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Book Shelf: Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens #3) by Lola Dodge

Quanta has escaped her laboratory prison, but that’s where the good news ends.

Life at the Shadow Ravens’ compound is a disaster. She’s drowning in visions of the dark pasts and darker futures of her fellow Ravens and is plagued by her own panic-inducing memories, but Lady Eva still expects her to “train” and “participate in missions.” Plus, the food tastes like burnt plastic.

The only bright spot is her genetic pairing to the brilliant Altair Orpheus. As their relationship grows, she’s positive that chemicals aren’t the only things drawing them together—although chemistry is definitely involved.

While they test the limits of her game-changing new ability to reset time, word arrives from Eva’s agents: Doctor Nagi is still experimenting with her DNA. If he succeeds in duplicating her power…

Forget the Shadow Ravens. The whole world is toast.

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Quanta Reset by Lola Dodge is the third novel in The Shadow Raven’s seriesthe second to feature seer Quantaand picks up where the last book concluded, taking readers on an exhilarating journey from beginning to end.

Having managed to escape Doctor Nagi’s lab, Quanta and Tair are currently safe; hidden away in the Shadow Ravens compound. However life in the compound isn’t easy for Quanta whose timeghosts haunt her now more than ever as she struggles to rein in her abilities and adapt to life outside the lab. Watching the woman he cares about deteriorate is a nightmare for Altair Orpheus, but just as Lady Eva wants to train Quanta, all Tair wants to do it keep her safe. Their pairing a bright light in dark times, Quanta and Tair will once again have to face off against Doctor Nagi and his unexpected experiments if they have any hope of staying alive.

Picking up not far after the last book left off, Quanta Reset is another deeply enjoyable and fast paced story that readers are sure to love. Exploring new dimensions of the series and new aspects of Quanta herself, Lola Dodge does a great job capitalising on what we already know and throwing in more twists. Plus, it was super fun to see Cipher and Knight again!

Having gotten to know Quanta in the first book, I found it really interesting seeing her attempt to adjust and struggle in this novel. The ramifications of all she’d been through had taken its toll and Lola Dodge doesn’t shy away from this factinstead highlighting and showing the difficulties faced by Quanta. Our heroine has a lot of tough times ahead of her, but I love the strength she embraces as she faces them.

If I’m being honest and a little sappy, I really missed seeing a stronger amount of romance between Quanta and Tair in this instalment, although I did enjoy seeing them develop further as companions and confidants in Quanta Reset. Tair really is at a point where he’ll do anything for Quanta and its beautiful seeing the love he clearly has for her develop and shine through. All I’m saying is a little more kissing and snuggling will be definitely appreciated in the next book.

There’s tonnes of developments in this novel as Quanta and Tair face off against an unexpected enemy who is a replica of Quanta. I’m really keen to see what happens in the next book Quanta Rewind and I’m curious as to whether Devan will have a larger role in the series. Perhaps she will be our next heroine following Quanta?

Either way, I’m happy with how Quanta Reset played out and am looking forward to discovering what happens to Quanta, Tair and the rest of the Ravens when the next book releases in the new year!

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Release Date: September 27th 2016
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Final Thoughts:
Another great read in the series!

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