Monday, April 11, 2011

Fang Me (Demon Underground #3) by Parker Blue

The vampires want it. The demons want it, too. And someone is willing to kill Val for it.

Val and Fang have to find the powerful Encyclopedia Magicka before either of San Antonio's warring underworld factions locate it or the consequences will be deadly for the entire city. As usual, Val's vampire enemies (they still call her The Slayer) want her dead. Even some of her fellow demons may be less than trustworthy, since they'd like to grab the legendary book of spells before she does. Val has a personal claim to the Encyclopedia--her demon father left it to her when he died--but someone stole it recently. And that can't be good.

Battling vamps and dodging demons, Val struggles to unravel the mystery and find the thief. At the same time, she's fighting her attraction to sweet, sexy Shade--her favorite shadow demon. Rumor has it that Val will lose her part-demon, vampire-fighting powers if she gives herself to him.

With a crowd of vamps and demons out to trick her or kill her, it's not a good time for her to risk her job as the city's best vampire hunter by falling in love. The stakes are high and aimed right at her heart. But Lola, Val's hungry little lust demon, doesn't like being denied. Will Lola finally get her way?

What's a part-lust-demon-teen supposed to do? Whatever it takes.

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Review: (Warning Spoilers)

I loved it, I really did! This series really is a hidden gem. Taking aside a few spelling and grammar mistakes, this book series is really fantastic. I can understand why people may overlook it and make assumptions before they read it, unfortunately I admit I’m guilty of that myself--I assumed that it’d be another badly written, stupid story lined book with boring, plastic characters that you sometimes find with not very well know books, and yet it’s not. This whole series is fun and snarky, filled with action and attitude, featuring an awesome, kick-ass heroine.

This book was as good as the previous too, with Val being her usually tough, bring-it-on self. I really love her as a character. She’s tough, but not too tough, with enough vulnerability that you’re able to emphasise with her without having her being a wuss or too soft. One of the things I love about her is that she’s so realistic. She reacts just like I expect a teenage girl to, and she acts exactly like one as well. She’s experiencing first love and her changing emotions and hormones and she’s acting just like a regular teenage girl would, unlike some heroine you see nowadays where they react in a completely unrealistic manner. I’m still in love with Fang. How can you not be? He’s an adorable, sarcastic talking hellhound who acts like Val’s pet one moment and her best friend slash big brother the next. He’s such a sweetie and I love having him in the series. He makes each and every book for me!

I like seeing Val with Shade, although I still don’t know how I feel about them together. I really do like Shade--he’s such a great guy and he’s been so good to Val, but I just can’t help but miss Dan. I really felt that the two of them had something in the beginning of this series, and yet with each book it has disappeared a little bit more and considering that Val and Shade are well and truly a couple, having slept tother, and Val admitting that she doesn’t really feel anything for Dan anymore, I just can’t help but be sad over that. Val and Shade have something good and they both seem to love each other, but for some reason, I don’t get that joy and giddiness over reading about the two of them together like I did when Val was with Dan. Perhaps it’s just me--maybe I’m weird, but even though I’m happy to see them together, I’m still holding out a tiny hope that Dan ditches Nichole, Val and Shade split up some way (I know, I know, I’m so mean) and then Val and Dan run away together.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this book, although I knew from the beginning there was something off with Trevor. I never trusted him--he seemed too good, too perfect....there was defiantly something up with that. So it’s surface to say that I wasn’t surprised to discover he was the bad guy, but I was a little bit surprised to learn that Val is the new keeper. I had a feeling something like that might, might happen, especially when Val slept with Shade and lost her abilities, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. I thought maybe at the end of the series. It’s going to be interesting to see how Val acts now as the Keeper in the next book.

I can't wait for Make Me, the 4th book set for release sometime in 2012.....

Rating: **** stars
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