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Book Shelf: The Boxer and the Butterfly by Sasha Hibbs

Autumn Chamberlain has everything: a rich family, connections and a perfect GPA. Autumn’s satisfied being the perfect daughter until she engages in a game of dare and loses.

Her punishment for destroying school property? Tell her parents and face the consequences or tutor bad boy, Mickey Costello. The problem? He’s the principal’s nephew and has more demons than Autumn could’ve ever imagined.

Living life on the edge, Mickey’s everything she isn’t. Once tutoring begins, he shows her a world where everything that glitters isn’t gold. As their attraction grows, long buried secrets resurface. Inside the ring Mickey’s never lost a fight, but when tragedies come back to haunt him, he’ll have to conquer past sins, guilt and a hate crime that pushes them both to the edge. Can Mickey fight his way through his troubled past to have a future with Autumn or will the truth shatter them both forever?

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The Boxer and the Butterfly is Sasha Hibb’s latest release and is a highly engaging and highly entertaining tale of forbidden romance and the power of love.

Autumn Chamberlain has always been the perfect daughter; she’s gotten good grades, done what her parents expected of her and kept up the appearances that come with being part of a wealthy family. Then Autumn participates in an act of vandalism against her school and the Principal’s punishment for the graffiti is to have Autumn tutor bad-boy Mickey Costello. Mickey is known for cutting class, his living on the edge attitude and his hatred of his teachers, but as she tries to persuade Mickey to accept her tutoring, Autumn can’t deny the growing attraction she feels towards Mickey. With both teens from opposite sides of the track, will Autumn and Mickey be able to stay together or will Autumn’s determined parents keep them apart? And when long kept secrets come to light, will Mickey and Autumn’s love be strong enough to last?

As someone who really enjoyed Sasha Hibb’s paranormal infused Vulcan Legacies, it was really refreshing to see her tackle contemporary romance and tackle it well. Perfect for those who have love Katie McGarry, The Boxer and the Butterfly was an emotion filled romance that will sweep you up into a tale of forbidden love, attraction and teen angst.

I’m always a sucker for the good girl/bad boy tale from different social standings in society. Rich versus poor will be something we all encounter and witness throughout our lives so it isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to read about. The Boxer and the Butterfly was a fun contemporary read that hit all the boxes.

When The Boxer and the Butterfly begins, our heroine Autumn is somewhat naive and content with her lot in life—happy to be the perfect daughter. She doesn’t overthink things or consider the bigger picture until she meets Mickey and begins spending time with him. Being a part of Mickey’s world sees Autumn step out of her shell and discover how difficult life can be for those who don’t come from money. I liked the growth in Autumn Sasha Hibbs explores—she becomes a much stronger and grounded individual.

I thought the romance between Mickey and Autumn was sweet, although there’s no denying how strongly they felt about one another. They were all in regardless of their parents’ wishes and I commend Sasha Hibbs for giving them a reality check towards the end of the novel and forcing them to reassess themselves and what they both wanted in life—it felt more authentic and real this way.

Romantic and entertaining The Boxer and the Butterfly is an enjoyable contemporary romance by Sasha Hibbs well worth a read if you love your YA contemporary tales!

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Publisher: Evernight Teen
Format: Kindle ebook

Release Date: October 21st 2016
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Final Thoughts:
Sasha Hibbs does it again with another great read. Can't wait to see what she releases next!

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