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Book Shelf: Claudette in the Shadows (Winter Saga 0.5) by M.J. Hearle

Claudette Duchamp was born into a life shadowed by fear. Ever since she can remember her family has been running. Running from a man named Victor Bonnaire and the men in his employ, the Devil’s Bane.

Her family has a secret. One her parents refuse to tell Claudette or her twin brother, Blake. It has something to do with why Victor pursues them. And something to do with her dreams…

For Claudette has begun to feel a strange stirring in her heart. A wildness that is both thrilling and frightening. Soon, she will uncover the truth of her family’s haunted legacy. She will discover the world that lies on the other side of midnight. She will take her place in the shadows and embrace the darkness within.

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Claudette in the Shadows is a quick and deliciously well written prequel to M.J. Hearle’s Winter Saga and is the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the series or another opportunity for fans to dive back into the rich world of the Winter Saga!

Set before the events of Winters Shadow, the first book in the series, Claudette in the Shadows features Claudette Duchamp, the sister of male lead and love interest Blake, and someone we only glimpsed briefly in previous books. Hearle takes the opportunity to tell Claudette’s tale and he tells it well indeed. In the tradition of his previous books Hearle’s writing is deep and lyrical. His haunting prose will thrill with it’s gothic aura and floating pace.

This story is undeniably beautifully told. The haunting tone and dark overall theme make Claudette in the Shadows a very intriguing story to read. Though in no way a kind character it seems fitting that we should read Claudette’s tale. Her terrifying presence in the series ended all too soon and here we finally glimpse her decent into darkness. Hers was a story that admittedly needed to be told.

Briefly detailing the life of the Duchamp family before any of the events leading up to Winters Shadow, Claudette in the Shadows allows us a glimpse into their life, as well as Blake and Claudette’s discovery of their heritage and abilities.

A perfect short read, Claudette in the Shadows offers readers the chance to discover Claudette Duchamp like never before in this beautifully written novella!

Source: Sent for review by Pan Macmillian Australian (Thank you Mark!)
Format: Kindle ebook
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My Recommendation: Fans of this series will want to read this
Cover: Unfortunately considering how incredible the covers for the books in this series are, this one is a let down.
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes. I'm looking forward to the next installment.


  1. I have this to review on the AART - I actually like the cover it has that haunting thing going on with all the swirls and it is individual , looks like artwork that could hang on a wall. But, hey we all like different things and that is ok :D

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the great review. It's lovely reading a write-up from someone who genuinely "gets" my stuff.


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