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Book Shelf: With Tide and Tempest (Secrets of Itlantis #3) by Kate Avery Ellison

Free or not, life beneath the sea in the republic of Itlantis is less idyllic than Aemi might have imagined when she'd been just a surfacer slave. She's been accused of spying for the enemy thanks to her connections with the traitorous Nautilus family, not to mention her own tangled and mysterious family history. Her mother has arrived, and is determined to take over her life. Oh, and someone is trying to kill her. Again.

When Aemi receives word that her best friend might still be alive in a village on the surface, she and a crew of friends set out to find him, regardless of the danger from Nautilus's men patrolling the open sea and the mysterious threats on her life. But the sea is not the only thing that holds secrets.

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With Tide and Tempest marks the third instalment in Kate Avery Ellison’s delectable Secrets of Itlantis series and is another beguiling undersea adventure that continues to follow a brave young heroine and keeps you on your toes with the turn of every page!

Life living beneath the sea is not smooth sailing for Aemi. Despite discovering she is the heir to the powerful Greywater family, Aemi is continuing to deal with threats on her life and accusations of treason against the people of Itlantis. Living under her father’s history and the shadow from his execution for treason, Aemi is determined to discover who is behind the attempts on her life as well as the ongoing threats to the people who live above the sea; Aemi’s old home. With the tyrant Nautilus still appearing to have plans for Itlantis, Aemi must manage to outsmart his men and those who would like to silence her…..forever. 

Trudging along with this series, I continue to find myself entranced by Aemi’s tale with each new instalment. Our strapping heroine continues to grow with each novel; becoming stronger and stronger with each situation she finds herself in and building on the great individual she was from the very beginning. 

Kate Avery Ellison continues to detail a rich, enigmatic and exciting storyline that blends different elements of friendship, romance and politics with plenty of mystery and adventure. I feel like the series is shaping up wonderfully with overall developments taking place, but each instalment still manages to convey its own minor plot arc; something that keeps you as the reader reading on as little revelations are revealed regarding Aemi’s history and the overall plans Nautilus seems to have for the people of Itlantis.

I’m still very much happy with the characters and enjoy reading about them all. Ellison introduces new individuals in the form of Aemi’s biological mother and her sister; properly put together individuals who clearly live up to the Greywater name, but who also hint at having softer sides and potentially caring for Aemi throughout the story. I really look forward to getting to know them in further novels and discovering what they really feel.

I must admit, I was very surprised to find myself questioning the possibility of Valus as a love interest for Aemi in With Tide and Tempest. My heart has always strictly supported Nol and Aemi’s relationship, but there were times throughout the story as Valus and Aemi got to know each other where I found myself wondering…..and I’m not sure how I feel about that exactly. I love Nol, but Valus….I don’t know, he and Aemi really seemed to connect in such a sweet and endearing way. We never really saw him in the last two books as more than a traitor’s son, but in With Tide and Tempest we see a different side to Valus, and you know what….it was a side I really liked. Cocky and guarded and cheeky, but also very kind—I’m intrigued! 

Rich and thrilling, With Tide and Tempest concludes in a surprising manner and leaves me raring for more. Aemi’s journey never fails to be exciting and I’m more than ready to discover what is in store for her next!

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Format: Kindle ebook
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My Recommendation: If you love a good fantasy series, you will without a doubt love this!
Cover: These covers look beautiful together and I do really like this one too.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes. I'm very much looking forward to it.

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