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Blog Tour: Creepy Hollow series by Rachel Morgan Excerpt

Welcome to the Creepy Hollow blog tour! Today I have the pleasure of sharing my review of Guardian, the first novelette in the new Creepy Hollow series by Rachel Morgan as well as an excerpt from one of my favorite parts of the book--a scene I'm sure will have you begging for more!

First for my review....please check it out here or look to my previous post for my complete thoughts on Guardian. Oh, and just so you know....I loved it!

I was thrilled when Rachel Morgan invited me to be a part of this tour and I'm really excited to share this small excerpt with you. It's such a cheeky sneak peak into one of the interactions between Violet and Nate, the main characters in Guardian.

Now before you dive straight into the excerpt, take a little look at Guardian.....

1. Receive assignment.
2. Save a life.
3. Sleep.
4. Repeat.

Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until one of her assignments—a human boy who shouldn’t even be able to see her—follows her into the fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the fae realm. Easy, right? But Nate and Vi are about to land themselves in even bigger trouble—and it’ll take all Vi’s training to get them out alive.


No way,” he says, rustling the leaves as he stands. “You can’t be a faerie. You’re way too big.”

I lower my hands. “Excuse me?” I’ve been called many things in my seventeen years, but big has never been one of them. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“Aren’t faeries supposed to be, like, really tiny? With wings and a wand and faerie dust?”

“I’m not Tinker Bell!”

He takes a step back. “Okay, okay. Since this is a dream I guess you can be whatever you want to be.”

“Did it feel like a dream when I kicked you just now?”

“Actually that did kind of hurt.” He rubs his leg.

I shake my head. “This is such a mistake. You should not be here.”

He crosses his arms. “So you don’t have wings then?” he asks, completely ignoring what I just said.

“Sure I do, they’re in my pocket.”


“No!” I’m trying to think of the best way to fix this, and I wish he’d just keep quiet.

“Oh, wait, you do have a wand though. I saw you using it on my wall.”

“It’s not a wand, it’s called a stylus. Just a stick, really.”

“But it—”

“You know, if it weren’t my sole purpose in life to protect humans like you from crazy magical fae, I’d leave you here to find your own way home.”

“Is that what you were doing in my room?” he asks after a moment.

I sigh. Why am I telling him any of this? “Yes. I was on assignment.”

“I was your assignment?”

Wow, you catch on fast. “Yes.”

He hesitates a moment, then grins. “That’s kind of hot.”

Meet Rachel Morgan!

Rachel Morgan is the author of Guardian, the first novelette in the Creepy Hollow series. She was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. These days, in between teaching mathematics to high school children, she writes fiction for young adults.

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I'd like to say a big thank-you to Rachel for inviting me to participate in the tour and urge you all to check out the complete tour schedule for reviews, guest posts and giveaways!

Check out the complete blog tour over at Rachel's website!


  1. This book actually sounds pretty cool. Great post!

  2. I am the one who should be thanking you for participating! Was lots of fun to show off a little of the inside of GUARDIAN on your blog. (And, if I remember correctly, it was your fabulous idea! Thank you again!)

  3. That's kind of hot. XD Love it, Rachel. ^^


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