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Book Shelf: Mindwalker (Mindwalker #1) by A.J. Steiger

At seventeen, Lain Fisher has already aced the Institute's elite training program for Mindwalkers, therapists who use a direct neural link to erase a patient's traumatic memories. A prodigy and the daughter of a renowned scientist-whose unexplained death left her alone in the world-Lain is driven by the need to save others.

When Steven, a troubled classmate, asks her to wipe a horrific childhood experience from his mind, Lain's superiors warn her to stay away. Steven's scars are too deep, they say; the risk too great. Yet the more time Lain spends with him, the more she begins to question everything about her society. As she defies the warnings and explores Steven's memories, it becomes clear that he's connected to something much bigger…something the Institute doesn't want the world to discover.

Lain never expected to be a rule breaker. She certainly didn't plan on falling in love with a boy she's been forbidden to help. But then, she never expected to stumble into a conspiracy that could ignite a revolution.

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A.J. Steiger’s debut novel Mindwalker is a highly intriguing and enjoyable sci-fi tale that mixes dystopian elements with romance, danger and tangible character chemistry.

What if you could erase your past? Or your memories could be rewritten? These are questions seventeen year old Lain Fisher knows the answer to all too well as a Mindwalker, a specially trained therapist who is able to use advanced equipment to connect with a person’s mind and help erase traumatic events from their memories. Lain is one of the best at what she does and is on the fast-track to an exciting career as a Mindwalker until a troubled classmate by the name of Steven Bent approaches Lain and asks her for help in wiping a horrific experience from his mind. Helping Steven goes against all the rules Lain prides herself on following, yet as she gets to know Steven, Lain can’t help but wonder by all the irregularities she’s finding in his memories. Soon it becomes clear Steven is the link to secrets those in power will do anything to protect and Lain will need to question everything she thinks she knows about her society if they have any chance of outwitting those out to get them.

Heading into Mindwalker I wasn’t sure what kind of story I should anticipate so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself almost automatically invested and ingrained in the tale. With the story unfolding through the eyes of Lain, there was something so addictive about this novel that allowed author A.J. Steiger to quickly capture my attention and earn my respect.

Mindwalker has two important characters within the story; Lain our protagonist and Steven, the individual whose circumstances and request force her to begin questioning things. These two have a really great chemistry together and I found them really sweet. They were endearing and there’s a perfect amount of romance Steiger adds to the story as their relationship develops into something more than friendship.

Main character Lain was someone I genuinely liked; I thought she was intelligent, strong willed but also kind and clearly someone who wanted to help those around her. I enjoyed seeing Steiger open her eyes to the true workings of the world around her and begin Lain’s journey of growth and discovery. As Lain began to get to know Steven, he made her ask questions that she hadn’t previously pondered and take chances. 

Steven, as the male lead and love interest of Lain, was a very broken individual, but I liked the underlying attitude and sarcastic nature he had. He’d been through so much, and was very close to giving up, but there was also a spark in him that shone through—something I really liked, especially when he and Lain were together. They brought out the best in one another and I loved that.

Mindwalker introduces readers to a futuristic world with fantastical technology. Being able to delve into someone’s mind the way in which Lain and other Mindwalkers can makes for some interesting possibilities and as Mindwalker comes to a thrilling close, I cannot wait to see what A.J. Steiger does next in the sequel. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for as soon as it releases!

Source: Sent for review by publisher (Thank you guys!)
Publisher: Oneworld (Bloomsbury)
Format: Paperback
Australian RRP: $17.99
Release Date: July 2017
Purchase: Bookworld | Booktopia | The Book Depository | Amazon
Final Thoughts: I VERY much enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read the next one!

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