Monday, July 2, 2012


Alrightie. So. The incredibly awesome, hilariously funny and a girl I just downright love, Sarah, of  saz101 is hosting a "Potterthon" this month with her girl Laura in celebration of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 15 years!  And to celebrate they've got one awesome month lined up for us all with a read-along, Potter related posts, character related debates, giveaways and more!

Now, normally I would have thought this was great and all but probably would have thought "meh, but do you know why I don't? BECAUSE I FINALLY READ THE HARRY POTTER SERIES!

Yep, that's right. It may have taken me 15 years but in my blog absence I finally gave in and read the entire series, one book straight to the next. Sure I've seen (and love) the movies, but it's taken me until now to sit down an actually read the series. And I'm so glad I did. Now I truly know why everyone adores this book series. I meat Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledoor, Hedwig, Snape, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Sirius, Dobby, Fred, George, Mrs Weasly, Mr Weasly, Professor Magonagal and all the wacky teachers at Hogwarts. Even Draco, Lucius, Bella Lestrange and He Who Shall Not Be Named.....I could go on and on....they're just awesome. Honestly, I'm so thrilled I finally read the series.

But enough about me.....let's talk Potterthon. I may be a tad busy to re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone but that doesn't mean you all shouldn't. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for those who were like me and who haven't yet read the books to finally dive into the wonderful world of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Come on. You know you want to.

Head on over to saz101 and read the event announcement to find out just what to expect and see all the fun yourself!



    ASJDFHJAFDJHF! I knew you were one of my favorite blogging muggles for a reason *hugs*

    I'm actually, really, SERIOUSLY getting all teary I'm so happy and proud. Which maybe sounds condescending... eep... IT'S NOT HOW I MEANT IT. PROMISE.

    Eep! I'm so glad you loved them! I haven't read the series in about two years, so I'm SO excited for a re-read, and husbandman and I watched Philosopher's Stone the movie again last night, and I've been walking around bouncing and giggling thinking of Harry, and googling 'Hogwarts Acceptance Letters' and looking for them on Etsy and and AND *DEEP BREATH*

    Can't tell you how much I love you! Thanks so much for pimping the event! ♥♥♥

  2. SARAH!!!! Sooooooooo excited you're hosting this event. Now I can get into crazy Harry Potter madness with everyone. Yay!

    Hehe <3 Yep. Yep. Yep. I finally read them. Spur of the moment thing really. I was at a friends place and she had the first couple so I thought what the hell. Then I went out and bought the ones she didn't have straight away so I could read one after the other without stopping. LOL!!

    Plus, I didn't have time to individually review them all cos of everything thing that's going so, so I kinda wrote a series review sorta thing after I finished Deathly Hallows *wipes tear* Which I haven't finished or posted yet so this'll give me tonnes of time to chat, and rave and know HP stuff ;)

    1. HURRAY FOR SPUR OF THE MOMENT THINGS! That's what happened for me--I was hanging around in a Borders one day, drinking coffee, and picked up Philosopher's Stone on a whim and didn't stop :)

      Aaaaaah! I'm so glad you loved them, and I SERIOUSLY can't wait for your review!! Oh goodness, I swear I'm BOUNCING with excitement :D

    2. I know, they're the best, right? ;) I was just sitting in my girlfriends bedroom and saw it sitting on the bookshelf and as they say, the rest is history.......

      LOL. Great. Now I'm nervous. I seriously know I can't do the series justice.

    3. Noooo! I KNOW you'll do it justice! Your Divergent review! I DIE.

    4. Lol. Thanks. Can you believe I still haven't read Insurgent? Or City of Lost Souls.....gah! So behind.

  3. Oh and no probs for the pimping! Happy to do it----gives me a chance to talk HP :)


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