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Book Shelf: Shifters and Glyphs (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #2) by Christina Bauer

“A fun romp for Twilight Fans” – School Library Journal

After being raised by the meanest fairies in the history of ever, Bryar Rose is now free to live her own life. For the first time, she’s attending West Lake Prep, a regular high school. Well, mostly regular. Some students are actually hidden members of the Magicorum. In other words, they’re really wizards, fairies, or shifters. Bry doesn’t mind, though. She’s thrilled to enjoy all the new experiences of being around normal kids her age, from locker pranks to lunchtime mystery meat. Everything is going along great, except for one thing.

Bry’s dreams about the pyramids of Egypt have gotten darker and more sinister. Every night, she sees her new man Knox and her best friend Elle in danger.

“Exciting and well-conceived” – Kirkus

With no other choice, Bry plans to leave school to explore the pyramids on her own. But her new man Knox discovers the scheme and is having none of it. He wants to stay by her side, no matter what. It’s a good thing too, because Bry must solve the mystery of her attraction to the pyramids and soon. Otherwise, it could cost the lives of those she loves most.

And that means not only Knox, but also her best friend Elle.

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Shifters and Glyphs is the second novel in the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series by Christina Bauer and is another bubbly and fun magical fairytale retelling with a light-hearted twist.

Bryar Rose lives in a world where magic exists. As a wolf shifter, Bry is one of a number of people living out fairytale templates. As a sleeping beauty template, Bry has spent her life living in seclusion with her evil fairy aunts, but that is all changing. Preparing to attend a prestigious school for wizards, fairies and shifters, Bry is ready for a somewhat normal life until her regular dreams of pyramids and papyri begin to take on a darker shade. Soon Bry will have to delve into long suppressed secrets but alongside her mate Knox and her best friend Elle, Bry is ready for anything….or so she thinks.

As far as fairytale retellings go, Fairytales of the Magicorum is one of the lighter, more playful series I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Christina Bauer picks up where the previous story left off with Shifters and Glyphs once again drawing readers into the world inhabited by Bryar Rose and her friends. Bauer takes liberties with the traditional fairytales you may be familiar with, weaving together a magical enhanced story that takes elements of beloved fairytales and gives them a modern and fun twist.

Shifters and Glyphs is once again told through the eyes of Bryar Rose who is a lively and vivacious character. Bry has character and spunk; keeping readers on their toes with quick quips as well as inner dialogue exchanged between Bry and her wolf which makes for some adorable reading. Bry’s wolf is like an eager puppy with some of her comments and directions and I feel like she’s a really entertaining inclusion on Christina Bauer’s part.

Much of Shifters and Glyphs is spent following Bryar and her friends as they search for the mysterious fountain of magic that has been haunting Bry’s dreams. Christina Bauer includes some developments you won’t necessarily see coming but includes plenty of moments of friendship and sweet romance too to keep things interesting.

As Shifters and Glyphs brings Bryar Rose’s story to a close, I’m super excited about the possibility of reading Elle and Alec’s story. They are just adorable together and I can’t wait to begin their story next. I’m even hopeful that one day Christina Bauer might write a story featuring Ty, because after the initial problems she caused, I do think she’s a really promising character and has plenty of potential.

A fun and entertaining fairytale retelling, Shifters and Glyphs ends perfectly to conclude Bry’s tale and leaves me keen to see what Christina Bauer has in store for this magical world next!  

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Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date:
October 16th 2018
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Final Thoughts: A fun and bubbly story; I'm keen to read Elle's story up next!


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