Monday, February 20, 2017

Books by the Bridge 2017 Recap & Giveaway

This Saturday past, I had the pleasure of attend the Books by the Bridge author event hosted by Kat. T. Masen. Located in Luna Park Sydney, Books by the Bridge was a phenomenal day! I had so much fun, met amazing authors, had a fabulous lunch and of course got my books signed, while obtaining more :)

As always, I was joined by my amazing mother who helped me lug a suitcase full of books into the city so I could get my books signed and of course pick up the ones I'd preordered throughout the year.

Located inside the Crystal Palace of Luna Park, the set out was fantastic and of course the whole event was bustling all day long with raffles, giveaways and plenty of book shopping to do :)

I fan-girled something fierce over Alice Clayton who was just super nice and sooooo funny and down to earth. Totally get why her writing comes across so witty and funny--just like the rocking woman herself

With Carmen Jenner, Eden Summers, J.L. Perry, Jay Mclean, Jaymin Eve, Kat T. Masen, Kelly St Clare, Kia Karrington-Russell, KM Golland, Emma James, Nina Levine & Selina Fenech.  
I met so many amazing authors, some of which I'm met multiple times before and love *cough* Carmen Jenner *cough* and some I hadn't but whose books I love something fierce! Was so amazing to see these ladies-they all rock so much!

These are the books I took with me to get signed. All my Alice Clayton books, and a few for future giveaways (Hint....check out the bottom of my post!) as well as my KM Golland books, and Jax by J.L. Perry.

Oh, and I may have had a few to pick up/buy....but just a few ;) Sooooo much bookish goodness!

Some of the pre-orders were just so beautiful, especially Selena Fenech's whose came with beautiful handcrafted jewelry, a satin bag, notebook and beautiful calendar and Jaymin Eve's which came with rocking tote bag and t-shirt.....mind you, I did buy a lot of books from Jaymin LOL
And swag! So managed to amass so much swag!
Oh, and so many authors had these delicious bookie cookie's to give away. They're cookies, but with pretty book covers and designs on the icing. They're almost too pretty to each, but boy did they taste good. Everyone seemed to have different flavors; chocolate, vanilla, caramel, red velvet, strawberry. Yum! They were so good! 
So basically, I had an AWESOME DAY and to celebrate I'm going to be giving away some goodies.
Here's what I'm giving away:
Prize 1: A SIGNED copy of Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton and swag pack (INTERNATIONAL)
Prize 2: Swag pack and canvas bag from Books by the Bridge (INTERNATIONAL)
Prize 3: 5x Picture pack with 7 pictures signed by attending authors (Australian only)
a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kat T. Masen for organizing this event and for all the people who volunteered and helped make the day such a success. As a reader and a book lover, events like this are so incredible to attend and allow us to focus on the one thing we all have in common....our love of books and reading!


  1. I have read all of Eden Summers. I've also read Kelly St. Clare, Emma James and Nina Levine. You must have had a blast.

  2. I have some of the authors on my wish list. Added the others.

  3. I have read books of Nina Levine, Jay McLean and Carmen Jenner.
    Thank you for the chance!!!!

    Raffle name: Artemis Giote


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