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Book Shelf: Premonition (The Division #1) by Leigh Walker

When Riley heads off to boarding school for a summer work-study program, she knows it'll be demanding. What she doesn't expect? To be thrust into an intense physical training program described as special, exclusive and worst of all--top-secret. She signed up for tuition assistance, not to be held in a secret government facility for boot camp...

Welcome to The Division, the government agency that's so classified, most United States senators have never heard of it.

The Division wants Riley bad, but she can't figure out why. Skeptical of what she's being told, Riley's determined to uncover the truth. Boot camp is intense, physically and mentally draining. The upside? One of her new teammates is the cutest boy ever. Watching Finn hit the gym wearing a tank top doesn't suck--although sometimes his brooding attitude does. But when training forces Riley to confront her tragic past, even Finn's big biceps aren't enough to make her want to stay...

Beware: The Division isn't something you just walk away from. You better run.

Riley realizes her capabilities and strengths are greater than she'd ever imagined. But she also learns she wasn't just chosen for this special program...

She was made for it.

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Premonition is author Leigh Walker’s debut novel and is a mysterious sci-fi tale that draws readers into an intriguing and enigmatic story seeped in intrigue and blended with action, possibility and a small hint of romance.

Riley Payne is heading off to a summer work program before beginning her new scholarship at a prestigious boarding school. Wanting to escape her inebriated mother and the pain of losing her father and sister, Riley is hoping her education will help shape her future. What she isn’t expecting is to be drafted into a secret government organisation known as The Division that trains and deploys elite individuals to protect America from both home grown and international terrorism. The Division is adamant they want Riley, but Riley isn’t so sure—not understanding what she has to offer. Fighting her uncertainty as well as her growing attraction to her handsome and moody teammate Finn, Riley must decide whether she can trust The Division or if the mysterious organisation is keeping secrets from her for nefarious reasons.

Kicking off her debut series, Leigh Walker’s novel Premonition is an easy and enjoyable reading experience. Unfolding through the eyes of Riley Payne, Premonition is a sci-fi tale with plenty of mysterious elements that will definitely keep readers plodding along, keen to discover its secrets. Walker sets up the beginning of what I’m hoping will be an action packed saga with the beginning threads of a driven division of people with powerful abilities.

On the whole I did like our main character Riley, although I feel like she also has a lot of potential for growth. We haven’t even unlocked the smallest amount of what she can do and I can only anticipate where Leigh Walker plans to take her. As our main character she was easy enough to follow and I like the budding relationships she has with many of the other characters in the novel including Emma, Josh and of course Finn.
Premonition was a decent science fiction read and I think the series has a lot of potential. Leigh Walker includes a fair amount of action and budding friendships to keep you eager to see what happens next and the mystery surrounding Riley and the Division are bound to leave you keen to see what happens in the next novel!

Source: Sent for review by YA Bound Book Tours and the author (Thank you guys!)
CMG Publishing
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date:
July 19th 2017
Purchase: Amazon
Final Thoughts: A good start that opens a lot of doors, I'll be interested to see where author Leigh Walker takes the series. 


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