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Book Shelf: Decker (Hunting Her #2) by Eden Summers

He protected me from danger and became my biggest threat.

He’s my defender. My savior.
A brutally determined man with a cocky smirk and an equally cocky attitude.

Broad. Strong. Focused.
He seduces me with his flirtation.
Warms me with his care.

But he’s hiding something.
There are ulterior motives beyond his concern for my security.
A thirst for more than my safe keeping.

I can’t fall for him. Can’t be tempted by his touch.

Not when he can’t be trusted.

But questioning my protector means I’ve now become his target

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Decker is another heart wrenching and raw standalone novel from Eden Summers that draws readers into a thrilling world of criminal activity, danger and passionate romance.

Tech genius Decker has always been known more for his brains than his brawn, but since finding himself imbrued with the Torian crime family Decker has been found he’s been put in situations where he must rely on brute force and put his body on the line. And that includes being tasked with protecting Keira, the youngest daughter in the family. Keira rouses all of Decker’s protective instincts and even though it goes against everything he knows, all he wants to do is save her from the life and family she is a part of. Yet Deckers secrets could destroy any relationship he hopes to build with Keira; that is if they don’t get him killed first that is…..

Eden Summers is back with another explosive novel, this time featuring Decker who was previously introduced to readers in Hunter and who comes to life in this companion novel that can be read as a standalone or alongside its predecessor. Fast paced, mysterious and with plenty of twists and turns, Decker is a gritty and suspenseful novel that brings to life a dangerous world of criminal activity, violence and danger.

Decker expands more on the Torian family and their activities, something that has me very intrigued as I’m keen to see if Cole is the devil everyone thinks he is. There are heavy themes explored in this novel which may be a trigger for some people but Eden Summers does also include plenty of romance and humorous dialogue between male leads Hunter and Decker that will keep you smiling and entertained.

Keira is Decker’s female counterpart in this story and is a member of the Torain family we have not previously met. As Cole’s younger sister, Keira is no stranger to her family’s inner workings, but is also somewhat innocent to their most heinous transgressions; having been protected from the truth as much as possible. In Decker, Keira has her eyes opened and must face some harsh truths as she finds herself falling for Decker and attempting to reconcile the dangerous secrets he has kept and the position they put her family in with the brutality and cruelty her family have been responsible for.

I liked both Keira and Decker. Like Sarah and Hunter before them, they were well suited to one another and had chemistry that made their romance steamy. Decker was so much more than the sarcastic individual we previously met and I enjoyed seeing different sides to him—even if his motivations were sad to learn about.

Overall, this darkly gritty world of hitmen, violence and criminal activity is enthralling. I’m keen to see what Eden Summers has in store for the next novel Torain that is set to feature Cole Torain and  Special Agent Anissa Fox. Paring Cole with the FBI ice-cold agent is sure to be an explosive combination. Can’t wait to see for myself!

Source: Read via Kindle Unlimited (I also own a signed paperback copy)
Publisher: Published by Eden Summers
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date: December 25th 2018
Buy: The Book Depository | Amazon | Barnes & Noble 
Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this novel and can't to read the next one!

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