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Book Shelf: The Gala (Vampire Royals #2) by Leigh Walker

The Pageant is almost over, and Gwyneth West knows she can win—except the prince is a vampire, and some of the other contestants are turning out to be quite beastly.

What do you do when the person you love…might want to eat you alive?

Struggling to hold onto her position in the palace, Gwyn knows her vampire prince could slip through her fingers in an instant. And when human rebels threaten to storm the vampire royals once more, Gwyn finds herself caught between two worlds: her people, and the vampire she loves.

Leigh Walker writes action packed futuristic sci-fi, sweet romantic vampire novels, and stories that capture your heart and then make it race.

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The Gala is that second novel in Leigh Walker's Vampire Royals series and is another exciting and romantic vampiric adventure readers will once again fall in love with.

Gwyneth West never expected that participating in the Pageant would see her end up with very real feelings for the prince. He makes her feel like no one before....if only he wasn't a vampire and she didn't have to compete against twenty other young ladies for his affections. Falling in love was never the plan but as Gwyn and Dallas spend more time together it becomes clear that what they have is special. Gwyn's time at the palace has seen her eyes opened to a world she never expected but as the rebels remain a very real threat against the royal family will Gwyn find herself torn between her people and her heart?

Picking up where the first novel left off, The Gala is another exciting and romantic instalment. This series is simply such fun to read and if you're a hopeless romantic at all like me you'll be easily swept away and hooked by Gwyn's romance with the swoon worthy vampire Dallas and their relationship.

I haven't read The Selection so I don't have the ability to compare the two but I imagine the novels are somewhat alike even if only due to the fact there's a competition to find the princes bride. Personally I find I enjoy The Bachelor like feeling to the series and that Leigh Walker doesn't shy away from the feelings of jealousy expressed by not only main character Gwyn but all the contestants in the pageant. I imagine it's only natural to feel this way in that kind of situation and appreciate that Walker explores this.

What can I say other than that I love Gwyn and Dallas! They have such an adorable relationship and I'm honestly falling in love with them as they are falling in love with each other. They're both such wonderful characters and the chemistry between them is perfect. Leigh Walker writes them electric together while also been soft and under spoken at times too. The slow burn is magnificent.

As book two comes to a close I can't wait to begin the next one. I simply HAVE to have more of Gwyn and Dallas and an excited to see what Leigh Walker has planned next. I know it going to be as brilliant as the first two have been!

Source: Sent for review by the author (Thank you Leigh!)
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date: May 4th 2018
Purchase: Amazon
Final Thoughts: I'm just addicted to the tension and connection between Gwyn and Dallas and I can't wait to read the next one!

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