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Book Shelf: Leading the Witness (Conflict of Interest #4) by Chantal Fernando

New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando “turns up the heat” (RT Book Reviews) in this steamy standalone novel when a divorce lawyer finds himself stuck between his client and the woman he desires—and soon he’ll be forced to choose sides.

Hunter Brayze doesn’t always like his clients but as the divorce attorney for Bentley & Channing Law, he doesn’t have to. So when he meets his latest client, even though he can’t stand the guy, let alone understand how any woman would ever marry him, he is still determined to win his case. But he never expects taking this client would turn his entire world upside down.

When he comes face to face with his client’s soon-to-be ex, he’s shocked to see Riley McMahon, owner of his local pub and the woman he’s wanted ever since he first laid eyes on her. He didn’t even know she was getting a divorce, and now he’s stuck defending the man who wants to screw Riley out of everything. Feeling like he’s betraying her, Hunter vows to settle this case as quickly as he can by any means possible. Because after months of flirting with Riley at the pub, and now knowing that she’ll soon be free, Hunter is determined to make her his.

But as the proceedings get messier and secrets are revealed, Hunter’s running out of tricks to keep both parties happy. And when someone sets Riley’s pub on fire, he can’t help but suspect his own client. Torn between his professional code of ethics and his intense connection with Riley, Hunter finds himself at a crossroads wondering whose interests he’ll ultimately protect.

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Leading the Witness is the fourth instalment in Chantal Fernando’s delectable Conflict of Interest series and is another deeply sexy and enjoyable romance full of chemistry, attraction and budding love.

Hunter Brayze is a family divorce lawyer, used to wanting the best for his clients. So when a friend calls in a favour and asks him to represent someone that’s Hunter’s plan, until he comes face to face with his client’s soon-to-be-ex and discovers it’s the owner of his local pub and the woman Hunter has desired for more than a year. Riley McMahon has finally realised her dream of opening her own pub and knows if she can just get her divorce finalised with her greedy ex, everything will be perfect, especially with the sinfully sexy and bearded Hunter providing her eye candy every day at work. With Hunter forced to put his feelings for Riley aside for the sake of a fair case, Hunter is determined to do his job to the best of his abilities, while not screwing Riley over in the process. Torn between his professional code of ethics and the woman he wants more than anything, will Hunter be able to convince Riley to give him a chance now that she’s single or will her ex continue to ruin her life?

As with every other Chantal Fernando novel I’ve read, I really enjoyed Leading the Witness. We first met Riley when Hunter and Jaxon stopped at her newly opened pub for lunch during a previous novel and of course we’ve known Hunter throughout the series. Sparks flew between the sexy bearded lawyer and the bar owner straight away and Leading the Witness finally allows readers to see this spark blossom into a fully realised romance as Hunter and Riley take centre stage in this novel.

Chantal Fernando details Hunter and Riley’s romance through their varying POV’s, allowing for a well told and detailed story. Leading the Witness is sexy without an overload of sex scenes, instead developing the relationship over time and building on the tension and attraction that simmers between them.

Hunter and Riley were great characters to follow and I genuinely liked them. Hunter truly cared about Riley, enough to wait for her for a year when he believed she was unavailable and then as he slowly began to court her, not wanting her to rush into anything she wasn’t ready for. Riley on the other hand was a sweetie; an honest, hardworking woman who had been in a loveless marriage and was finally finding happiness for herself.

Chantal Fernando includes a lot of great interactions with the employees at Riley’s pub who were true friends to Riley; Callie, Preston, Isaac and even Cheffy. They were real characters, especially Callie and Preston who I thought were so much fun to follow. 

Sexy but fun, Leading the Witness is another great read from Chantal Fernando who never fails to satisfy! I highly recommend this series as the romance and characters are brilliant and you won’t be sorry if you give it a go!

Source: Sent for review by Give Me Books and the publisher (Thank you guys!)
Publisher: Gallery Books
Format: Kinde ebook via Netgalley
Release Date: April 17th 2018
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Final Thoughts: Another great Chantal Fernando novel--I can't wait to read whatever she releases next!

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