book Tours. Yesterday I shared my review of Traveler and today I have an excerpt and the tour wide giveaway to share. Enjoy :)

Jessa has spent her life dreaming of other worlds and writing down stories more interesting than her own, until the day her favorite character, Finn, suddenly shows up and invites her out for coffee. After the requisite nervous breakdown, Jessa learns that she and Finn are Travelers, born with the ability to slide through reflections and dreams into alternate realities.

But it’s not all steampunk pirates and fantasy lifestyles—Jessa is dying over and over again, in every reality, and Finn is determined that this time, he’s going to stop it…This Jessa is going to live.

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From Traveler....

In this scene, Jessa is in the hospital after an attempt on her life. She wakes to find Finn holding vigil at her side.

“Why do I feel so weird?” I murmur sleepily.

“They’ve got you pretty drugged up.” He moves his hand up to push my hair off my face, and I roll my cheek toward his hand.

“S’nice,” I say. “Your hand is warm.”

“You want to hear about the damage?”

“Sure. Lay it on me.” I smile, totally loopy.

“Well . . . you’ve got a dislocated shoulder. That’s why your arm hurts.”

“It’s not broken?”

“No. They reset it while you were under, but it’ll be sore for a while,” he explains. “Along with that, you’ve got assorted bumps, bruises, and scratches, and an IV pumping antibiotics into your arm because you got creek water in your lungs.”

“Awesome,” I say, closing my eyes again. “That’s just awesome. I have to write now.”

I can hear the smile in his voice. “No, Jessa. You have to rest. You can write later.”

“No, I need to write it while it’s fresh in my mind.” I open my eyes and smile at him. “While you’re fresh in my mind.”

“Oh,” he says, and I can tell he’s pleased. “You’re writing about me.”

“I always do,” I confess. “Well, almost always. Even before I knew you were you, I wrote about you.”

I try to get up, but the movement makes the room spin madly and I slump back down.

“Whoa. Spinning.”

“Would you like to sit up a little?” Finn asks. “I can raise the bed.”

“Mmmm,” I reply noncommittally. “Where’s my mom?”

“Danny was hungry, so she took him down to the cafeteria. They’ll be back soon.”

“Oh.” I close my eyes, and I think I may be dozing off again. I feel Finn straighten my covers, and then he kisses my forehead. I break into a loopy grin again.

“What?” he asks.

“You kissed me,” I say, and then I giggle. I never giggle.

“It was just on the forehead,” he protests. “I thought you were asleep again.”

“You kissed me right on the mouth,” I explain. I pull my IV’d arm up and put my fingers on my lips. “Right here.”

“I did?”

“Other you did. And you were a pirate.” I open my eyes, and he slowly comes into view. “You look good in black, you know.”

He looks at me carefully, and then glances around the room before lowering his voice. “Jessa, did you travel without me somewhere?”

“Mm-hmm. It was easy this time. Piece of cake.” I point at him with a crooked finger. “You didn’t think I’d be good at this, did you?”

“I never said that.”

“Well, other you seemed to think I was pretty awesome,” I tell him, giving him a smug smile.

“Is that so,” he answers drily.

“And boy, can he kiss,” I add. My eyes slide closed, and I drift away again into a dreamless sleep.

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L.E. DeLano is a YA novelist rep’d by Barry Goldblatt Literary agency, author of the upcoming “Traveler” (Swoon Reads/MacMillan 2017) and lifelong writer. Her work has been featured on various online outlets and she lives in Pennsylvania with two very adventurous kids and two very ridiculous cats. In her spare time, she writes (of course) and binge-watches way too much Netflix.

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