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Book Shelf: Ash and Quill (The Great Library #3) by Rachel Caine

Held prisoner by the Burner forces in Philadelphia, Jess and his friends struggle to stay alive in the face of threats from both sides ... but a stunning escape guarantees worse is coming. The Library now means to stop them by any means necessary, and they'll have to make dangerous allies and difficult choices to stay alive.

They have only two choices: face the might of the Great Library head on, or be erased from life, and the history of the world, for ever.

Win or die.

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Ash and Quill is the third novel in The Great Library series by Rachel Caine and is another unforgettable story of danger, exhilaration and action which is guaranteed to leave readers breathless.

Having escaped the clutches of the Library by the skin of their teeth, Jess and his band of ragtag friends now find themselves prisoners of the Burners and held in the walled cited of Philadelphia. The Great Library is determined to stop them by any means necessary and with Thomas’s inventions offering a new era in knowledge and literacy, staying one step ahead of their enemies is more important than ever. Jess will have to come up with his best plan yet if they want to find a way to take control back from the Library and even the playing field, but some costs are too much to pay and Jess and his friends may end up losing their souls in the process…..

Rachel Caine thrills again with the third instalment in The Great Library series. Navigating an enchanting world of danger and war, Ash and Quill see’s Jess, Morgan, Thomas, Wolfe, Santi, Dario, Glain and Khalida continue on in their fight against the unjustly Great Library. This novel is once again wonderfully written and paced and I am personally very captivated by the world which Caine has created. A world that is passionate about books is a world after my own heart and the nuances that Rachel Caine explores throughout the series bring the society to life with such flourish and flair.

Weaving elements of ancient cultures with modern, and occasionally magical, technology, Rachel Caine effortlessly brings excitement and enchantment to the story. Main protagonist Jess is a solid lead to follow throughout the story and the various characters Caine has included alongside Jess really bring life to the tale. The close bond between Jess and his friends continues to shine and the closeness and familial feel is wonderful. There’s moments of humour, danger and just that perfect hint of romance to keep readers highly entertained.

This series truly is beautifully unique. Captivating and powerful, Ash and Quill is a fantastic addition that is as easily as good as its predecessors. Racing towards a shocking ending, Ash and Quill marks a turning point in the series and leaves Jess and his friends in an even more dangerous position than when the story began.

I was not expecting some of the developments Rachel Caine from this thrilling story and am desperately looking forward to reading the next instalment as soon as it comes out!

Source: Purchased by me
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Format: Paperback
Australian RRP: $16.99
Release Date: July 11th 2017
Purchase: Bookworld | Booktopia | The Book Depository | Amazon
Final Thoughts: Another great book; this one leaves me dying for the next one!

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