Saturday, November 16, 2019

Free Ebooks

Hi book lovers and welcome to my latest batch of Amazon freebies! I have some great books to share with you this week. Enjoy!

The Keeper's Legacy by Meg Anne
Where the Darkness Ends by Alicia Rades
Indebted to the Vampires by Erin Bedford
Ravenite by Alicia Rades

Dead Rising by Debra Dunbar
Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman 
A Witch's Blood by Cheri Winters
The Priestess of Camelot by Jacqueline Church Simonds

Good Sister, Bad Sister by Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps
A Witch's Mortal Desire by Chloe Adler
Trick of Fae by S. L. Mason
The Bear and The Dove by Felicia Greene

Sleepwalker by Claire Farrell
Axira by Odette C. Bell 
Fledgling by Katrina Cope 
Enchanted Hearts by Belinda Boring  

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