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Book Shelf: Bittersweet by Carmen Jenner & Lauren K. McKellar

From two USA Today bestselling authors comes a tale of miscommunication and muffins.

Romy Love knows weddings. As the author of a hugely successful wedding blog, you’d think she’d have love covered. It is her last name, after all.
When it comes to her big day, Romy has the flowers picked out, a dress collecting dust in the back of her closet, and a preacher on standby. There’s just one problem: the groom doesn’t know it yet.

Romy has eyes for the Italian coffee god and single dad who owns the bakery in her building—she also has plans for his delicious buns—but in order to get her happily-ever-after, she has a few things to check off her list first:

Lose twenty pounds

Take over the blogging world one wedding at a time

Make Coffee Hottie fall in love with me

Yeah, this shouldn’t be difficult at all.

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Bittersweet is a delightful collaboration by Best Selling Australian authors Carmen Jenner and Lauren K. McKellar and is a fun, flirty and endearingly enjoyable romance readers are sure to adore!

Romy Love is obsessed with weddings. As the author of a successful wedding blog, Romy is well versed everything that goes into making that special day perfect. From flower arrangements to guest lists to the photographer, cake, bridal party—you name it, Romy knows it. If only it was her wedding and not someone else’s. If only the hot Italian cafĂ© owner she’s crazy about would see her as more than his slightly eccentric, albeit best customer. If only Romy had the guts to tell him of her feelings. As a single father and business owner, Elio is used to being guarded, yet there’s something about the vibrant and beautiful Romy he can’t keep his mind off. Seeing her at his bakery is a highlight of his day but Elio is worried starting a relationship more might end in heart ache. And he has his child to think of too. Yet when a series of miscommunications changes their relationship will Romy and Elio find the courage to explore what simmers between them? Or will they miss out on the chance at a forever kind of love?

Man, what a brilliant read! Carmen Jenner is someone who never fails to satisfy me time and time again, and although Lauren K. McKellar is a new to me author (a fact I plan to rectify as soon as possible) I was perfectly entranced by this oh so fun and sexy rom-com! Bittersweet had all the elements of a great rom-com read; likable characters, romance that sizzles, chemistry, humor and sass. It was a quick--well, quick for me seeing how fast I devoured it----and easily enjoyable story.

Following twenty-something wedding blogger and coffee lover extraordinaire Romy, Bittersweet unfolds through the eyes of this sweet and slightly a-dork-able heroine; with a few chapters thrown in through hunky Elio’s eyes for good measure. Both characters were very likable and a joy to follow. They had great chemistry and it was satisfying seeing them build their relationship; even if it wasn’t without its mishaps and moments of miscommunication.

Working effortlessly together, Carmen Jenner and Lauren K. McKellar have created a wonderful read full of personality and flair. With a great supporting cast of characters including your traditional Italian Nonna, adorable four-year-old and two characters who are perfect for one another but who don’t yet see it, Bittersweet has everything.

I'm hoping to see Jenner and McKellar collaborate again in the future, I’ll be keeping my eye out for a Nico and Bianca story and will definitely read whatever comes next!

Source: Sent for review by Social Butterfly PR and the authors (Thank you ladies!)
Publisher: Published by authors
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date: May 1st 2018
Purchase: Amazon
Final Thoughts: This was such a fun and fabulous read! Recommend.

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