Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Blitz: Young Adult Book Heist Giveaway

Hello lovelies and welcome to the Young Adult Book Heist Giveaway! Taking part from October 2nd and 30th I'm excited to share this awesome giveaway with you.

Young Adult books come in all shapes and sizes. Some star werewolves or vampires. Some feature magic. Sometimes the world is new. Sometimes it's a twist on everything you know. There is family. Friendship shows up in spades. Most of the time, you can be sure you’ll fall in love.

It's a world of literature that so many miss out on because they think the name describes the reader's age. In reality, YA books are for those who appreciate the wonders of youth. T hey strive for the optimism and the courage in the face of danger. Yes, teens read these stories in droves, but they aren't the only ones who can learn from the perpetual hope these characters see. To see the world through the eyes of someone who wants to make it better is an astounding thing.

Nineteen young adult authors have banded together to show their little corners of the world, their hope and courage and optimism. It is shown through the actions of teenagers who are ever changing. They love with the same fierceness that they hate and forgive easily. They believe they can do anything. Who doesn't want a piece of that?

When you enter our giveaway, you not only have a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, but so many more prizes from paperbacks to swag. Every entrant will also receive five FREE eBooks. You can sign up nineteen different ways.

By entering, you are also helping each author donate books to The Lisa Libraries. It's an organization that provides books to people in underserved communities who may not otherwise have them. They supply youth centers, women's shelters, and so much more.

Like our Facebook page where you can learn more about us and where we'll announce our winners throughout the giveaway!

Introducing our mixed bag of authors!
Michelle Lynn – Dystopian
Rebecca Jaycox - Fantasy
Michelle Bryan - Dystopian
Gina Azzi – Contemporary Romance
Melissa Craven - Paranormal
Kelly St. Clare - Fantasy
Susan Faw - Fantasy
G.K. DeRosa - Paranormal
T.D. Shields - Dystopian
Patrick Hodges - Contemporary
Amalie Jahn – Science Fiction
Claire Luana - Fantasy
K.J. McPike - Paranormal
Michael Bailey – Super Heroes
J.A. Culican - Fantasy
Elysabeth Eldering – Paranormal Mystery
Rita Goldner – Children's
K.R. Conway - Paranormal
T.L. McDonald - Fantasy

Book Heist: Kindle Giveaway</ a> 

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