Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mammon Tour: Guest Post "The Hero’s Journey in Mammon"

Welcome back to the Mammon blog tour, stop three, day 2! Yesterday, the books herione Grace joined me for an interview and today J.B. is here to give us all an insight into romance and a hero's jorney in Mammon.
You can also check out my recent interview with J.B if you missed it and my review of Mammon!

Now please say a big hello to author J.B. Thomas!

The Hero’s Journey in Mammon

Mammon is a romance story. Sure, it’s got nasty demons and hardcore action, but there is definitely a powerful romance that plays out between Ivan and Grace. And… romance is originally defined as ‘a hero’s journey’. To me, Grace is a hero. So it’s about her journey, too. And as for Ivan…well, we don’t need to think about that one. It’s a no-brainer.

But what constitutes a hero?

There’s the notion of courtly love; the idea of a knight on a white horse, rescuing the vulnerable lady from peril. That has its place, as you will find out in the final act of Mammon. But to me, a good romance has more dimensions. The chivalrous rescue is wonderful, but good romance has to be complex: there are imperfections to be overcome, and difficult choices to be made.

Ivan and Grace have a rocky start. At first it seems that she nothing more to him than a difficult subordinate, until he surprises her with…wait a minute, some of you won’t have read the book yet!

Grace is a hero because she is prepared to go through pain to help defeat the enemy. To win the battle. She is respected by those around her, especially Ivan.

Ivan is a hero. He is an old-fashioned hero; a knightly hero. He is compassionate, brave, intellectual, thoughtful.

But, when the enemy threatens the safety of those he loves, he is brutal and ruthless. He is ex-Spetsnaz, after all.

Indeed, if Ivan were to travel back to Arthur’s court, he could well find a place at the Round Table for him.

But then again, Ivan probably wouldn’t settle for long. He has a wandering nature, an adventurous heart and he will gladly scoop Grace up and take her along with him. Their journey is one of heroes – and it’s only just begun.

White horse? Probably not. Try a quad bike instead.

~J.B. Thomas

Once more I'd like to thank J.B. Thomas for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic tour. It's been brilliant and I urge you all to check out this fantastic book!

You can learn more about Mammon on Goodreads and Facebook and find J.B. on her website, Twitter and her own Facebook page.

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Thanks for joining the The Rest Is Still Unwritten in celebrating Mammon with J.B. Thomas!


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