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Book Shelf: Zenith (The Androma Saga #1) by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness, a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy. To those aboard her glass starship, Marauder, however, she's just Andi, their friend and fearless leader.

But when a routine mission goes awry, the Marauder's all-girl crew is tested as they find themselves in a treacherous situation and at the mercy of a sadistic bounty hunter from Andi's past.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a ruthless ruler waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera, biding her time to exact revenge for the destruction of her people. The pieces of her deadly plan are about to fall into place, unleashing a plot that will tear Mirabel in two.

Andi and her crew embark on a dangerous, soul-testing journey that could restore order to their shipor just as easily start a war that will devour worlds. As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown, and Mirabel hangs in the balance, the only certainty is that in a galaxy run on lies and illusion, no one can be trusted.

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Zenith is the first collaboration between authors Sasha Alsberg & Lindesay Cummings and is a compelling intergalactic tale that blends action, adventure and intrigue together in a heart-pounding sci-fi setting brimming with potential. 

In the Mirabel Galaxy most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness, an infamous mercenary known for her ruthless brand of death, but to those aboard her starship the Maurader she's just Andi, their captain and friend. Yet when a routine mission doesn't go as planned, Andi and her all female crew find themselves in hot water and forced to take on a mission of dangerous proportions. Paired with a reckless bounty hunter named Dex whose history with Andi is checkered at best, Andi and the Mauraders are about to take on their most troubling task yet, but no one is prepared for the danger that is coming and the war that is about to break out....

Even though Zenith has been on my list of books I was looking forward to reading upon release, and I was stoked to receive an ARC for review, it admittedly took a while to win me over. It wasn't necessarily bad or even slow, but there was just something about the story that I struggled to connect with in the beginning. That being said, the more the story progressed, the more I seemed to enjoy this intricate and engaging world that Alsberg and Cummings have created. 

Told in third person, Zenith follows a number of important characters within the story, including the overall main character Andi as well as bounty hunter Dex, Andi's second in command Lira and a number of other characters who are for all intents and purposes the "bad guys". This allows for a well told story that brings a number of different elements together to bring the tale to life. It was interesting to come to understand what the different POV's meant for the overall storyline as the novel progressed. 

There's a lot going on within the story and Alsberg and Cummings bring it all together well. I really loved the aspect of female empowerment that comes with Andi's all female team that is made up of Breck, Lira and Gilly, outcasts who have built themselves a family together as they travel the galaxy. They had a very endearing friendship and I enjoyed the light and funny moments we see between them throughout Zenith. 

Something I also appreciated seeing was the different sides to the story. Considering we're witnessing a galaxy in the middle of a war, the authors do a fantastic job of blurring the lines and allowing you to see the good and bad in each side at different times during the tale. I felt for all those involved as I read the novel and couldn't help but feel for each character.

As far as first novels go, Zenith seems to have it all. Sasha Alsberg & Lindesay Cummings detail a very intricate and beguiling world and kick off their series with a bang! Ending spectacularly, I'll be keen to see what happens next after the cliffhanger conclusion that opens up so many possibilities and leaves me wondering just what we're in store for next! 


Source: Sent for review by publisher (Thank you guys!)
Harlequin Teen Australia
Format: Paperback ARC
Release Date: January 11th 2018
Pre-Order: Bookworld | Booktopia | The Book Depository | Amazon
Final Thoughts: After a slow start, I ended up enjoying Zenith and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out. 

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