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Book Shelf: Tracker's End (Wind Dragons MC #3) by Chantal Fernando

The third in a sexy romance series from the bestselling author of Saxon and Toxic Girl about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.

Tracker is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I see him. I’ve watched time change him.

I’ve been patient, but he still hasn’t noticed me. Not the way I want him to. The more time I spend with the MC, the more I understand.

When you want something, you have to take it. You have to fight for it.

And Tracker is more than worth fighting for…

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Tracker’s End is the third instalment in Chantal Fernando’s Wind Dragons MC series and is in my opinion the best book of the series yet! Finally seeing joker and charmer Tracker act upon his feelings for the woman he wants, Tracker’s End is a luscious romance readers will certainly adore!

Lana has wanted Wind Dragons member Tracker since the first moment she saw him. At the time he was in a relationship with another woman, but there was no denying the connection was there, simmering between them. With Lana’s best friend Anna dating another Wind Dragons member, Lana has spent time with the motorcycle club and has watched Tracker change. And now he has finally decided to go after what he wants; Lana. Will Lana take a risk and begin a relationship with Tracker? Or will her fears keep her from finding lasting happiness?

Tracker’s End is easily my favourite book in this series to date! Lana and Tracker swept me up from the opening page and I was highly impressed by their relationship. Chantal Fernando writes another solid tale that is sensual, sexy and very fun. Personally I think Lana and Tracker’s relationship developed slower than the previous couples in the series and this appealed to me. I enjoyed seeing them interact and get to know each other before Lana was comfortable taking things further and entering into a relationship with Tracker.

Lana was a main character I really liked. She was someone I emphasised with and actually saw a little of myself in her. I loved her personality and her kind heart and that she grew and strengthened throughout the novel without losing that part of herself. She wasn’t mouthy like Faye or Anna, but she was a strong women; one I thought easy to follow.

Tracker too is one of my favourite male leads in this series. He doesn’t seem as hardened as Dex and Arrow were; he’s quick to make jokes and a bit cheeky. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an alpha man and fierce to boot, but Chantal Fernando writes him in a softer way than our previous two male leads. And I liked this.

Lana and Tracker have a brilliant chemistry and I loved the banter between them as well as their interactions together as they build to a relationship. Tracker’s End is not without its drama and its angst with the Club experiencing an unexpected loss and a betrayal.

Chantal Fernando takes Tracker and Lana on an exhilarating and romantic ride in this novel, concluding Tracker’s End perfectly. With this third novel down, I’m raring to dive into the fourth, Rakes Redemption and see womanizer Rake brought to his knees!

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Release Date: August 11th 2015
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Final Thoughts:
Another satisfying and highly entertaining installment. I'm ready to read the next book.

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