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Book Shelf: Torch Rock (Reflection Pond #3) by Kacey Vanderkarr

War is coming, and she takes no prisoners.

Faced with an impending battle Eirensae cannot win alone, Rowan journeys to Macántacht to seek allegiance from its leader. The City of Honor is beautiful, still untouched by conflict, and full of surprises that bring Callie’s darkest experiences to the surface.

With her friends’ lives at stake, Callie must confront her past, and accept help from a faerie whose face torments her memories. Reconciling the power beneath her skin has never been more painful.

Amid persistent threats from Fraeburdh, an old enemy reemerges with deadly force. Even with Macántacht fighting beside her and Rowan at her back, the odds are insurmountable. Callie’s biggest trial will come not on a blood-soaked battlefield, but in the quiet moments when she must choose.

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Torch Rock is the third and final novel in Kacey Vanderkarr’s Reflection Pond series and is an epic conclusion to what has been an exciting, passionate series full of twists, turns and wonderful moments.

Facing an upcoming war against their city’s enemies, Callie, Rowan and their loved ones must venture to a seemingly lost city to a last ditch effort to gain allies in their fight against Fraeburdh. With the threats greater than ever and Callie struggling to move on from the torture she experienced in the last book, Callie must make the toughest choices she ever has before and reconcile with herself if she has any hope of protecting the fae and stopping Eirensae from falling into the hands of fae who would see it destroyed once and for all……

From the moment Callie fell through the reflection pond and into the fae city of Eirensae in the first novel, Kacey Vanderkarr has had my complete and utter attention. Vanderkarr has released one well written, well detailed and incredibly paced instalment after another, and Torch Rock is no exception. Continuing on where the previous novel left off, we return to a world in chaos and in the middle of a war. The safety and the future of the people of Eirensae are once more in Callie’s hands and our beloved heroine must make some big sacrifices to save them.

Told through the varying POV’s of both Callie and Rowan, Torch Rock is a very fast paced and exciting novel. There are a lot of epic battle sequences and this novel is not without its losses as we see the lives of some of our beloved characters lost throughout the story. Kacey Vanderkarr sure makes you feel for those in this novel and no one is safe as Callie and Rowan make some difficult choices throughout the story.

I’ve fallen in love with Callie and Rowan over the course of the series and I loved following them as much in this novel as the past. Both Callie and Rowan were two very fractured and broken people and it's been beautiful to see them heal each other. Callie's journey to trust has been a long one and Kacey Vanderkarr has never shied away from the difficulty her heroine has faced.

All the characters Vanderkarr has introduced have been amazing and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was sad to see them go. I don’t know whether Kacey Vanderkarr would ever consider revisiting her world, but I personally would love the opportunity to see more of many of them; especially Ember and Elodia. I feel like both these ladies have a lot more to tell and see the potential there.

From start to end Torch Rock was a worthy ending to what has been a brilliant series. If you’re a lover of the fae, or if you enjoy a well told fantasy series with solid characters, then the Reflection Pond series is the one for you. Romantic, exciting and seriously addictive, this series has been a pleasure to read and ends with perfect hope……

Source: Sent for review by the author (Thank you Kacey!)
Format: Kindle ebook
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My Recommendation: Perfect for fans of Julie Kagawa, Aprilynne Pike and Carrie Jones
Cover: I think this cover is really beautiful......
Will I read sequel/continue with series: This is the last novel in the series, but as I mentioned I would love a spin-off.

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