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Book Shelf: The Lovely and the Lost (The Dispossessed #2) by Page Morgan

Gabby and Ingrid may have saved their brother, but their journey is far from over. Ingrid must learn how to control her powers before they begin to control her. She wishes Luc would help her, but he's refusing... Meanwhile Gabby has thrown herself into the Alliance, despite the eye patch she now wears thanks to a hellhound. But there are major changes afoot. When Nolan returns from the trials of the traitorous Alliance members he brings his father and his cousin, whose first order is to remove Chelle, Ingrid, and Gabby from their duties - women are no longer welcome.

But Paris needs hunters, especially now murder is sweeping the city again. Whole families are being slaughtered in their sleep, at the dinner table - even while out in the family carriage. Just who or what is behind these slayings? The action, romance, and devastatingly dark secrets revealed in THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED continue as Ingrid and Gabby fight for their loves, their lives and their city.

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(Warning: Contains some spoilers from this book and potentially book one, The Beautiful and the Cursed!)

The Lovely and the Lost is the rich and startling follow up to Page Mogan’s sensational debut The Beautiful and the Cursed, and is as good, if not better than it’s predecessor!

Darkly gothic and magical, The Lovely and the Lost was a superb sequel to an unexpectedly brilliant debut and I just adored it. Having read the first novel, The Beautiful and the Cursed with next to no real expectations, I honestly think this series is an absolute gem…and so underrated! Page Morgan transports her readers to such a compelling world in her stories and so eloquently depicts a dark world where those of proper society are woven together with all kinds of different creatures that go bump in the night.

Perfectly written and incredibly paced, The Lovely and the Lost is wonderfully detailed as Morgan continues to develop her overall storyline, whilst still allowing The Lovely and the Lost to have its own singular storyline. Book two in the series continues to focus around sisters Ingrid and Gabby and is told through their POV’s as well as that of some of the many electric characters Morgan has introduced during the first two books. Seeing through the eyes of so many characters, including Ingrid, Gabby, Luc, Vander and Grayson amongst others only manages to enhance the reading experience and give you a very well rounded view of the world and the goings on in the story.

I’m so in love with so many characters in this series that I almost have no words. Almost. The characters Page Morgan has written into this series are amazing to read about. Honestly, I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them and I adore the way they relate to one another. They all have such different relationships; from the romances Morgan explores to the bonds between sisters and brothers, to those that are close confidants and friendstheyre all so magical to read about, and its this sensational character dynamic that wins me over time and time again. With the turn of every page Im falling for these characters and the connections they share. Im one hundred invested in their individual relationships and have been since the very beginning.

I think Ingrid and Gabby are fantastic leading ladies, although I think Gabby is particularly awesome. The lass has some serious fire and spirit that continually entertains me. Gabby is such a strong young woman and though she may be rash, she means well and has all good intensions. The Lovely and the Lost sees Gabby in a pickle on more than one occasion, especially with some of her actions at the end of the novel that may change things forever.

As always I’m continuing to adore the romances featured in this series. Ingrid continues to grow closer to Vander and though her feelings for him deepen, her heart is still very much with Luc. Personally, I love Vander but see Ingrid and Luc more together; they just can’t seem to fight what they feel, despite the dangers and cautions about them getting involved, but I do foresee Page Morgan continuing to develop Ingrid’s relationship with both amazing young men; something that both excites and irks me!

Gabby and Nolan’s romance never fails to please me. These two have so much fire and electricity together that I read, desperate to stumble across a scene between the two, simply because I know how incredible it will be. Nolan and Gabby bring out the best, and worst, in each other and I love the spark Morgan brings to the story with their relationship. She may be a bit younger than he, but Nolan adores Gabby exactly the way she is, scars and all. Some difficult moments towards the end of the book have me worried for the stability of their relationship and I can only hope that Morgan doesn’t do anything too cruel with my favourite couple!

A surprising development in The Lovely and the Lost for me was the one between Ingrid and Gabby’s brother Grayson and the attraction he feels for Alliance member Chelle. This may have come from nowhere after the last book, but I’m excited over the prospect of a future romance between them. Grayson has some very real inner demons considering he shares hellhound blood but he really tried in this book and I hated that it kept blowing up in his face. After appearing as a minor character in The Beautiful and the Cursed it was interesting seeing him have a more feature role and I look forward to seeing him develop in future books.

There were quite a few unexpected twists in The Lovely and the Lost that will both delight and shock readers. Page Morgan continues to slowly develop her characters, adding new dimensions, and dangers, to her storyline to keep you lost amongst the compelling romance, heart-stopping danger and unending excitement! Stunning storybring on the next book!

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Format: Paperback
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My Recommendation: This series is seriously underrated and soooooo worth a read!
Cover: I think it's perfect with the first one; the red is very striking.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: YES!!!!!


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  1. Awesome review! Yes! yes and YES! Love this series it appears to be still a more quieter read among bloggers. I am seeing more and more reviews popping up. Now we sit and wait for 2015 to clock over for # 3!! And find out what is going on!!


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