Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Ebooks

Hi guys!

I've been browsing Amazon again and found a bunch of great new freebies to share with you. Hope you decide to grab some!


I made sure I grabbed all of those, although I do have a copy of Lara Adrian's Touch of Midnight in paperback (love the series!) so I didn't worry about the one.

Which ones did you get?


  1. Happy New Year!! Awww thanks Rachel, I got 4 of those as I had the rest snagged already. I didn't have Lara Adrian novella, so that was awesome. I snagged that one. Thanks for sharing. I shall pop your link on my fb page :D

    1. Happy New Year too Mich! Yay! Glad you got some good ones. Yep. It's Gideon and Savannah's story--worth reading!

  2. Awesome post hun! I picked a few of these titles up for me and my mum...I especially like the look of Elisabeth Naughton's book. Thanks! Happy New Year! Donna x

    1. Yay! Glad you got some goodies Donna :) Always happy to share!


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