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Blog Tour: The Descendant by Ellie Hart- Guest Post & Giveaway

Today the Blog Tour for The Descendant by Ellie Hart stops by the blog thanks to Book Monster Promotions and I'm excited to share a fantastic guest post from the author, a book teaser that really has me wanting to read The Descendant and the book trailer! Oh, and I might have the tour wide giveaway to share too ;)

The creation to The Descendant:

The creation of The Descendant comes to the boy next door. Who was genuinely kindhearted and handsome both on the inside and out. And our almost kiss. Truth be told when he was about to kiss me, I shied away and didn’t realize how much I really cared for him-- another words a freaked out!!!! So when I told the story to one of my closet friends the idea hit me. A story that revolves around a first real kiss which turned into quite an adventure.

 As I remember in my younger years I was the geeky tomboy with the poodle perm hair. Who didn’t care for the school age boys-Truth be told, I secretly wanted to be married to Harrison Ford. 
During that time, one of our neighbor’s son, who was witty and cute -- always looked after me and we had fun hanging out with each other. He was always kind and helpful (no matter what idiotic thing I did).

 I still don’t know if it was because I was his sister’s friend or the girl next door. 

And for this reason, my heart went out to him. I didn’t realize it until the day a group of us were in his room watching a movie. (And I do recall it was one of the Indiana Jones Movies). I don’t know if he would ever remember, but he tried to kiss me. Shy and geeky I didn’t know what to do expect laugh and I either thought it or asked, “What you were trying to do?”  

 What he didn’t know was that at that time I never been kissed and I had butterflies swimming all around me. I was scared. Scared of what would happen if we did kiss. So I called this moment my almost kiss.

Years later, I write stories of young love and the first amazing kiss. A kiss that many girls will never forget. I laugh because I couldn’t remember my first kiss expect that it was horrible, but I remember the boy who I gave my heart to not realizing it.

As I said in my dedication, he’s the boy next door who will always have a special place in my heart.

Ellie Hart lives with her family at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her passion for writing came to life when her son was diagnosed with Autism. Her first Novel The Descendant brought part of her past to a whole new experience. She’s working on her second Novel The Call of the Siren.

Visit Ellie:

Caitlyn “Cat” Beale doesn’t know it yet, but her life is in serious danger. Because Cat’s normal everyday world is about to collide with the treacherous, magical world of Fairies. 

If only she’d heeded her visions…

After her family is killed in a tragic accident, Cat’s psychic abilities begin to slowly emerge. But she never would’ve guessed the truth…that a vengeful fairy wants to destroy everything she holds dear.

Now Cat must discover why she’s a target and a way to stop the killings. With the help of her friends and her enigmatic, best friend Joseph, Cat sets out to learn more about her dark heritage, which includes daring wizards, vengeful fairy queens, and horrible curses. Together they’ll enter a dark world of deception and peril...but not everyone will come out alive.


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Thanks for stopping by-- hope you all enjoyed that book trailer. I know I did!

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