Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favourite Books In 2013

Hello everyone!

With 2013 coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite books of 2013 :) Below you'll find my top 10 picks of books I read in 2013. These weren't necessarily released in 2013 but I did read them this year.

It's taken me a long time to actually read this book and now I wonder why! The Host was an absolutely brilliant book and I HIGHLY recommend!

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Another unexpected love for me. Stung is one of the best ever dystopian's I've ever read and I loved it!
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I have never read a book like this before! It's so far out of my normal read it's not funny, but I'm never felt so emotionally broken and then healed as I have whilst reading this. It's brilliant!
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I reckon this is my favourite NA of all time! Losing It is sooooo fun and sassy and sexy. Bliss and Garrick are perfect together and I just love this book!
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I adore this series and personally I think it was the best installment yet!
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I'm a bit of a Mead junkie when it comes to her VA/Bloodlines books and as far as I'm concerned. This series is always brilliant and this book was no exception!
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The beautiful writing, awesome characters and chemistry between them won me over with this one. This gothic stunning is more than it's cover shows. Can't wait until the next book!
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Beautiful Disaster was brilliant, but seeing the events of it unfold through the eyes of Travis was something special. Adored this book :)
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For Black Dagger Brotherhood fans this was the book a long time in the making-Qhuinn and Blay FINALLY together! This was also my first every M/M book and I was happy with how Ward wrote it.
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I'm a self confessed Gena Showalter addict and her second book in the White Rabbit Chronicles was even better than the first if you ask me. Incredible--me want the next book pronto!
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Memorable Mentions:
Best Self-Published Books of 2013!
So, those are my favorite books of 2013!
What are some of yours? I'd love to know!


  1. I love the Host and Crash Into You! They both made it onto my top ten this year as well.
    I also really want to read the Beautiful and the Cursed and Stung.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Brea @ Breezy Reads

    1. That's awesome Brea! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who loved them!
      I hope you do read The Beautiful and the Cursed and Stung--they're both fab books!

  2. I like your list!!! I shall check out your review for Crash Into You in a minnie :D My daughter is reading Stung at the moment and mini-me is loving it. She just came over to me and said I have to get her Cured. I am like mini dude, I am reading that before you. Not long. Hopefully we can get a copy from publisher for review.



    1. Thanks :) Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying it. Keep on corrupting....errr, I mean education her with those books ;)
      Oh, goodness. I hope so! Need a copy of Cured ASAP!


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