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Book Shelf: Wicked Secrets by L.M. Fry

When Emily Brent, a 15-year-old city girl with a sarcastic edge, moves to the remote town of Carrsville Oklahoma, ghostly visions of a teenage girl haunt her day and night.

The visions are a warning against the dark secrets of Carrsville's past.

The clock is ticking, and Emily has to find the truth before she becomes the town's next victim.

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Wicked Secrets is a creepy supernatural standalone tale by L.M. Fry perfect for those looking for an easy to read and enjoyable tale.

The last thing fifteen year old Emily Brent wants to do is move to the small town of Carrsville Oklahoma but when her dad gets a job opportunity he can’t pass up that’s exactly what they do. Though she finds herself haunted by strange visions and ghostly apparitions upon arrival in Carrsville, Emily slowly begins to warm to her new home thanks to her adoring Aunt Mille and the attention of Irish hottie Liam. Yet when the town’s eccentric benefactor Mr Frank begins to display unwanted attention towards her, the strange occurrences start to get worse and Emily must discover the truth about Carrsville before she finds herself its next victim.

Having really loved L.M. Fry’s steampunk series, The Trinity Key Trilogy I was excited to read Wicked Secrets and found it to be a sharp, mysterious and spooky read. Told through the eyes of fifteen year old Emily, Wicked Secrets blends a delightful amount of teen angst, romance, mystery and ghostly hauntings into its tale. Fry makes it clear from early on that all is not right with Carrsville, but you never know exactly what until towards the end of the tale when all is finally revealed.

Emily was a main character I found easy to follow. I didn’t care much for her life prior to moving to Carrsville and was happy to see her cut ties. L.M. Fry explores some interesting relationships between Emily and her father, Emily and her Aunt Millie and of course her romance with Liam. I enjoyed these and thought they were sweet.

Wicked Secrets straddles the line that focuses on the paranormal aspect of the story and Emily’s everyday teenage life well. It’s not until towards the end of the story that you discover exactly what is going on, but I appreciated the build-up and liked reading about the rest of Emily’s world in the interim.

Ending well and concluding the story in a manner befitting a standalone tale, Wicked Secrets is a quaint read for those who love ghostly hauntings and tales with just the perfect amount of creep factor. Sad and emotional at times, Wicked Secrets ends on a good note. As someone who enjoys her books, I'm definitely eager to see what L.M. Fry releases next!

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Publisher: ELEAH Enterprises
Format: Kindle ebook

Release Date: May 26th 2016
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Final Thoughts:
Perfect for those who love their ghostly tales.....


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