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Book Shelf: Rowan Wood Legends (The Lost Clan #2) by Olivia Wildenstein


I wasn’t the sort of girl who believed in fairytales, let alone tales about faeries. But that changed the day Faeries came to my small town and Hunters rose from their graves.

On that fateful day, I received a book, a peculiar collection of myths and legends. Turns out it was so much more than stories. And just as I was on the verge of unlocking its secrets, it was stolen from me by someone I called a friend.

Now, I don’t know whom I can turn to, whom I can trust. All I know is that there are two sides, and I am straddling the great divide because I am both Faerie and Hunter. And although I swore I would never choose, I am slowly falling for one of those sides…

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Rowan Wood Legends is the second novel in Olivia Wildenstein’s Lost Clan series and is as brilliant as its predecessor, if not better and will catapult readers into a vividly rich and compelling fantasy world of faeries, hunters and untold dangers!

Catori Price has had a tough last few weeks. First her beloved mother passed away and she returned to her home town of Rowan only to discover that not only do Faeries exist but Cat’s family are descended from a tribe of Hunters who are at war with them. Ancient Hunters have risen from their graves and are determined to reignite their centuries old feud with the fae that once decimated their tribe. Caught in the middle, Cat finds herself torn between the two sides as she must decide who her loyalties lie with, while reconciling her heritage with both races. Hearts and lives are on the line as Cat struggles with who to trust amidst betrayal and deception. Both Faerie and Hunter, Cat desires to remain neutral but as she slowly finds herself falling for one side over the other, will her choice cost her not only her heart but her very life as well?

Wow! What another wonderful instalment! Having just devoured this sequel, I’m seriously in love this series having been first entranced by Rose Petal Graves and now Rowan Wood Legends. I cannot get enough of Catori’s tale and adventures at the heart of two feuding races and unfolding dangers. Entrancing readers, The Lost Clan is well told, well-paced and very addictive. Continuing on where she left off with the first novel, Olivia Wildenstein continues to develop and strengthen the storyline in Rowan Wood Legends with her story arcs revealed and players taking on new roles within the story.

Wildenstein has created a very personable main character in Cat who, despite her duel fae/hunter heritage is very human in nature while also managing to be headstrong, kind and caring. I honestly very much like Cat. She has accepted everything very well considering she was in the dark about her family’s secrets only a few short months ago and was leading a very normal life. Now Cat is front and centre, straddling the divide between two races as she tries to prevent a war that would put those she loves in danger.

Something that makes this series so thrilling and bewitching is that the line between who is good and who is evil isn’t very clear. Wildenstein has introduced readers to a multitude of characters throughout the series who are alluring and addictive regardless of whether they are Faerie or Hunter. Main character Catori has interactions with both the fae and hunter world and has connections to both. We experience the Hunter side through Kajika while Ace, Cruz and Lily often appear in the story to support the Faerie infusion.

Passionate, with an intriguing love triangle—more like a love square if I’m being honest, Rowan Wood Legends sees Cat resolve one of her love interests; discovering that what she felt wasn’t as real as she thought it was, and leaving only two men in possible positions for her affection. Whilst I do like them both, one contender seems to have stepped up into the lead and I’m doing happy dances in my mind as I’m very much in love with this specific person. I adore them as a character and love the addictive banter and relationship he and Catori are developing---I only hope it lasts!

Concluding Rowan Wood Legends perfectly, Olivia Wildenstein continues to amaze me with this series. Weaving together all the elements I enjoy in a good solid faerie tale and even giving it something different with a bit of a native American twist, The Lost Clan is a fantastic series and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next novel as soon as I possibly can!

Source: Sent for review by YA Bound Book Tours and the author (Thank you guys!)
Publisher: Published independently by author Olivia Wildenstein
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date: August 14th 2017
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Final Thoughts: I'm absolutely in love with this series and adored Rowan Wood Legends. Cannot wait to see what Olivia Wildenstein has in store for readers with the next book!

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