Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Shelf: Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

If only Jane’s Magic 8 Ball could tell her how to get through the summer. With her “perfect” sister, Margo, home for her “perfect” internship, Jane is not going to be able to spend the summer writing fan fiction, as she had planned. And her emergency babysitting job requires Jane to spend the whole summer in awkward proximity to her new crush, Teo, a nerdy-hot lifeguard with problems of his own.
With his best friend out of town, Teo finds himself without anyone to confide in…except Jane. Will Jane and Teo be able to salvage each other’s summer? Even the Magic 8 Ball doesn’t have an answer…but signs point to yes.
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Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall is a light, immensely enjoyable read that features genuinely likeable characters and a simple but entertaining plot!

Signs Point to Yes follows three different characters; Jane Connelly, a seventeen year old girl who finds herself taking on a summer job babysitting her next door neighbours’ little girls in an effort to avoid making collage plans; Teo Garcia, Jane’s neighbour and secret crush who also happens to be the best friend of her arch nemesis and someone struggling with whether to track down his biological father; and Margo Connelly, Jane’s seemingly perfect big sister who is struggling with the decision to come out as bisexual to her parents. All three must make big decisions, and as their lives continue to collide, all three discover how powerful friendship, family and accepting yourself can be…..

I went into Signs Point to Yes with open eyes and an optimistic spirit, and I’m thrilled to say that within the first few chapters, Sandy Hall managed to easily capture my attention. Signs Point to Yes was a really sweet, easy read. It’s the kind of feel-good novel you can’t help but love. Sandy Hall delivers some loveable characters, entertaining dialogue and sweet endearing moments. There’s romance, friendship and humour and plenty of unexpected one-liners that will bring a smile to your face.

As the two most focal characters, I very much adored Jane and Theo. They were genuine, easy to like and felt real. Hall gives them their own voices as well as their own individual demons, but brings them together in an entertaining way. It’s impossible not to love them, as well as the vast array of supporting characters Hall gives life to.

You’ll fall in love with Teo’s adorable little sisters Keegan, Rory and Piper, who as little girls are, are inquisitive and excitable and just downright cute. Teo’s best friend Ravi will bring a smile to your face with his over dramatic antics and Margo will win you over with her serious but supportive nature. There’s plenty of life and personality within this book to keep you smiling and following along with the characters.

Signs Point to Yes really does please with its feel-good aura, sweet romance and endearing characters. This may be the first book I’ve read by Sandy Hall, but I doubt it’ll be the last! Definitely recommend.

Source: Sent for review by Pan Macmillan (Thank you guys!)
Format: Paperback
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My Recommendation: This is a fun read contemporary YA lovers are sure to enjoy.
Cover: I actually think this cover is super cute; if you look in the corners, there's silhouettes of the main characters
Will I read sequel/continue with series: This is a stand alone novel, but I'm interested in reading more by Sandy Hill in the future.....

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