Monday, June 6, 2016

Release Day Celebration: Bound by Birthright by Janeal Falor- Excerpt & Giveaway!

I'm super excited to help Janeal Falor celebrate today's release of the first book in her new Elven Princess series, Bound by Birthright!

Janeal spoiled me and let me read all three books in this series prior to release and I for one can honestly say it is FABULOUS!

Be sure to stop back later in the week for my 5 star review to Bound by Birthright too :)

Elven princess Arabella is set to marry the human Prince Phillip but her countrymen do not hesitate to express their anger with her parents' attempt to improve relations with the humans. With death threats plaguing her, Arabella is forced into hiding.

When her sanctuary is usurped by pirates, Arabella goes on the run with humans who vow to help and keep her safe. She finds herself drawn to one of the humans, the dashing Robert, who steals her heart.

Arabella would like nothing more than time to get to know Robert better, but with pirates attacking and her wedding date approaching, time is one thing she doesn't have. Arabella's on a flight for her life and must reconcile with the truth—she can never be with the one she wants.

If only her heart would agree.


The Elven Princess series!

From Bound by Birthright.....

He stands a few inches from me.

I'm conscious of his proximity. His warmth. His smella salty musky scent that lingers in a comforting way. Without looking, I know he's watching me. I hold the scraps out toward him, and his arms brush against mine as he helps me hold the pile.

We touch. As if in a trance, I turn and look at him. Tingles run up my arms where his skin meets mine, almost like magic but more intense. The current passing between us is so powerful I can't release the scraps to him or look away.

We lean toward one another. Closer. His breath is warm on my cheek. His eyes hold an emotion I don't recognize but feel within myself. At the same time he tilts his head down to me, I raise my head toward him.

The kitchen door opens so hard it bangs against the wall.

We spring apart, and the scraps fall back to the floor between us. The room seems dark and colder. I sneak a quick peek at Robert. His face glows, lighting the space around him. I look at the stone floor, and heat rises to my cheeks as the strange warm feeling stirs within me.

Janeal Falor lives in Utah where she’s finally managed to live in the same house for more than five years without moving. In her spare time she reads books like they’re nuts covered in caramel and chocolate, cooks whatever strikes her fancy, and enjoys the outdoors. Her husband and three children try to keep up with her overactive imagination. Usually they settle for having dinner on the table, even if she’s still going on about the voices in her head. 

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PLUS in celebration of Bound by Birthright, Janeal Falor has offered ebook copies of her entire Mine series to one lucky winner! This series is sensational!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Congrats again to Janeal Falor on the release of this great new book. Bound by Birthright kicks off the start of a brilliant series that I'm so excited to share with you!

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